View Full Version : For those of you w/DirecTV how is the new show?

9.18.07, 4:32 PM
Does it seem any different than when it was on NBC? Are you glad you switched? Do you think it will last? I'll just be keeping up with updates on the web. Dustin's Passion page does a very thorough review. But it's not the same as watching.

9.18.07, 4:52 PM
Kathy, there was a thread on the old board yesterday where some of the posters said that it seems like the same show. LOL! I understand that there is going to be more dialog now and less action so that will be a little different. Also, there are fewer commercials so the show is actually a little longer....I think someone said about 4 or 5 minutes.

jeanne 1
9.18.07, 7:06 PM
so far 2 days its no different that i can tell
i am glad i have dtv so no regrets on that
the weirdest thing for me is now i see it at 11am in ca not 2pm so thats a adjustment
no clue of if will last i hope so
jer needs to make it the show we know it can be this is a first ..... it would be sad to be a last

9.18.07, 9:59 PM
yeah its not different. maybe it will change. hope the pace will eventually quicken. i am hoping for moving past the g/t/e storyline and a shuis reunion.

i have no regrets anyway. my husband wanted high definition tv so no loss to us. plus dtv has the big ten network-my husband is a huge michigan fan (although they are not doing that well).

9.19.07, 11:06 AM
I thought Tuesday's eppy was a bit different already...at least pace wise. The stuff around Fox's death seemed to move at a quicker pace than it would have normally (hey, his corpse was only in the foyer for one eppy!)

Anyway, I'm just hoping that the dialogue is at least a little less repititious! Other than that, I'm loving DIRECTV so far :)

9.20.07, 8:59 AM
I originally thought that there WERE fewer commericals, but yesterday's show was loaded with them, especially toward the end of the program. They seemed to become more frequent.

I am enjoying that they brought back the teasers for the next epi. They had stopped doing that, at least on DTV with NBC for the last few weeks.

But something weird happened with my HD DVR for DTV. All of a sudden I cannot record series on T-100. When I go to do it manually for the following week, it will only record under the pay-per-view option.

DTV techician came to the house yesterday and informed me that the DVR recorder was probably corrupt, and they are sending out a new one by Fed ex. Of course they promised to send the recorder with the techie, but typically for DTV they "forgot" to send it. Now I have to wait not only for the recorder but for a technician to install it, as I am not able to do that due to my handicaps.

Oh well, DTV is not the same as the Cable TV to which we subscribed, but I could not live without PASSIONS, so we switched.