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5.21.10, 7:45 AM
Michael Is Not Ten Years Old...(Opinion)

Why is everyone treated Michael like a little boy who needs everyone's help. I see Michael as a psycho, and he has been a psycho for some time now. Ever since he was a suspect in A.J.'s murder, his biological father, Michael has been out of control. I still believe that he killed A.J., not Dr. Thomas: A.J. would have screamed his behind off if Dr. Thomas came into his room. That leaves Michael as the killer!!!

Has everyone forgotten Michael was buying illegal guns? His gun went off and shot Kate Howard. Then Michael ran away, to escape Sonny's anger. Stupid Sonny blamed the Zacharras, and he had Johnny kidnapped and tortured which led to Claudia putting a hit on Sonny. Ian Devlin missed Sonny and hit Michael, so Michael was in a coma for a year. In some ways, one can blame Michael, himself, for the mess that he is in, now, along with Sonny, Jason, and Carly. I don't see how anyone can blame Dante or Lulu for this mess since Michael was out of control before they were major characters. One cannot even blame Jax because Jax was not even married to Carly when most of this stuff happened. Let Michael, the psycho, stay in prison for awhile!!!


5.24.10, 7:34 AM
Wow I have an altogether different picture of Michael.
Sure he has done some wrong but is definitely not a bad boy imho. I do not for one minute believe he killed his
Father, AJ. Nor do I believe he now belongs in prison.
He saved his Mother and baby sister by hitting Claudia
after hearing the screams. It bothers him that he did
that, but imo, he is a hero.
I won't go into the reason I blame Jax for a lot of things,
also Dante's contribultion to Michael being in prison,
but imo Michael does NOT belong there.

5.29.10, 8:03 PM
He does belong there because he used the killing of Claudia as way to try to get into the mob. A hero would not be bragging to his uncle or father that he took care of the matter. Sonny and Jason told him that he was a hero. If Claudia had the baby, and Michael hit Claudia, wouldn't the baby have fallen to the ground? The baby could have been killed. If she didn't have the baby, why did he pick up the hachet and hit her? This means that she was no threat to Carly or the baby. The law do send people to prison for that. You can only kill if the person is threat to you or someone else. If Claudia was leaving, without the baby, Michael was supposed to let her leave, and call the police. Lastly, Michael was the killer of A.J.; the writers rewrote the storyline supposedly because many fans complained. GH made Dr. Thomas the killer which didn't make any sense. Last we saw of A.J. was when the killer came into his hospital room; he didn't act like he was scared. A.J. was smiling. Next minute, he was dead. A.J. wouldn't be smiling at Dr. Thomas if he did the killing. A.J.'s murder is still an open case like Diana Taylor's murder; Heather's mother killed her? Don't think so; Heather did.