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9.26.07, 8:13 PM
Hi all! I figured I'd get some movement going in here by starting a forum game. Why not?

It's simple. The first person makes a statement like "Lives in New York." and the next person to respond says either true or false and then makes a new statement. And so on and so forth.

I'll start it off.

You love your job.

9.27.07, 12:26 AM
Ooh, tough question tonite, but I'll go with...


You speak more than one language.

9.27.07, 10:14 AM
False. I speak a smattering of French, since hubs is bi-lingual (French is his first language, English his second).

You recently purchased a new car.

9.27.07, 12:30 PM
False. I've never owned a car actually.

You keep a daily journal.

9.27.07, 1:19 PM
Well, if by "keep" you mean that journals are living in my house and some actually have words and drawings in them, then...

Your toenails are currently polished.

9.27.07, 8:11 PM
FALSE! When are they ever *sigh*. Must.Get.Pedicure.

You wear more than 3 rings on your fingers.

(I see a lot of people peeking but no one playing! Come on! Don't be shy!)

9.28.07, 12:42 AM
False - but I did when I could.

You've stayed up all night to watch a sunrise.

9.28.07, 2:01 PM
TRUE! It's called my summer down south actually. I saw so many sunrises this summer. Felt like I was 29 again. Oh wait...I am.

You have shaved a mans back. (lol!)

9.28.07, 2:08 PM
False, thank God, and I hope I never have the displeasure.

You have a special event coming up, and will tell us about it.

9.29.07, 12:37 PM
True-ish. We're looking for a new apartment and I consider that a special event when we eventually find one and move. :)

You have big plans this weekend!

10.1.07, 6:58 AM
False, I had "busy" plans this weekend. Last minute odds and ends for our vow renewal ceremony next weekend. Oda, how cool about your new apartment.

You are a person who enjoys the Fall.

10.1.07, 2:14 PM
TRUE! I looooove the fall. The weather is perfect and here in NYC everything just feels cleaner for once.
(@mtj - WOW! How did you vow renewal go? That's fantastic!)

You don't do your laundry until you run out of underwear.

10.1.07, 2:52 PM
False, I do laundry every day.
The vow renewal is this Saturday. Then we are off to the beach for two days.

You have a recipe that is killer bee and everyone asks you to make it for parties.

10.1.07, 4:41 PM
True! I have a few, but the ones that never fail are both for salads.

You have worn pantyhose or tights at least once in the last 6 months.

10.1.07, 4:48 PM
Hell no! Last time I wore anything like that was fishnets with a Halloween costume a few years ago.

You like shopping for new clothes.

10.1.07, 5:03 PM
False! My dilemma? I like having them. BBut I hate, hate, hate shopping of any kind.

You love family gatherings, the more relatives attending, the better.

10.1.07, 5:30 PM
I do love family gatherings. Our family is small, so there aren't that many people attending when we all get together.
I wear tights a couple times a week. I don't do panty hose, I wear thigh highs when nylons are required.

You have a large movie collection, some of which you have watched more than five times.

10.1.07, 6:36 PM
TRUE! We're big movie dorks around here. We also have multiple television show dvds.

You own a little black dress.

10.2.07, 2:39 PM
True, and I think every woman should.

You know more about shoes than most people.

10.8.07, 3:41 PM
False - although I am addicted to shoes, I don't know all that much about them.

You love zombie movies!

10.10.07, 6:12 AM
No, not really. I've seen "Night Of The Living Dead" and some other movie about zombies in South America, but I'm not a big fan.

You have lots of pumpkins and Fall decorations in and around your house.

10.10.07, 2:44 PM
False. I wish though. I live in an apartment building and it's just not the same as home :(

*congrats on your vow renewal!!*

You watch the news every day.

10.11.07, 10:31 AM
False, hardly ever.
I get my news via the internet.
Oh Oda, you can spice up an apartment with some fun fall decorations. I live in a condo and I decorate a bit for Halloween. Not this early though.

You dress up for Halloween.

10.11.07, 3:14 PM
True, lol, don't ask

You are already stressing over Christmas.

10.11.07, 3:20 PM
I messed up. This was the answer for shaving a man's back. Sorry

10.11.07, 3:40 PM
True! You read my mind, I just got a mailbox full of catalogues, all full of Christmas stuff. And it isn't the first batch. No, the first came right after labor day. Its as bad as daylight savings lasting all year (well, almost).

You love paper, stationary and all the goodies at the art supply store.

10.11.07, 4:20 PM
False, I am not all that into stationary.
I am not stressing over Christmas, I actually have two gifts bought already and all I really have to stress over is that the Canuckian gets out of sorts at Christmas because he misses his kids, who live in Canada.

You have an article of clothing that is over twenty years old.

10.12.07, 12:51 PM
That's okay Boo! Try again :) Nice to have someone else playing :)

10.12.07, 12:52 PM
True! You must have known I was going to respond. LOL You know I'm a FREAK for the stationary aisle! Even if it's just CVS.

You have more than 3 hoodie sweatshirts.

10.12.07, 4:43 PM
False, I think I only have one.
And Miss Oda, you didn't answer my question about an article of clothing over twenty years old (which I doubt you have since you are not much more than twenty yourself) :)

You are a "get out on the dance floor" kind of person.

10.15.07, 1:20 AM
False, I think I only have one.
And Miss Oda, you didn't answer my question about an article of clothing over twenty years old (which I doubt you have since you are not much more than twenty yourself) :)

You are a "get out on the dance floor" kind of person.
True, I have a ton of sweaters 20+ years of age. :) AND I used to be a get out on the floor and dance kinda girl in my early twenties. Now I'm old and we dance in the living room when "groovy" music happens.

You sleep in tee's and shorts

10.15.07, 2:34 PM
False, I can't sleep in bottoms, even shorts...except for my undies of course.:anon2d: (just wanted to clarify) For some reason, if my legs are warm, I can't sleep.

You drink soda instead of coffee to get your mojo going in the morning.

10.16.07, 7:49 AM
Totally false, I am a slave to my morning coffee.
I sleep in all kinds of stuff. Flannels, cotton and silk pajamas, tees and shorts. It depends on the weather. I am not, however, a nightgown person.

You enjoy nature walks.

