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9.25.07, 1:55 PM
I just don't understand why the U.S. is so far behind in understanding the reality of global climate change (a.k.a. "Global Warming"). We are not really a nation of idiots; are we?

I have a neighbor who insists that because there wasn't as much snow last winter then global warming must not be a reality. It's everything I can do not to shake him and yell in his face.

What is the problem America? Wake UP! WAKE UP! Your children will live in the ash heap of the world you (we) leave behind.

9.25.07, 6:32 PM
Business interests control most of what people see and hear in this country- is it any wonder that the same folks who want us to sacrifice our young people in the Mideast for more oil also are quite adept at manipulating public opinion?
It's been shown that the big oil companies had a deliberate campaign going to try to cloud the isssue by convincing the public that there is some DEBATE over global warming. Just as the cigarette industry did for years- they stifle any real action on a growing serious problem by pretending that it's somehow open to question.
Plus, we have an idiot for a president. The real shame is how we are once again losing an opportunity to show our leadership and ideals to the rest of the world. The utter lack of any real action or leadership on Bush's part is appalling. Meanwhile- the rest of the world moves forward with technology and progress while we stagnate.
Impeach Bush and let's elect someone who actually cares about something other than corporate profits.

10.20.07, 4:14 PM
It is not an absoulute forgone conclusion that global warming is caused by human behavior. Did you see John Stossel's "Give me a Break" on last night's 20/20. He interviewed several scientists who scoffed at the current hysteria. THere are other researchers with similar views, The political correct atmosphere within the sceintific community makes it difficult for their voicesto be heard and for them to get funding. A really interesting book on the subject,'The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Enviromentalism' covers many aspects of the problem in avery readable manner. There is also a very interesting documentary about it,
It is a little more than an hour long and is very informative.

Before we go making legislation that could very negatively affect our economy while also doing practically nothing to change the environment we betty make very sure we really know what we are doing.

10.21.07, 12:12 PM
What "hysteria"? It's interesting to note how this issue is framed by those with a vestedinterest in doing NOTHING. So we hear constantly about the "hysteria".......when in reality, there is nothing even close to hysteria on anyone's part. There is certainly concern and alarm- on the part of scientists who know better than most of us what's happening. And on the part of many citizens who see our country being weakened and bankrupted simply because we are in the throes of addiction to big oil. And increasingly on the part of big business- who realizenow that it's only in their best financial interests to deal with the problem......and not let the rest of the world once again leave us behind.
"politically correct atmosphere within the sceintific community"? Another constantly repeated attempt to frame this as some campaign by self-interested parties....instead of what it is. Are you seriously claiming that over 95% of acredited worldwide scientists are all in some nefarious plot to be politically correct? It's nonsense.
The reality of this situation is that we know enough now to know that our environment is changing in dramatic ways- ways that will have disasterous effects on economies around the world.......and we would surely be much better off if we DEAL with the problem, instead of pretending it doesn't exist.
Your last sentence is exactly what's wrong with the head-in-the-sands- folks today. Because we don't have to know EVERYTHING to know that we've got a problem.......and we need to address it. And the real pity here is that people with this kind of fear just can't get the picture that dealing with global warming will only stimulate our economy! The ones who are fundign the most opposition to doing anything are those industries most invested in the status quo- for obvious selfish reasons. Big oil, big coal, etc.
I couldn't disagree more with you, mogul- the time to act is now. How can we ever explain or justify our refusal to deal with this to future generations?

11.8.07, 10:08 AM
It is not an absoulute forgone conclusion that global warming is caused by human behavior.
Actually it is.

The geological records, going back millions of years do indicate that the earth has natural cycles of change.

The record now indicates that the latest cycle is different from all other natural cycles before it and that it is not natural. First difference: it comes at a different time. Cycles, by definition, have a natural and predictable rhythm. The current "global climate change" that we are in is way out of whack with the natural (i.e., established by God, if that helps) cycle. The only reason for it to be different now is because of the unnatural influence of humans in the last 250 years.

The second difference from the natural cycles is the speed with which it is happening. The natural, God-given cycle takes tens of thousands of years to go from one extreme to the other. Always has been that way -- until now. Now it is happening in about 200 years. It has only happened a couple of times and those are when some sort of cataclysmic disaster has occurred -- like a massive volcano explosion or the impact of a giant meteor with the Earth. Since there has been no such event in the last 250 years, the only conclusion is that this drastic and too rapid climate change is due to human influence.

11.9.07, 7:17 AM
Global warming, just like anything else (when fuel for cars reach 10-15 dollars a gallon...already predicted with the escalating recent prices for the next ten years).....

No one will care until it's their pocket paying for what once was thought a luxury. Low costs for home heating, summer time AC, fueling their cars, lowers costs with buying agriculture items...fruits, veggies, meat.

Hard times are coming and don't believe me if you don't want to. Everything has a point and counter-balance in nature. Mankind believes that "we" have the lock on everything.

Do we really?

11.13.07, 6:31 PM
Move inland folks. Seriously..........I wouldn't invest in living on a coastline.

11.23.07, 5:44 PM

watch it. It's only about eight minutes long.