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9.22.07, 4:54 PM
Not new to the coffeerooms but new to GF. Since the Koffeeklatch board didn't travel to the new location I thought i might just pop and see what this new space was all about.
How is everyones weekend coming along?

short intro on me in case you don't already remember me:
My name is Sheri and we live in South Dakota. Pat and I have been married for 21 years and have 2 kids. Daughter is a freshman in college and son is in 7th grade. We have 2 pets a cat and dog........Well enough for now. Got to get back outside and help with the dirt work for the new driveway.:cool:

9.22.07, 5:30 PM
Hey, Racemom! Glad you made it! I'm sorry, I forgot to add Kaffeklatch here, but I'll put it up ASAP. Thanks for the reminder. I'll put it in Parenting, like it was on the other boards... sort of OT Moms. Or would you all prefer some other spot? Just let me know, post or IM or email me if you want.

9.22.07, 7:50 PM
Thanks Annie!
Much Hugs!:)

9.23.07, 12:27 AM
Under parenting is fine..as we are all parents..and grandparents for some of us..lol.

9.23.07, 10:01 PM
Hello all I'm also new here well sorta I also hung around KK a lot too but no one posted there. Any ways so here I am! Hope all of you are having a terrific Sunday! :)

9.23.07, 10:24 PM
Annie..where will our Kaffee Klatsch be?? I can't find it. Or have you had time to put it up here on the new one?

9.24.07, 9:54 AM
Hi all.... I've added Kaffeeklatsch to the Parenting section:
click here (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/forumdisplay.php?f=227)

I put it there to mirror the old boards, so others might find it. But, as time goes by, if you'd rather have it under gURLs, just let me know. It's easy to move, even after the threads are going.

9.24.07, 11:55 AM
As long as we can find it..what do you think Sheri , Julie and coffenut? Leave it in Parenting...or move to GuRLfriends?

9.24.07, 8:07 PM
Well...it got moved to GuRLfriends..hope you find it..and to others out there..come visit us at kaffee klatsch. In German that means coffee gossip. But we really don't gossip..honest..LOL. someone made that name up for us a long time back...or was it you coffenut? I think someone else formed this name...but I've made some great friends on here. Too bad there's only a few of us left. I hope more will join us in there to chat!