10.16.07, 4:24 PM
False. FalseFalseFalse! But Oda's guy, originally from the South, drinks Cokes for breakfast. I guess it's not unusual there.

I definitely have clothes that are more than 20 yrs old. I have one sweater that must be 30. Eek. Oda may as well, but it's because she sort of adopted some vintage stuff that belonged to her grandmother. I guess that doesn't really count. She's pretty tiny, but too big to be wearing clothes from 3rd grade, LOL.

You've dyed your hair a color vastly different than your natural color.

10.16.07, 4:35 PM
Oops, a cross-post. Nature walks... used to love them, but now they are pretty much off limits.

You'd rather be at the beach than anywhere else.

10.16.07, 6:36 PM
You'd rather be at the beach than anywhere else.
False. I'm such a big chicken when it comes to my hair. I've only colored it a few times now that I'm getting those pesky little grays.

You'd rather be at the beach than anywhere else.
True. I'd rather be anywhere than work right now. I'm so sick of this daily routine. But, the beach wins when thinking of a place I'd rather be.

You played an instrument in your High School band.

10.22.07, 7:15 AM
False, but I played the clarinet in elementary school.
I color my hair, to cover the greys, but it is very close to my natural color.
I love the beach, it's where I get my best head space.

The Fall time change is difficult for you.

10.27.07, 1:19 AM
True.. I hate going to work and coming home in the dark. I want the sunshine back!

Thanksgiving is one of your most favorite holidays.

11.6.07, 3:54 PM
Thanksgiving is okay.
I enjoy it, but I wouldn't categorize it as a favorite.

You like your fruit pie ala mode.

11.6.07, 7:40 PM
False. Other than apple or strawberry, I don't like fruit pies. Now, pecan ala mode is a keeper!

You can't go to the movies without having popcorn.

11.9.07, 11:04 AM
Absolutely, and Rasinettes.
That is my "movie food".

You hate to drive in the rain.

11.9.07, 11:42 AM
TRUE! I had an accident in the rain once and really can't stand it.

You play video games.

11.10.07, 7:47 AM
An emphatic NO to that. I got caught up in one game, back in the prehistoric days of the Commodore 64.
It was an interactive game based on "The Hobbit".
Those things are truly addictive, and I think my oldest son needs rehab for them. :winkq:

You enjoy early morning when you are the only one up.

11.14.07, 7:57 PM
True. I used to love being the first one up when I was growing up. It was always so peaceful. Even now, living alone, it's still nice to be up before the neighbors start mowing their lawns on Saturday mornings.

You still have a drive-in movie place in your city.

11.15.07, 10:23 AM
No, but I read that drive-ins are making a come back. I hope so. I miss them.

You have a hard time getting used to "dark at five o'clock".

11.19.07, 10:55 PM
True. I wanted to go for a quick walk tonight-was out the door by 5:10 and got home to pitch dark blackness. Ugh.

You put your outdoor Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving.

11.20.07, 6:15 PM
False! But, I usually try to get them up the first week in December. There are houses here aleady decorated.

You have an articficial, pre-lit Christmas tree.

11.21.07, 10:20 AM
No, my children informed me years ago that if I ever got an artificial tree, they would not come home for Christmas. Besides, I like the smell of a fresh tree.

You have hit upon at least one "perfect" Christmas gift for someone.

12.3.07, 2:03 AM
(I hope I'm doing this right . . .)
You've made bread entirely from scratch (that means no machine, knead by hand . . .).

12.3.07, 7:01 AM
True, but I prefer to make it with a bread machine.
Apparently, I never mastered the art of kneading.
My "totally from scratch" bread never turned out right.

You enjoy keeping potpourri on the stove during the holidays.

12.5.07, 2:13 PM
True for a couple of people, now I hope I can afford to buy them. :-)

True or False: The thought really is more important than the gift.

12.6.07, 2:15 AM
Definitely true. If there's really thought behind it. I had a friend give me some cheap item that she got multiples of at the Dollar Store. She told me it was fragile and to be careful not to break it. It has no place anywhere in my home, yet I feel guilty throwing it away. It looks like it cost $1. I think she tried to talk it up to make me think she was giving me something expensive (I really don't care about the price). She gave the same thing to everyone. I wondered if she even knew enough about me to get me something I might be able to relate to. Just a little time on the phone would have been nice. To this day, I have that gift in the closet and wonder what to do with it. No one I know would like it and it's not worth the gas money to take it to a thrift shop (where she might see it).

True or False: You put bugs, spiders, etc. in a cup to gently carry outside and relocate them where they belong (rather than stomping on them).
(okay, I'm sorry if this is supposed to be Holiday related . . .It's late)

12.6.07, 7:29 AM
Yep, I do that.
Especially with spiders. I have great respect for spiders.

You love candles.

12.6.07, 2:55 PM
Most of the time. But am married to a candle hater. At least a recently-blown-out candle hater.

You stay current with new music.

12.8.07, 2:30 PM
FALSE! When are they ever *sigh*. Must.Get.Pedicure.

You wear more than 3 rings on your fingers.

(I see a lot of people peeking but no one playing! Come on! Don't be shy!)
i wear 2 rings on left ring finger

12.10.07, 10:47 AM
I am hopelessly out of touch with new music. Which is probably a good thing, because what little of it I hear is annoying.
I wear two rings.
My wedding ring and my mother's Claddaugh ring.

You own a piece of jewelry that belonged to someone else once.

12.24.07, 12:24 PM
True. My sister and I each have pieces of our mom's jewelry. Sadly, I can't actually wear any jewelry so it sits in a box for now.

You are completely ready for the holidays and can laze about enjoying good company and good cheer for the day or even the week.

12.26.07, 8:03 AM
The week?
Lay around and do nothing for a week?
Now that is my kind of week.
I was very ready for the holidays, save the cooking on Christmas Day and the clean up after.
I started early this year, and I'm glad.

You have one Christmas gift that really made you smile and it was __________.

12.26.07, 2:22 PM
I received the best gift ever from my sister. She sent me a quilt she made that is not only beautiful and huge and well made, but done with fabric that has a lot of special meaning for her, me and the women she quilts with. I'll post photos later and explain the story a bit. It's how I started the day, had me weepy (in a good way) before I even got up.

