View Full Version : Sonny's Trial Is Pretty Good Watching...(Opinion/Speculation)

4.17.10, 6:23 PM
I love when Sonny and Johnny went at it! I like the fights over Morgan, if he should be on the stand. Carly bringing her baby to court? What is she going to say that she could NOT find a babysitter?! Nevertheless, Sonny's trial has a long way for it to be as great as Kevin O'Connor trial: The viewers were led to believe that Kevin could be innocent of some murders, but the viewers found out later that he was actually guilty! Lucy Coe was introduced during that trial! She turned out to be the mistress of the married Kevin O'Connor.

The best trial that I can remember GH ever doing was the Lesley Webber'trial. It was similar to Sonny's trial: Lesley was covering up the fact that Laura, her daughter, killed a man, David Hamilton. One cannot forget when Lesley lied on the stand, and she admitted that she had an affair with David Hamilton while her husband, Rick Webber, was in the courtroom! I wonder if Sonny is going to testify? That would be very interesting! Would he do another Lesley Webber , such as lying in order to save Michael? Hmmm ?

4.27.10, 6:24 AM
. Carly bringing her baby to court? What is she going to say that she could NOT find a babysitter?!

I got a big kick out of it. She wanted to show the
jury the baby and Mother that Sonny saved by
whacking Claws, lol. Excellent idea imo, even if
it only worked for a moment.

The story is getting quite interesting with Lisa
being the juror in favor of Sonny's innocense.

4.28.10, 7:24 AM
I wish that Sonny would have testified and lied on the stand like Lesley Webber did. That would have been more of a compelling drama.


5.24.10, 6:47 AM
I thought that was a "smart move" on Carly's part to bring
the baby to court so the jury could see, that it was her and
the baby that Sonny was trying to protect. How couldn't love that adorable little baby?
We will never know the outcome though, whether Lisa got
her way and the people switched and said not guilty or
whether they won out, because thanks to Dante ;-( the
whole thing ENDED right then and there.