View Full Version : Annie, Til, Bigfan

2.11.10, 1:45 PM
Annie, that is very exciting about the now non-UKUK's!!! Also, snow... you hate it too, right?

Til, don't be jealous just cause Springsucks didn't get a cool award, lol. Where ya movin' to? Yes, it does seem like a long time ago when we started posting. Jr. was just a baby, and now almost in Jr. High. (ugh!)

Bigfan HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you! I'm only about two weeks late. :winkq:

2.17.10, 7:57 PM
I forgot my little bigfan's birthday.
I'm desthpicable.
I'll go hide in the moving truck right now, behind a couple of my 79 boxes of books, CDs, and junk.

(Hey, Rylooo, mon amie!)