I was in on giving a great one this year. Jake, M &I got Ry (Oda) bi-fold french doors for her new apartment. She was too sick to come north for the holiday so we had to "deliver" via email and speaker phone, but by the scream we heard, I think she was pleased. Or maybe horrified? ;)

You're scooping up some post-holiday bargains.

12.27.07, 11:06 AM
I am about to go on a "post holiday budget".
The quilt sounds lovely, can't wait to see it.
Sending cyber chicken soup to Ry.

You have several items of clothing that are purple.
(Inspired by Annie's byline)

1.2.08, 8:58 PM
False. I fear I'd look like Barney in too much purple.:p I do have one old and tired looking purple sweatshirt and one purple pullover top. That's it.

You have already broken one of your New Year's resolutions.

1.3.08, 11:50 AM
My theory is "you can't break 'em if you don't make 'em".

You are wondering why more people aren't playing this game as it is fun and a great way to get to know each other.

1.3.08, 12:02 PM
TRUE! Also wondering what I can do to promote it more, as well as other sections of the site.

All signs of the holidays are gone from your house.

1.3.08, 1:55 PM
We take the decorations down on New Year's Day.
Annie, we promote different aspects of our site in the side bar under the Google Ads.
Little Boxy eye catchers showcasing certain features.
We also have a list of the most popular (ergo most visited) threads at the top of the main forum board, showing how many views they have. Our version of this game is our most viewed thread with over 15,000 views.

You think that Quizno's soup bowls are a great lunch on a cold day. You just wish that someone else would make the run for them when it's 28 degrees out. :rolleyes:

1.8.08, 12:13 AM
I guess it's false because I've never seen a Quizno's outside of a commercial or two. The day you wrote that, I would have eaten anything hot, though. I think our high was something obscene like 8 degrees. Today it was in the 50s. I really can't take these bouncing around winters.

The writer's strike has you watching some really odd television.

1.10.08, 3:48 PM
True. I am the biggest chicken I know and I've been watching those "Haunting" shows on A&E and the Travel Channel. It's pretty sad to be sitting with the lights on in broad daylight...LOL!

You have more than one wedding to attend in 2008.
(This seems to be the wedding year. I already have 3 on the calendar all before June 14)

1.10.08, 9:23 PM
False, at least so far. One in August, but we don't know the actual date yet.

The weather at your house is typical for this time of year.

1.14.08, 12:19 PM
More or less. We've had one bad cold spell, but for the most part we are at normal winter temperatures with little snow. That is the way it's been around here for years.
I have one wedding in 2008.
My daughter-in-law has three.

The cloudy days of winter adversely affect your mood.

1.17.08, 2:46 PM
True. I never used to be this way, but we have had very little sunshine lately and I've found myself in a "blue" mood. It's dark and foggy here again today...yuck!

You are already planning your Superbowl party.

1.17.08, 4:49 PM
False. I don't even know what day the big game takes place this year.

You know who you want to vote for in the next Presidential Election.

1.18.08, 4:16 PM
I wait until it's down to two and pick the lesser of two evils.

You have a good imagination and find creative ways to pass the time when you are waiting.

1.18.08, 4:41 PM
Sometimes. It depends on whether or not I'm prepared to wait. If I know I have some time to fill, I'll bring a puzzle book or a book to read.

You are paying more than $3.10 for a gallon of gas.

1.21.08, 1:20 PM
True! It's $3.45 in my city. I was at my mom's over the weekend and paid $3.19.

You are working today, Martin Luther King's Birthday, while the rest of your family is off...arrgghh!

1.21.08, 6:14 PM
I worked, my son was off school. Hubs is away on business.
I love the "non-traffic" when I work on a Government holiday.

You know what "Fluff" is and you think no home should be without a jar of it.

1.21.08, 7:15 PM
False. What is Fluff? Does it have peanut butter in it? If so, I say I need to get some. :)

You are going to watch American Gladiators on television tonight.

1.23.08, 12:45 PM
False, I don't watch that show.
This is Fluff...
And it goes great with peanut butter. Some like bananas on that sandwich as well. They go by the name of Fluff-n-nutter.

You prefer to just "not drive" when it's snowing.

1.23.08, 8:02 PM
True. Since we don't get much snow here, I'm terrified to drive in it. I lost control once on some ice and almost hit a tree...yikes!

Thanks for verifying what "Fluff" is. Looks yummy!

You think Dance Wars: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann is lame.

1.23.08, 10:15 PM
I have to say true, although I've only seen parts of the first episode.

**in general, you prefer reality TV to scripted TV.

1.24.08, 10:14 AM
True, for the most part. Some reality TV is majorly annoying though. :)

You know how to use jumper cables to start cars with weak batteries. you can tell what kind of week we've had at our house, it's -13 air temp right now and we have a car that needs a new battery. Grrrrrrrr!

1.24.08, 5:21 PM
Yeah, I do. Gack Marcie, it sound downright brutal in your neck of the woods. Hope you get a warming trend soon.

You are a good cook.

1.24.08, 6:50 PM
True, when I take/make the time to cook.

You own a set of fine china.

1.24.08, 6:59 PM
False.:( One day I will bite the bullet and purchase a set. For now, I don't even have a proper dining room. My duplex is small with a built-in breakfast/dining nook...which I never use.

You are one of those people (like me) who never wears a watch anymore since the time is on our cell phones and computers.

1.25.08, 7:04 AM
I quit wearing a watch somewhere around nine years ago.
Way before I was on a computer, or had digital time in front of me.
The battery in my watch gave up the ghost and I just decided to stop being bound by "what time it is".

You own a tiara. (And if you don't, go get yourself one right

1.25.08, 10:09 AM
True! I actually own two. :pinkyz: Thanks for the reminder, mtj. It's time to pull them out of the closet for a little cheer.

You are wearing slacks today. sorry lame question, I'm not awake yet!

1.25.08, 1:42 PM
False. It's Friday and we are allowed to wear jeans to work.
I too, own a tiara. I will wear it this weekend :queen:.

You drive an SUV.

1.25.08, 4:29 PM
False. I want an SUV, but right now I drive a Nissan Altima. It's a fun little car with a kick-butt stereo and a sun roof. It suits my semi-mid life crisis well. :p

You drink sweetened iced tea.

