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9.18.07, 4:24 PM
If you could link and do a crossover on Passions with a family from any other soap, which family would it be, and what would be the connection?

My choice would be the Capwells Of Santa Barbara.
Santa Barbara was the only other soap, that Passions that help my interest and attention.

I would make the Capwells and Cranes related.
in one of my fanfics I wrote.. maybe 6 years ago on shuis.. I wrote in The Capwells ( Kelly, Connor, CC and Sophia coming to Harmony to visit) Katherine was C.C's sister but C.C HATED Alistair.

9.18.07, 6:44 PM
I think Alister would kick C.C.'s butt. Alister is more evil maniacal, C.C. was just a hard azz. I loved Lane Davies. He was an absolute riot. I'd love to see him land another good role on something. He was very entertaining.

9.18.07, 8:09 PM
Sarah, I loved Lane too. He was great. Sadly it's true. C.C is no match for Al. C.C just wanted to run his daughters' lives ( at least they were able to work for Capwell Enterprises. ) and he could not make up his mind who he wanted for a wife. You know, I LOVED Cruz and Eden, but after Eden decided to fake her death and leave town, the next SB couple to hook me was Kelly and Connor.

They may not have gotten the opportunity to have a long drawn out romance onscreen, but with where SB ended, it was assumed they got married later on.

Hey Sarah, how have you been? What are your thoughts on the past 2 eppies on DTV and what may happen?
I have'nt seen Scorpio around. I hope all is well with her.

9.19.07, 7:38 PM
So far so good. There's been good drama. No chase scene's, no T and Whit repeating dialog, and no Edna and Norma. They seem to have cut some filler which is good because with only 4 epi's a week you can' t waste time with Edna making cracks about her diapers.