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3.29.10, 7:34 PM
A casting call has gone out for a new denizen of Genoa City, and it's described as a "fun, breakout role." The working name of the character is "Simone" and here are the details: She should be an ample-figured African-American female in her mid-30s. She will be sharp, sassy and bold, street-smart and unafraid of confrontation. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and does not suffer fools gladly. She dresses like she is going to a ball. She loves herself and knows she is "all that." The role is contract and will start around late-April.

6.18.10, 6:19 PM
well that didn't work because it's June and no Simone

6.18.10, 8:30 PM
I think they waiting for next year in Feb. to start " That Black Storyline".