1.25.08, 5:03 PM
Yes, with lemon, when I drink it.
Which is rarely.

You have a green thumb.

1.25.08, 5:09 PM
Yes but only on outdoor flowers/plants. My houseplants never make it past a couple of months.

You get butter on your popcorn at the movie theater.

1.25.08, 5:48 PM
Absolutely! If I'm going to spend my week's earnings on a bag of popcorn, I'm going to go all the way!:p

You live in a state that has warm weather right now. :palmtreez:

1.25.08, 10:28 PM
ah, depends on your definition of "warm". Right now it's 20 degrees here, and compared to the last week that's warm. Thursday morning it was -15.

You have candles and batteries for emergency power outages.

1.26.08, 1:37 AM
Half true. I have plenty of candles in case of an outage and I usually have batteries, but I'm out of them right now and my flashlight is dead.

You think Carter from "Carter Can" on HGTV is hot. (he's on right now and has my attention);)

1.26.08, 8:44 AM
I don't watch the show, but I Googled an image.
What a last name...Oosterhouse.

You prefer fresh veggies rather than frozen.

1.26.08, 9:34 AM
True! with the exception of corn - Schwan's frozen corn is the best thing I've ever tasted.

You're an early riser, even on the weekends when you could sleep in.

1.27.08, 2:50 PM
False. I love early mornings, but on the weekends, I usually stay in bed til 8:30 or so.:yawner: I don't sleep as late as I used to though.

You play a musical instrument.

1.27.08, 6:56 PM
True. I play the piano, the clarinet and the bassoon (although I'd be quite rusty on the bassoon).

You've called in sick to work when you weren't all that sick to take a mental health day.

1.28.08, 1:32 PM
True with a major "T". I haven't done that in awhile, but I've done it often.

Yay! Another clarinet player here. We should get together and do a duet.:)

You open and read every single forward friends send to you. Even though you've seen and read them 1000 times. (I have to admit, I don't):anon2d:

1.28.08, 2:24 PM
False. :anon2d: I have to admit that I have certain people who send so much "spam" I pretty much delete it before opening.

You know what Lefse is.

1.29.08, 11:45 AM
Yes I do.
Once upon a time, I was married to someone of Norwegian descent.
Lefse is Norwegian flatbread.
I know what Krum Kakes are too. :winkq:

You prefer a wood burning fireplace to a gas one.

1.29.08, 1:21 PM
False.:( I actually love the smell of a wood burning fireplace, but I'm so allergic to smoke that I can't be near one for very long. Allergies are the pits!

You have been to Walt Disney World in Orlando.

1.29.08, 2:46 PM
False. But I have been to Disneyland and California Adventure with my sister Melinda! :) Ahhhh the memories. We had a blast!

You have prepared a will.

1.30.08, 11:15 AM
A "do it yourself" kind, but as long as it is hand written, that is legal in my State. And all my investments are "non-probatable". If you have ever had to deal with probate, you know why.

You enjoy "classic" movies.

1.30.08, 12:45 PM
True, sort of. I enjoy classic musicals.

Your favorite candy is something with chocolate in it.

1.31.08, 1:02 PM
Yes, chocolate is my candy of choice. I don't like fruit candies, like Starburst.
You clean your jewelry on a regular basis.

1.31.08, 4:04 PM
True. I get my rings cleaned fairly often - they seem to get gunked up in a hurry.

You know all the words/verses to the song "There's a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea."

2.1.08, 1:37 PM
False. Can't say that I know all of that one and I'm usually pretty good at remembering lyrics.

You remember the children's show, "Wonderama".

2.1.08, 5:50 PM
False. I'll have to Google that one!

You enjoy taking scenic photographs.

2.2.08, 7:34 AM
True. I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me yesterday on the way home from work. The clouds and sun were so amazing.

You find lying in a hammock one of the most relaxing things there is.

2.2.08, 10:11 PM
Hehehe! True, if I could ever get in one without falling out. I'm so clumsy.

You wear glasses or contacts.

2.3.08, 6:48 AM
I wear glasses for distance and driving only. I have astigmatism.

You like the commercials better than the actual Superbowl.

2.4.08, 11:48 AM
True! I read during the game, paused to watch the commercials, then commenced with the reading. :winkq:

You visit the dentist every 6 months as recommended.

2.5.08, 6:13 PM
False. :anon2d: I'm so lazy about this, but try to go at least once a year.

You celebrate Fat Tuesday and then repent on Ash Wednesday. ;)

2.5.08, 11:51 PM
False. BUT when we lived in Mississippi, I would have answered True. :o Hey Mister, throw me something! :jesterbob:

You have had King Cake.

2.6.08, 12:08 PM
"Hey Mister, throw me something".
Marce, you naughty girl you. :p
Yes, I have had King Cake, but I didn't get the baby. :rolleyes:

You love to get spa gift certificates on gift giving occasions.

2.6.08, 12:16 PM
True! Boy, I could use a massage right now. Achy Breaky muscles.
You have a fun vacation planned for this year.

2.6.08, 1:27 PM
True. We will be going to San Antonio sometime this summer to watch our son graduate from Air Force Basic Training. WOOHOO! Plus there may be a trip to Vegas in the works, compliments of one of hubby's vendors. My fingers are SO crossed.

You've had to go to the boss and confess you made a BIG mistake. guess what kind of day I'm having? LOL

2.7.08, 11:21 AM
Minor mistake. I got called away from the office early yesterday (my kid came home from school and was locked out) so I missed getting something out UPS. It wasn't the end of the world, but I felt bad that I missed it.

You like ________________ on your ice cream.

2.7.08, 8:59 PM
True. I love caramel topping on my vanilla ice cream.

You have pets.

2.7.08, 10:52 PM
True. Dakota, our cat, has lived with us for 10 years. She is a fat lazy declawed fur ball, but we love her. :p

You have had a broken bone.

2.8.08, 9:48 AM
False, and I'd like to keep it that way.

You have great plans for the weekend and will share them.

2.8.08, 3:58 PM
True! I'm leaving in an hour to head to a hockey tournament. The bonus is I get to see two of my sisters tomorrow. :pinkyz: I'm not excited about the 4 hours in the car coming my way today, but hey...if I get to see my sisters for a while it'll be worth it.

