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5.2.07, 11:57 AM
From Annie: How to Post your FanFics and Responses
Because of the style of this board system, please post chapters of each story in one thread. For instance, UAgirl's Anna Begins, would be the first post in a new thread, chapter 2 would be the next post, etc.

Comments about the fic should be in a separate thread. Please put "Comments" and the title of the fanfic you are commenting on in the subject line. This way, a reader can open a fanfic and read all the way through if they want and jump to new chapters as they are posted.

Thanks. If you have any questions about format, please let us know.

From Oda: Subscribe to your favorite FanFic!
Using the "Subscriptions" feature on the new forums is an excellent way to keep up with your favorite fanfic! When you subscribe to a particular thread, you can set it to notify you by email every time it's updated (or not!).

To do so, go to the thread (or FanFic) you want to subscribe to. At the top of the thread there is a drop down menu called Thread Tools. Choose Subscribe to this Thread and it will take you to another page where you set up how you want to be notified. If you choose not to be notified by email then you just have to make a habit of checking your subscription list in your profile control panel.

Have fun!