View Full Version : Passions Question

9.22.07, 11:25 PM
I go to thinking the other day about just how much I like soaps - especially passions. :) And I realized, I had never really sat down before and contemplated why before. I personally began watching soaps when I was around 7 with my mom, so I guess being exposed to it early on could be the reason why. But then I thought about why I keep watching them everyday. What is it that makes me want to watch? So I came to the conclusion that I watch it because through the show, you are able to get to know people and just watch how their lives turn out. There are characters that you can connect with and hate with a passion. I think soaps really just involve viewers in their own unique way. Once I figured that out I was curious to see why other people watch soaps. What makes soaps so appealing to you?

10.18.07, 2:04 AM
It is probably because they can make us be thankful that our lives are not that complicated and tragic. I can watch a couple of soaps and think "wow, my life isn't so bad." Also some of the choices these characters make is so bad that you know from the get go that it is not going to go smooth. It is like watching a car wreck in slow motion. That is just my opinion. The negative side is also how they get away with murder, blackmail, fraud and countless felonies and if the average jane doe did those things, they would be piping daylight to her. They are addictive, some of them I keep thinking they will get better and others keep the s/ls going and you are pleasantly shocked at certain things that are happening. But that was a good question and for the most part not an exact answer.