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9.21.07, 9:05 AM
I Am New In Here And I Reside In Louisiana. I Have Lupus And I Hurt All The Time. It's Like Having The Flu Everyday. I've Had This Stuff Now For 4 Years. At Times I Feel Lonely For I Feel Like I Am The Only One With This Stuff. My Husband, I Don't Think Really Understands What Lupus Is All About. Does Any One Here Have Problems With Their Hair Coming Out Alot? Boy, Mine Is. I Use To Have Very Thick Hair And Now It's Thining Out. I Sure Hope Everyone Here Is Feeling Alright And Please Feel Free To Chat With Me Or E-mail Me. Where I Live There Are No Lupus Meetings Here So It's Hard To Talk About What I Have To Anyone. Take Care And Have A Great Day!
Love Always,

9.21.07, 12:42 PM
Hiya Doodle_Bug! So glad you found your way here. I don't have lupus myself, but my mother does (one of the founders of the site). I think you'll find a lot of love and support here. Welcome to the coffeerooms!

9.21.07, 2:14 PM
Hi Doodle_bug! Welcome.

I have lupus, too, and would love it if you'd join us on the Lupus board. Just click here to get there. (http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/forumdisplay.php?f=17)

And PS- yes, lots of hair loss, comes and goes :eek:.