You are getting a tax refund this year.

2.8.08, 4:17 PM
True, I set up my payroll deductions so that I don't end up paying in April. Plus, it looks like they passed that legislature, so we will all be getting a refund of some sort.

You do your taxes on line.

2.8.08, 4:30 PM
True. Well more accurately Hubby does them. It's fast and convenient. We are happy to be getting a refund - should have it in a few weeks. Next year we'll have one less deduction.

You wear perfume every day.

2.8.08, 7:55 PM
True, but just a little. So many people are allergic to scents these days. My favorite perfume is "Intuition" by Estee Lauder...or as my mom's old friend used to call it, "Ester Laudee"...LOL!

You are going to use your tax rebate for something fun and not bills.

2.10.08, 4:44 PM
True! DH and I decided to split it 50/50 and we can each do whatever we want with our half. The refund that's coming soon will be used for hockey travel, which is kind of fun but not always. :-)

You like to go sledding!

2.11.08, 10:14 AM
No, I'm not really a big snow lover.
If I could, I would live somewhere that it never snowed.
However, I doubt the Canuckian would go along with that. :rolleyes:

You use a really good moisturizer and will tell us what it is.

2.11.08, 10:26 AM
True. I work for Bath&Body Works, we have all kinds of good moisturizers, right now I'm using Exotic Coconut Body Cream with Avocado oil in it for my body and our Dr. Wexler Regenerating Serum for my face.

2.11.08, 12:06 PM
Yikes: I forgot the "True or False" part:
You will hug somebody today.

2.11.08, 12:22 PM
True. I already hugged hubby and one of my boys before we headed out for the day.

MTJ-I use Softsoap cleanser in the shower - nutri oil something or other, and that paired with Jergens extra dry skin lotion is keeping me hydrated this winter. My face now - my Oil of Olay can't keep up and I'm having a hard time believing my skin could go from oily to dry in one blink. Frustrating!

You have a romantic surprise planned for your Valentine's day sweetie.

2.11.08, 4:51 PM
I have a gift, but that is not exactly a romantic surprise. We got warm and fuzzy this weekend and played "say one thing I love about you" for a while. :)
I'm going to look up that Dr. Wexler stuff Passionatic.

You are sick and GD tired of the cold and can't wait for permanent warmer weather.

2.11.08, 6:44 PM
TRUE. It has been snowing here all GD day. Guess we'll SHOVEL before dinner.

Your favorite flowers are roses.

2.11.08, 8:25 PM
False. I do like roses, but Dutch Iris are my favorite flowers. I just wish they'd last longer once they bloom.

And I won't mention the weather in my neck of the woods:shhh:

You have been serenaded.

2.12.08, 3:07 PM
Yep, hubs is a guitar player and he sings for me all the time.
Kris, I know all about your seventy degree weather, missy and I am jel. :winkq:

You enjoy playing cards.

2.13.08, 10:06 AM
True. When we were first married and my honey was in the AF, that was our entertainment! We would get together with other broke couples, drink Kool Aid, eat popcorn and play cards. That was the life. :p

You are a morning person.

2.14.08, 3:02 PM
Yes, I am. I get up an hour earlier than I need to just to get that lovely hour to myself.
I am most productive in the morning as well. Of my eight hour work day, the first four are my best.
The kool-aid, popcorn and cards days sound fun Marce.
Who says being broke has to be boring? :cool:

You are good at sticking to your budget.

2.15.08, 11:44 AM

You have been in a car accident.

2.15.08, 1:21 PM
True, nothing serious however.

You don't like having someone look over your shoulder.

2.15.08, 1:56 PM
True. Someone is in here now and bugging the h*ll out of me. (Sorry ladies, it's just an icky time at work right now. My boss quit and we have morons stepping in until his replacement is found)

You love and look forward to changes.

2.15.08, 3:34 PM
True AND false. :o I love them and look forward to them if they are MY idea. If it's a mandated change, I don't like them. I have never liked being told what to do.

You sing along with the stereo in your car.

2.15.08, 3:55 PM
True! I've had people look at me like I was from outer space and then I realize that I'm not only singing, but beboppin down the road too...LOL!

You sing in the shower.

2.15.08, 3:58 PM
No, not often. I have on occasion.
I do sing along with the car tunes.
I also car dance.
I have to be in a really good mood for that though.

You have no use for joint checking accounts.

2.15.08, 4:56 PM
False. We have one checking account and that's it. We do have separate savings accounts. We are anal that way-have probably 5 different savings accounts. Dorks!

You cannot wait for 5 o'clock tonight.

2.16.08, 1:57 AM
False. But I can't wait for Sunday and the daytona 500! And even though I missed them I can't resist saying I sing in the car and the shower, and the store and pretty much anywhere else there's good music playing!

*you play a musical instrument

2.17.08, 11:28 AM
No I don't.
I tried a few as a kid, but nothing ever took off.
My husband plays the guitar, very well.

You have a hard time justifying going to the movies, as expensive as it's gotten.

2.17.08, 3:58 PM
False. I don't go that often and we always try to go to the bargain matinees on the weekends and I sneak in my own snacks.

You've seen most of the movies that are up for an Academy Award this year.

2.17.08, 8:45 PM
False, I have not seen any of the best movie nominees this year. I enjoy light Romantic movies which never seem to get much critical acclaim. Recently I've enjoyed "27 Dresses", "Enchanted" & "PS I Love you".
* You are planning a Spring Break Trip

2.18.08, 10:42 AM
Dear God, it's been years since I thought of a spring break trip.
No clue about movies nominated this year. We rarely go to the movie theater anymore.

You prefer almonds to peanuts.

2.18.08, 11:59 AM
False. I like a good salted peanut. :-) Actually, truth be told I've never met a nut I didn't like.

You have today off from work.

2.18.08, 2:42 PM
True --I have every day OFF if you do not count taking care of a house, husband, children with insane girlfriends, a sick friend an hundred year old grandmother and--well..you get the drift...

YOU have brown eyes...

2.18.08, 3:50 PM

You are not a big lover of "going shopping".

2.18.08, 4:18 PM
True! I am a buyer NOT a shopper...

You are not "tall."

2.18.08, 10:12 PM
False, I am 5"10.

