View Full Version : Does Sonny abuse women

6.9.10, 11:55 AM
I am so glad that the women in Sonny's life are finally telling him the truth. Maurice Benard has done a great job showing how hard that would be for a man like Sonny to accept. He always defined abuse as one thing-beating up women, I'm glad that he is finally seeming to get that he indulged in mental and emotional abuse. I hope he changes because of this, especially in the way he treats Kristina.

6.13.10, 1:53 PM
Karen Wexler, knows the truth about Sonny. I was mad when Port Charles, the soap, killed off her character. When Karen was a stripper for Sonny at the Paradise Lounge, he got physical with her! True! Karen didn't want to go out on stage one night; she was very tired, and Sonny pushed her out on stage!!! There are many fans who claim he does not get physcial with his abuse against women, NOT TRUE!!!


6.14.10, 1:49 AM
I love Sonny but I don't think he realizes that he is an abuser he may not physically hit but he is an emotionally/mentally abuser to the people in his life he claims to love. As for the Karen thing I kinda remember that I thought he gave her more pills or whatever so she would get on stage... Robin is the only person that is was ever truly good to I think

6.21.10, 11:48 AM
Sonny did give Karen pills, but he did push her out on stage. I remember it clearly! The Labines came on GH, and Sonny Corinthos with heart of gold was born; he became a bore to me, especially when he became part mob boss with Damien Smith. I didn't like the Labines' writing for Sonny and other characters. They did kind of a good job with the Quartermaines. I thought they should not have killed BJ off the show. GH became a dark and sad soap after that.