View Full Version : Rescue Mediums

9.28.07, 7:04 PM
Has anyone else watched this show? It's on WE on Saturday nights. It's 2 British psychich women traveling around Canada (so far) to haunted locations. They get their impressions and write them down and draw pictures before they even know of the location. Then they go to the home and meet with the owners, tell them of their impressions, in some cases the owners confirm some of them. Then they walk around the house getting a feeling for the spirits there. I think this part is a bit too cheesy IMO, then they try to get the spirits to move on. They then do historical research to find if they were right. In many cases they were pretty right on with their pictures and names and other facts that they had picked up before hand. So they seem like accurate psychics (unless the show is edited to make them look accurate), but some of it just seems overly dramatic. Which I think WE loves drama, even if it's just silly crap. *cough bridzillaz cough*