Your favorite Easter candy is Cadburys chocolate eggs (not the big ones with the white slime inside).

2.19.08, 2:57 PM
False. My favorite Easter candy are Reese's Peanut Butter eggs. And I love jelly beans!

The white slime is the first thing I thought of when you said Cadbury Eggs...gross. The little milk chocolate Cadbury's are fine.

You still color eggs for Easter even if your kids have outgrown hunting for them.

2.19.08, 7:55 PM
You are counting down the days until baseball season starts?

2.19.08, 11:17 PM
True, even though I don't think my son is playing this year.

You can't wait for the Frozen Four to take place. (it's a college hockey thing...) :p

2.20.08, 3:29 PM
False. Like I know anything about hockey. All I know is that The Habs are doing well this year and the Canuckian is happy about that.
You've made a major decision recently.

2.20.08, 7:03 PM
False...at least not yet. I'm thinking about looking for a new job. I've earned so much vacation time here, I don't want to lose that. But, again, the stress is killing me.

You are watching American Idol and think this year's top 24 are the best yet.

2.20.08, 7:16 PM
I have never gotten into the American Idol craze, although it seems to have bitten a lot of people.
Kris, I hope you find a less stressful job.
Life is too short to spend it in places that stress us out.

You enjoy a hot bath at the end of a long, stressful day.

2.21.08, 1:14 PM
True. There's nothing like a good soak in a hot tub to help you relax. Kris, good luck with the job search. Stress is a killer and life is too short to be stressed. :)

You prefer white wines over reds.

2.22.08, 9:17 AM
I'm not much of a wine drinker, but if I'm going to have a glass, I prefer white. Except with Italian food, then I would choose red.

You keep your feet well pedicured.

2.22.08, 3:11 PM
True...but don't look at my feet at the moment...:o I'm a barefoot and sandle type of gal, so I try to keep my feet looking decent.

Your home has a fireplace.

2.23.08, 2:07 AM
True. I never had a fireplace growing up but always wanted one. We moved into a place 20 years ago with one and have one ever since.we moved into that place in May and it was so hot that first night but I wanted a fire in my first fireplace so I cranked up the air conditioner and hubby lit a fire. Lol!

*true or false: you plan to watch all the Oscar coverage this weekend.

2.25.08, 11:46 AM
False. I haven't seen any of the nominated movies.
I will take a look at the gowns on the web though.

You use a daytimer.

2.25.08, 4:11 PM
True, sort of. I have a calendar I carry with me to help me keep track of appointments/events.

You are very competitive and hate to lose.

2.25.08, 4:20 PM
I am not in the least bit competitive.

You are helpless when it comes to chocolate.

2.27.08, 10:02 AM
True, usually. ;)

You enjoy nursing sick family member back to health.

2.27.08, 10:47 AM
I am a caretaker by nature, so I do get some satisfaction out of taking care of my loved ones when they don't feel good.

You enjoy "window shopping" on the internet.

2.29.08, 11:14 AM

You are a hand lotion/lip balm junky.

2.29.08, 4:03 PM
True! I'm a hand lotion fanatic. I carry it in my purse, have a tube at my desk, in my clarinet case and all over the house. I keep lip balm in my purse and clarinet case.

You like to do Karaoke.

3.1.08, 2:04 AM
True! True! True! We have our own system, 100's of discs and our own books. We LOVE karaoke!

**You always wear green on St. Patrick's Day**

3.2.08, 6:49 PM
Yes, I always wear green on St Patrick's Day...I have a bit of Irish background and I dont want to get pinched :)
* You read your local Sunday newspaper

3.3.08, 2:11 AM
False. Live in small coastal town, no Sunday News here, but do read the small-town paper on Tuesdays, if that counts!!!
"You have been on an African Safari?"

3.4.08, 9:05 AM
Nope, and I wouldn't want to go on one.
My husband, on the other hand, would love it.

You have been to Hawaii.

3.4.08, 5:01 PM
True. I spent 8 glorious days on Kauai with my aunt 7 years ago. I would go back in a heartbeat. I'm hoping to talk hubby into taking a trip there once the boys are both out of the nest. We should start saving now so we could have a good nest egg built in three years.

You like black jelly beans.

3.5.08, 2:41 AM
True! I looove black jelly beans! They're really the only color I like.

*you think Easter baskets have to have Peeps in them for it to truly be Easter, (even if no one eats them)*

3.5.08, 10:04 AM
TRUE! Peeps are not for eating, they're for mutilating. :D

You buy a new outfit for Easter every year.

3.5.08, 1:56 PM
False. I quit doing that when I was around ten. And man, are there some pictures of me back in the day in some of the most atrocious Easter outfits ever. Remember when hot pink was all that? :rolleyez:
Peeps are definitely for mutilating.
Marce and Melinda taught me that. :winkq:

You like your beef well done.

3.6.08, 2:27 AM
False. Like my beef rare. Not so that it still mooing, but nice and pink.

You love gardening.

3.7.08, 2:29 PM
True. I just wish I had more time to tend to a garden. I usually plant annuals in pots on the patio and front porch. I would love to have a vegetable garden, but again, time limits.

You are anxious to start "Spring Cleaning".

3.11.08, 11:04 AM
True. We are hosting an open house for my son's graduation this spring, and I've been making lists of things I want to accomplish prior to the party.

Your favorite flower is the tulip, a sure sign of spring!

3.12.08, 3:38 AM
False. Favourite flower is the Frangipani - does this count as it a tree?? Used the frangipani as the flower and colours for my wedding. Beautiful soft colours.

Sea or Swimming Pool?

3.12.08, 6:58 AM
For swimming, a pool.
For ambiance, the sea.
I need to go Google frangipani.

You are a "morning person".

3.12.08, 10:12 AM
True, but only if I'm up of my own accord. If someone wakes me up - it will be ugly. Oh and the coffee helps the mornings, too. :rolleyes:

You have multiple cell phones in your family/house.

3.12.08, 10:56 AM
Mine, The Canuckian's and my son's.
None of us use them very much though.

You have a vacation coming up.

3.12.08, 2:41 PM
False, but I really should have one. :) I guess we're planning a trip to Texas in August, that would count but it's a long ways away yet. Are you heading anywhere fun, MTJ?

Your favorite time of year is spring.

