View Full Version : Franco A Serial Killer? & Jason Out Of Prison? (Opinion)

7.4.10, 11:13 AM
Franco has not done anything that proves he is a serial killer; the evidence is weak. Both Sonny and Jason did similar things, so do those things make Sonny and Jason serial killers? Sonny put a bomb in Johnny's car; Franco used a bomb on Lulu last winter; Sam's bomb was a fake bomb. Sonny killed Karpov in cold blood as Olivia watched, and she never told anyone. Franco killed or finished off a dying Joey Limbo last fall after Jason shot to death Limbo's men as Franco watched.:yikes:

Moreover, another poster on another board said that all this stuff with Franco really started with that shoot off last fall. Jason realized that Franco was an eyewitness to those killing. With the help of Spinelli, they were able to figure out who Franco was. Was Jason looking for Franco to give him candy, or to silence Franco forever about what he saw? Jason met Franco, and he realized Franco was also an eyewitness to Claudia's killing by Michael.:devilish:

Another point, because Franco sent pictures of murder scenes, this does not make him a serial killer. Many people take pictures of accident or murder scenes nowadays. A good lawyer can get Franco off! Why would Claire let Jason out of prison to go after Franco? Apparently, she does not know that Franco was an eyewitness to some mob killings, and Claudia's killing. There is really not enough evidence against Franco for all out war by the police. Oh yeah, he kidnapped Lulu and Sam. Sonny has done that, and he never paid. Franco could say that he was an eyewitness to the mob killings and Michael's killing of Claudia. Thus, Jason and Sonny threatened his life, so he used both Sam and Lulu to stop or to slow Sonny and Jason down as he escaped from town. Who do you think Judge Carroll would want mostly in prison? Sonny and Jason? Or Franco? Franco could make a deal, and tell everything that he saw last fall. Franco is still a threat, and Jason is going to have to take him out, to keep him quiet. This story seems to implying this. :freako:

I know that this story is supposed to be a Jason story, but really it is supposed to be a police story. Dante is supposed to deal with Franco, not Jason. Again, there is not enough evidence against Franco to let someone like Jason out of prison to go after Franco. This is a soap, and the writers wanted Jason out of prison, no matter what excuse they used to release him! lol! :jesterbob:

7.17.10, 3:38 AM
Was that a picture of Jake that Jason received from Franco on Friday's episode?


7.17.10, 4:56 AM
A poster on another GH board said that it is a picture of Franco's toy monkey!