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2.11.10, 8:42 PM
I think it is very shameful what the writers did to Dante; they made him into a complete joke. He said he shot himself instead telling the police Sonny shot him. I cannot take him seriously anymore. He had potential to be the new moral authority on the show, not anymore! GH has not had a moral authority character since Taggert left! I asked myself would Taggert do that if he found out that the town's mob boss was his father? No! All the excuses that the writers came up why Dante did this don't make any sense!!! Dante is a professional police officer; he was aware that Sonny had children. I am sure that he was warned that he may even like Sonny and his mob. Finding out that Sonny is his father is not enough for him to change. The writers made it clear that Dante became a police officer because his mentor/father figure, Lt. Poletti, was killed by Sonny! Ronnie was right: Did Dante forget about Lt. Poletti?

Now, we have some fans going around saying that Ronnie killed Poletti or Franco, or Poletti was a corrupted cop. If GH does those things, then that's it for the show! I give GH 2 years before it will be off the air! Lt. Poletti must stay uncorruptable in life and in death!!! Ronnie and Franco cannot turn out to be the killers in order to keep the tension between Dante and Sonny, part of the story that can be saved!!! Timing of Poletti's murder: Sonny came to town in 1993; he became a mob boss about a year or year and half later. Thus, Poletti was killed when Sonny was a mob boss and supposedly ordered it; that would be between 1995-1997? Dante became a cop because of his mentor's murder. So when did Dante go to the police academy? Dante's age must be between 28-31? Dante said that he first arrest was Franco in 2004 for tagging; he must have been a rookie cop. Franco said that his first killing was during that tagging. Thus, the man that was shown at Franco's art show was NOT Lt. Poletti, it was another man. Dante was already a cop when he arrested Franco, and Lt. Poletti was dead for some time.

Moreover, when did Dante become a detective? He must have become or was a recent detective when he first went undercover in the Zacchara mob about 2 years ago? He showed up in Port Charles about 6 months ago. Sonny said that Olivia kept Dante from him for over 20 years. Sonny came to PC in his in his late 20s, possibly early 30s. Olivia said that Sonny and she were teen lovers; she had Dante at the age of 16, so Sonny must have been around 16 or 17 or maybe 18? Sonny must be around 46 or 47, and Olivia about 45? I am trying to figure out how old Dante was when Lt. Poletti was killed? Dante was born around 1978? It seems like Dante was in his late teens when Lt. Poletti was killed---19? Dante and Franco seem to be around the same age; Franco went to prison at the age of 18 for robbing the liquor store that Ronnie actually did; Ronnie must have been in his early to mid 20s at that time. Is is possible that Franco and Ronnie killed Poletti? No, because Franco got out of prison, and he wouldn't be out of prison if he killed a cop. The only possiblity is that Franco escaped from prison, and he changed his name and went to Europe. This could explain why many didn't know how he looked? Hmmm ? I am getting a headache. I always believed that it was possible that Ronnie and Franco could have been eyewitnesses to the Poletti killing? So, who was the hitman? Jason became Sonny's hitman around 1997? Sonny left PC in 1997 for about a year. Did Sonny give the order for the Politti's hit? Or did it happen after Sonny came back to town? Jason took over the mob in PC while Sonny was away. Could the Poletti hit been Jason's first hit? Was Jason the hitman, or did he order the hit? I remember that Jason did order the murder of a dock union leader at that time. I am tired now.

3.17.10, 4:01 AM
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3.19.10, 5:32 AM
I think GH is trying to shave some years off of Sonny and Olivia's ages. Didn't AMC get in trouble with the fans for something similar with the Susan Lucci's character's age?


4.27.10, 6:32 AM
Ronnie must have been in his early to mid 20s at that time. Is is possible that Franco and Ronnie killed Poletti? No, because The only possiblity is that Franco escaped . I always believed that it was possible that Ronnie and Franco could have been eyewitnesses to the Poletti killing?

I believe that Dante has blamed the WRONG man
all these years and that it was NOT Sonny. I believe
Ronnie is a crooked cop and think he and Franco did
kill Polleti. jmho

4.28.10, 7:15 AM
So far, there is no evidence that Ronnie is corrupted cop, or he killed Poletti. Ronnie was not a cop when he robbed the liquor store in which Franco got the blame. Franco went to prison for armed robbery not for murder. We know that Franco was out of prison in 2004. No way, he would be out of prison if he killed Poletti. The GH writers could make it seem like that Franco escaped from prison, and he went to France, and he became a famous artist; he kept a low profile, and this could explain why no one recognized him. This would make Ronnie a murder if this is the case.

But, only thing that Franco acted like he had on Ronnie was the robbery, not murder. Ronnie accused Franco of the killing in 2004 which Franco had a picture of the murder at the art opening. Ronnie asked him did he do the killing, and Franco wouldn't answer him. Ronnie covered up that murder because he suspected that Franco could have done it; he was never sure of it, and that was why he asked Franco that question. Apparently, Ronnie still have the evidence from that murder, and he could send Franco back to prison. Remember when Ronnie hinted this to Franco, and the next minute, Franco ran down Ronnie in a car: he tried to kill Ronnie.