3.13.08, 11:36 AM
I love, love, love the Spring.
It is so refreshing after the drab, dull Winter.
Our travel budget this year is being spent on my nephew's wedding in November.

You look better in Earth tones than pastels.

3.13.08, 2:58 PM
False. Neither look good on me. I can get away with more pastels, but hate em. My coloring goes best with jewel tones.

You have long hair.

3.14.08, 1:08 AM
False, I have short hair. I have baby-fine hair that hardly grows at all. Its been that way my whole life. I got a color and cut today, I got it styled like Mary Beth Evans of DOOL, except mine isnt as thick as hers, but the stylist gave it that cute little flip at the back, so I was happy.

3.14.08, 8:20 AM
False, unless Pig-Latin counts. :glasses4:

You've been to a foreign country.

3.14.08, 9:21 AM
I've been to The Caymen Islands.
I'm not sure that counts as a foreign country.
My hair is long, a little longer than shoulder length.

You have already begun preparing your garden.

3.17.08, 10:53 AM
False. I have flower gardens, no veggies. Hubby wants to tear up part of the yard for a garden. I'm not that excited about it.

You love to shop.

3.17.08, 11:36 AM
Nope, I hate shopping.
The only shopping I like is on-line shopping.
I hate stores, dressing rooms and lines at the register.

You have a unique way of celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

3.20.08, 10:10 AM
False. I don't really celebrate it at all.

You are a Proud Peep Mutilator. :p

3.20.08, 11:19 AM
If Peeps ever make their way into my house, they will be mutilated. No one in my clan likes them, so they are not on the Easter candy list.

You still color Easter Eggs and you still do it with a PAAS egg dying kit.

3.21.08, 11:22 AM
False. However, when I did color eggs it was always with a PAAS kit.

You don't think the words "snow" and "Easter" belong in the same sentence. (this weather is crazy!)

3.24.08, 5:33 PM
No, they most definitely do NOT.
Hope your weather clears up soon Marcie.

You seldom wear white dress shoes.

3.24.08, 5:53 PM
It snowed here on Sat. evening, hard snow--enough to make the ground white. Blech. It's gone now, thank goodness!

No, I never wear white dress shoes.

You play the lottery on a regular basis.

3.25.08, 10:25 AM
Now if I could only win on a regular basis. :p

You have an important decision to make sometime soon.

3.28.08, 12:21 PM
False. Nothing major on my horizon (that I am aware of!).

You are sick of shoveling snow.

3.31.08, 11:19 AM
False. We had a relatively mild winter, thank God.
I hate snow.

You have made some new food choices lately.

4.3.08, 12:04 PM
False. I'd love some new options in the rotation though. Maybe I should make that my challenge as I shop for meals for the week.

You have a coworker that drives you absolutely bonkers.

4.4.08, 11:51 AM
For the most part, I like my co-workers. It's a small office, and we all get along very well. But one of my bosses is ADD. He cannot sit still. And he seems to need to make a LOT of noise, whatever he is doing. His agitate demeanor sometimes gets on my nerves.

You have something fun planned for this weekend.

4.4.08, 2:55 PM
True! Melinda & her husband are coming to town. Tomorrow night my mom is hosting a family dinner, can't wait to enjoy the food & company.

You are sick of seeing chubby girls display their bare bellies between their jeans and t-shirts.

4.7.08, 7:20 AM
Sisters, sisters
There were never such devoted sisters,
Never had to have a chaperone, No sir,
I'm there to keep my eye on her :p

Yes, yes and yes.
I am tired of seeing all the youngsters letting it all hang out.
Whether they are chubby or not.
News flash! I am so not about seeing the band of your thong
sticking out of the back of your low rider jeans.
Save it for your pimply, pubescent boyfriend.

Your perfect breakfast is _____________.

4.7.08, 10:33 AM
We were talking about finding that song to use as ringtones on our phones! :)

Oatmeal and fresh fruit in a quiet, sunny room with a newspaper and a hot cup of coffee at my side.

You survived raising teenagers and can promise me that I will get through this.

4.7.08, 10:53 AM
I did, you will too.
It just doesn't feel like that right now.
I will not, however, say that you will look back on this and laugh.
Take heart, I work with someone who isn't sure his kid will graduate.
Said kid has to pass English, and he is not motivated to do anything but smoke pot all day long.

You have a new item of clothing that you really enjoy wearing.

4.7.08, 8:20 PM
False. But summer is here now, gotta go shopping soon.
You always have cereal for breakfast.

4.7.08, 8:33 PM
Only if slippers count :o I was just 'window shopping' in a catalog that came today and saw a cute summer dress... sleeveless cotton a-line, nothing special going on really but cute. Then I looked at the price. $98.00... I guess if I am ever to buy something new, I'm going ot have to get over my inborn cheap streak. It kills me to spend that much for something so basic.

Marce, let me chime in on survivng your teenager(s). You will, I promise. But you will, no doubt, shed a few tears on the way. I have a vivid memory of being weepy in the bathroom at work one day, saying to a friend that I never knew it was possible to worry as much as I was. But now they are both adults, living on their own, paying their bills, happy and healthy. And I'm still standing.

You will be starting a garden soon, or tending the one you already have.

4.8.08, 11:27 AM
Alas, no.
That is the one aspect of condo living that I don't enjoy.
I would like to have a small garden of some sort.

You are already sick of April Showers.

4.8.08, 1:28 PM
False. More tired of the wind than the rain. As long as the rain stays liquid and doen't start turning into snow, I'm OK with it.

You've bought a bathing suit in the last year or so.

4.9.08, 3:43 PM
True. However, it's still in the drawer with the tags attached.

Annie and mtj -- thanks for the words of encouragement. Seems like we go through rough spots every few months or so, then all is well again for a while.

You've been grilling food again in anticipation of warmer days.

4.9.08, 4:17 PM
Not yet, but I think it's on the docket for this weekend. I am so ready for some fresh corn on the cob. I may try my hand at some shish-kabob this weekend.

You are anxious to start wearing your Spring clothing, but the weather will not cooperate.

4.10.08, 6:02 PM
True. Today is my birthday and I got a new spring top that I wanted to wear tonight for my party. It's toooo cold! Waaaa!

