View Full Version : Jason, Ethan Has The Right To Defend Himself Against An Attack..

3.19.10, 5:35 AM
no matter who is doing the attacking, male or female!!! GH is already messing up this storyline. What Sam did is called an assault. Ethan could have shot and killed Sam and Jason, and he could have got off on self defense. What was Jason and Sam doing at the Haunted Star?

Moreover, GH is making it seem like it is not right to hit a woman, no matter what she does! If a woman is attacking you, you have the right to defend yourself! You can't sit back and say, "I can't hit her because she is a female." That does not make any sense! Nevertheless, I am a female, but I remember those female bullies, and what they did to me and some of the boys in schools. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Kiefer's father is not the abuser, but his mother is!