View Full Version : Does Anyone Know How To Set Up Series On DTV DVR Recorder?

9.20.07, 8:12 AM
Hi there,
When I get my new and improved HD DVR recorder from DTV, I want to set up recording the series for ONLY the day time at 2:00 PM. I don't want repeats, or weekends.
Before my DVR pooped out and was recording, when I set it up for the series for FIRST run only, I got the repeat at 7:00 PM, and all the weekends too.

Is there a way to defeat that and only record the 2:00 PM ET epi?

I had problems with Tivo too. We have that in our guest room as a backup. ( I am NOT addicted to the show btw).

I had to manually remove all the repeats on TiVO as well.

Thanks a bunch for any suggestions.


9.20.07, 10:15 AM
I don't have the new model yet, but as a DirecTv dealer I should think there is an option when setting up your timer to record "weekly" and for specific times. Try setting it up as a manual timer if you can't find the "new" or "once daily" option. I'll let you know for sure when I get my HR21-Pro.

Which HD DVR model is it by the way?

9.20.07, 11:37 AM
Thanks for your response, iLoveET. There is no model number on the box. There is no weekly option that I can find, either. Not sure why it wanted to take me to Pay Per View either.

The new box has not arrived as yet. Of course, "new" being the operative word. They send refurbished boxes so they tend to be a LOT older than the more recent models.

I have been having lots of problems with tech assistance too. I am physically handicapped so cannot connect the new box myself. Our TV is too huge to move out for me. The tech folks told me that they would be sending a new box with the techie, but he arrived without the box. Now I have to wait again for a tech to connect this box. Thank goodness I purchased the protection plan.