View Full Version : Jan 31, 2010

1.31.10, 1:25 PM
It's Sunday..a day of rest right? Well... having to take advantage of hubby being home...and getting some things done that we've put off. Like for instance..all the Christmas stuff still in our spare bedroom..ha ha. I got the tree out to the shed, but the rest ended up in the spare room in boxes and bags..and it needed to go up in the attic. We haven't had any company since before Christmas to worry about the spare room...but finally needed to do it. I had hubby climb in the attic...a no no for me and my bum knee..but I hobbled back and forth with boxes and bags to hand to him. It's done..yay!!! Now just need to get in the spare room this week and dust and mop. I just do a little at a time. Some days my knee doesn't hurt as bad..today if feels like there's a knot there..it is smarting quite a bit. So no more housework today!

1.31.10, 5:09 PM
Oh My...dont over-do it! Are you taking some ibuprofen for it? It does feel good, though, to get a project done and the house cleaned up. I worked today and the Mall was super busy, I think people are bored and have "cabin fever", so when the sun came out today, everyone was out and about.

1.31.10, 9:37 PM
Oh..the tree I put in the shed right after New Years...and most of the boxes..hubby put in hallway..I just handed to him. I didn't overdo it..believe me. I know when to quit. Someone had to supervise..to make sure it got put up in the right place. LOL I think it's busy retail wise now..because people are getting their refund checks from their income taxes already. I still have to do ours. And yes..Im taking ibuprofen.