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9.27.07, 1:36 PM
Ghost Hunters started their new season last night on SciFi. They went to an old insane asylum in Seattle and the tunnels underground Seattle. It looked like a good show.
Jason now has facial hair, which I just can't get used to. They had a new member, Kris. Sorry but Kris seemed completly clueless as to what to do and all that crap. Didn't like her.
I really question the 'shadow' they caught on tape at the insane asylum. This is the 3rd shadow that they caught that runs in front of the camera and then turns around. WTF is that about? I just can't see a ghost, or shadow person, or whatever playing peek-a-boo with a camera. And like the shadow they caught at Eastern State Penn. it looked to me like it was wearing shoes, and a sheet.
The tunnels under Seattle were interesting. In fact I caught a show on BIO over the weekend about the haunted Northwestern, and it included these tunnels. But there seemed to be so many environmental factors (the area falling apart, noises from the streets above, the weird layout casting odd shadows) that I think when you combine them with the stories peoples imaginations take over more than anything. I think if there is anything down there is is more of a residual haunting (events from the past being replayed) than it is an intelligent haunting (being aware and reacting with those around it). JMO

10.10.07, 4:52 PM
Reminder that GH is on tonight on SciFi. The new episode tonight is a house and a Theatre in Seattle. New episode is at 9pm EST and then reairs at 11pm EST. They are also showing some older episodes starting at 7pm EST in Philly, then at 8pm Tombstone, AZ and at 10pm is highlights from last years Halloween special at the Stanley Hotel in CO.

10.14.07, 10:28 PM
They crack me up, spent six hours on the Queen Mary and "debunked" the unmade bed theory. All they could show for their efforts. My best friends brother worked on "Mary" for several years during remodel. The stories Rick could tell.

I love how Grant and Jason give each other the high five knuckle mash as they Pat themselves on the back each week, I kinda think these guys are full of it. LOL

10.15.07, 1:19 AM
Oh I don't agree with some of their stuff. I hate how they would declare a place 'Haunted' or 'Not haunted'. It doesn't matter how haunted a place is, activity isn't going to happen daily. And even if it does you have to then be in the right place at the right time, or have your equipment in the right places.
I think the Queen Mary was probably pretty difficult since it is an open hotel. They had to work around guests and staff members to investigate. So they had to avoid certain areas. Then having some moron mess with their cameras with the bed thing had to really piss them off. But you can't expect a hotel to close just for you to film.
I do like many things about their show, but there are a few things I disagree with, and I don't believe 100% of their stuff. There have been 3 'shadow' instances where I think it's someone with a sheet. And when they were in Ireland (I think) and the guy saw a 'face', while when they sat down and interviewed that guy you could see cows in the background and their legs made very similar faces to the one they were calling paranormal. I don't think it's all intentional either, maybe just some of it overlooked, and others someone pulling something over on them. But they have had some fantastic stuff. The EVPs in San Francisco, the apparition in the basement of the Crescent Hotel, and the chair moving in the lighthouse were all pretty good pieces of evidence (IMO).

10.15.07, 7:32 PM
would convince anyone. Loved the little voice yelling "hello" back at them, not once but twice, each time they've visited. Think that has been my favorite show of all. Some of their stuff is questionable, other times I think they have encountered a spirit or two. Where ever it was that the table jumped in the air in front of Grant was a good example. I love this kind of stuff, so I'll keep watching. :) We laugh about the TV we watch, either UFO or ghosts. My kids think we're nuts. LOL.

Did you see the ORB by my message ? The spirit of Maggie passing by. :devilish:

1.7.08, 5:48 PM
New episode on this Wednesday at 8pm EST. They are returning to the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Last time they were there they got some interesting audio and video. So hopefully they will have more in this return visit.