View Full Version : So are they Stefano's kids?

9.20.07, 6:53 PM
Are they being hidden to protect their livers and kidneys?
This effectively ties every story to the Dimeras: Jeremy working for Andre, Nick babysitting Stefano's kids.

9.20.07, 11:57 PM
wow... for a man who claims he loves family more than any thing else this guy has several children he never took part of raising, it in fact these kids turn out to be his.....

9.21.07, 1:14 AM
IIRC EJ is the only one of his kids Stefano took an active part in raising--Daphne raised Tony in Australia, Lexie was raised by an adoptive family, & Benji Hawk was raised by Payla & later his maternal grandfather, Orion.

9.21.07, 11:47 AM
Didn't Stefano raise his adopted kids? You know the guy married to Jennifer. Was his name Peter? And his sister who married Tony? Or am I remembering that incorrectly?
Didn't EJ leave the show with his mom? Did she die?

9.21.07, 6:52 PM
Yea, Peter is his name and yep, Stephano was supposed to have raised them, well partially after their parents died and then we found out that Kristen and Peter's mother really wasn't dead but badly hurt or disfigured in some house fire or something. My memory fails me horribly.

I will say that the story line going with the mystery kids Nick has, has me pretty interested. I'm getting bored with the Dimera/Brady fued simply because its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and drawn out. Get with it already.
I can't stand Stephanie! Grrrr, someone slap that girl please!! I would love for Kayla to slap a good one, just enough force to knock some sense in her. Jeremy is a loser & a user. Why they have Stephanie constantly defending him is beyond me.

9.21.07, 11:16 PM
Yea Stefanie is a retard. But the only other guy she wants to mess with is her uncle (blood or not I still say it's gross & inappropriate)

9.23.07, 1:46 AM
Why don't any Hortons seem to know how bad Jeremy is? Or even around to talk to him? I mean someone other than Hope.

I like the idea of these kids being Stefano's.

And the feud is being drawn out, not to mention those horrible accents. Couldn't they have hired some better actors to do Irish and Italian accents? I don't feel more connected to Colleen and Stefano's dad just because they are being portrayed by Sami and EJ.

I miss the old Stephanie. She was fiesty and never would have let herself fall for Jeremy.

9.24.07, 11:14 AM
I hope that these kids have nothing to do with Stephano. In fact let their daddy be a new villain and get rid of the Demira's all together. The only tolerable ones are Tony and Blinky. And I'm getting sick of Blinky. James Scott really needs to learn to control the blinking.

If I had to choose between having Bonnie and Mimi or the Demira gang I would have to go with Bonnie and Mimi.

9.24.07, 1:30 PM
I hope that these kids have nothing to do with Stephano. In fact let their daddy be a new villain and get rid of the Demira's all together.

Perhaps their dad is one of Stefano's 6 brothers.