You suffer from Spring allergies. That's if Spring ever arrives!

4.11.08, 11:23 AM
No I don't, thank God.
It's pollen time here.
All the cars are turning yellow.
Kris, hope you had a great birthday!

You like swimming in lakes.

4.11.08, 11:26 PM
Not so much i prefer pools.

Your favorite chocolate is from Belgum.

4.14.08, 11:01 AM
False. My favorite chocolate, Lindt, is from Switzerland.

You have a very busy week ahead of you.

4.14.08, 12:28 PM
False. I don't have a thing on my agenda for either home or work. Besides the usual things, that is. :rolleyes:

You cannot function without your morning coffee.

4.14.08, 1:03 PM
True, true, true.
I'm in a fog until I'm done with my first cup.

When ordering subs, you often choose __________.

4.14.08, 5:01 PM
turkey breast on wheat, no cheese. Is anyone else sick to death of the Subway commercial that is on TV every other minute? Five. Five dollar. Five dollar foot-long. BAH!

Your favorite salad dressing is _________________.

4.16.08, 3:51 PM
Blue cheese.
I don't watch much TV. I haven't seen that ad. It's a good price though.

You have a family heirloom that is very dear to you.

4.17.08, 12:05 PM
True. I have a few things that wouldn't mean anything to anyone else, but mean the world to me. I like Blue Cheese dressing too.

You've attended a live concert in the past year.

4.17.08, 12:34 PM
False. I haven't attended a live concert in years. Tickets have gotten WAY too expensive.

You like raspberries and ice cream.

4.17.08, 1:34 PM
true, i love raspberries and anything! just drench it in chocolate and you won't see me until it's gone.

you have traveled outside the country.

4.17.08, 2:16 PM
True, but not far. I have been to The Caymen Islands. A LONG time ago.

There is an expensive sports car on your "wish list".

4.17.08, 2:50 PM
i'd take anything that was paid for and got good mileage.

your underwear always matches

4.17.08, 5:05 PM
False. I'm not that into my undies!

Your favorite color is ______________.

4.17.08, 5:53 PM
it's impossible for me to choose a favorite.

your favorite flower is a daisy

4.18.08, 12:35 AM
False. It is a rose.

your best friend is your dog

4.18.08, 10:28 AM
nope. i have a wonderful kitty!

you have your own web page

4.18.08, 11:15 AM
False, I own a web page and help run several others. But there is no web page "all about me".

You try to snack on healthy foods.

4.18.08, 11:38 AM
gosh, i do! but try is the operative word!!
it has been much easier since they decided that chocolate was healthy!(of course i suspected that all along!)

you like to walk in the rain

4.18.08, 3:02 PM
True! Unfortunately it happens so seldom here, it's a rare event.

You have a cute song as a ringtone on your cell phone, as opposed to a normal ring.

4.18.08, 3:10 PM
nope, i have a real faint cricket-like sound.

you don't shave your legs in the winter.

4.18.08, 4:28 PM
False. I can't stand that itchy feeling!

You are immune to the charm and appeal of puppies and babies.

4.18.08, 4:53 PM
False, I am a big huge sucker for both.
Ring tones? I hate ring tones.
I shave my legs all year round.
I would feel like a she-beast if I didn't.

You LOVE leaving work early on a Friday afternoon.

4.19.08, 1:02 PM
Oh yeah, baby. Especially on these beautiful spring days! I skipped out early yesterday, ended up running errands for my children, but still got to enjoy the day.

You cannot believe how much money it costs to send a child to prom.

4.19.08, 1:26 PM
oh, but i can!

you can't imagine what it costs to send twins to prom!

4.21.08, 7:01 AM
Twins, wow.
Double the cost.
I think it is insane what people are spending on proms these days.
I think it is equally insane what people are spending on weddings.

If you were to marry again (or for the first time) it would be a simple affair.

4.21.08, 9:06 AM
agreed! as few people there as i can get away with! even the first time i did it (and the second) it was a private wedding. i much rather spend the money on something else. like a wonderful trip!
the other thing that really bugs me is grade school kids with ipods and cell phones! how about the price of athletic shoes the kids want! and here all i want is a $500 bag.

4.21.08, 9:09 AM
true of false
you hate mondays!

4.21.08, 10:30 AM
False. I enjoy the weekends, but I like being back in the normal routine too.

I cannot imagine sending twins to prom. One child about killed me this year. And if I were to get married again, the wedding would be small and simple-me, the groom, and a witness or two. The End. I don't get people spending exhorbitant amounts of $$ on a wedding. Big wedding or small, the end result is....you're married. Use the $ for a down payment on a house. :)

You suffer from seasonal allergies.

4.21.08, 10:36 AM
The pollen gets to me this time of year, but it's not full on allergies.

You prefer chocolate to white icing.

4.21.08, 10:49 AM
chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!!!

you are a night owl

4.21.08, 12:16 PM
True, if I don't have to be at work the next day. :-)

People who constantly clear their throat while talking on the phone annoy you.

4.21.08, 12:45 PM
people that constantly talk when they should stop and clear their throat, now that really bugs me!

you don't eat breakfast

4.21.08, 1:04 PM
False. I eat breakfast every day.

You like Monkeys.

4.21.08, 1:37 PM
i hate watching the monkeys at the zoo, depressing.
but on the other hand i used to call my boys "my monkeys"
so i guess it is a time and place thing.

you are a good swimmer

4.22.08, 11:54 AM
I'm an adequate swimmer.
I wouldn't go as far as "good".
I'm sure I could graduate to good if I swam more.
My Dad was a US Coast Guard Commander.
He started out as a rescue swimmer.
So I learned to swim and all about water safety at a very young age.
You have flown a kite recently.

4.22.08, 12:32 PM
False, although that would be a great thing to do with my niece this weekend! We'll have to squeeze it in between her dance recitals and my son's parent-senior party.

Pomp & Circumstance makes you teary eyed.

4.23.08, 7:00 AM
True, true, true.
And it did WAY before my kids graduated.
When they did, the tears flowed on cue.
Congratulations to all the soon to be graduates.

You love sleeping with the windows open.

4.23.08, 10:00 AM
True! I love waking up to the birds singing. The fresh air feels great, too.

You're planting a garden this year (flower or vegetable).