View Full Version : brenda returning

6.7.10, 9:18 PM
I read that Brenda is coming back and if it is true I am SUPER SUPER EXCITED!!! ... I'm a huge sonny/brenda fan and I have always wished that they had a child/children (preferable twins: a mini sonny and mini brenda) together...Carly has his baby, Alexis, Olivia ...what about Brenda???
Since Robin is going to be off screen for awhile maybe she'll run into Brenda or her child...lol

6.9.10, 10:17 AM
Sonny does not need anymore children!!! Hopefully, Brenda will have another secret. I thought she didn't want to have children because she is carrier of her mother's madness disease?


6.14.10, 1:51 AM
I agree he has alot of kids already but as a die-hard Sonny/Brenda fan it would be a dream that they did have a baby together