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1.28.10, 9:11 PM
So, I am checking my email, which I don't often get to lately, and there is a message from the Coffeerooms that says "we miss you" something about I haven't posted anything for uhhh... two years I think? Well, anyway, I decided to just look at the ol' gURLs board, and of course you had to remember my (yes Til - 40th) birthday. Well thanks, that is sweet of you all! Someone asked me how it felt to be 40, and I told them it felt like being 39 and a day.

The Rylettes. Wooo. Where to start on that. Sr. is a Freshman and Jr. is in 6th grade. I have no time between - two Student Councils, soccer, Cross Country, Track, Drama Club, Freshman Class President, Art Club, 4-H... well let's just say they keep me busy, and Sr. has went thru driver's ed, but still won't have her license until next year when she can legally drive without that permit and a parent.

Still working at the school, and on top of working with High Ability Math and Reading, I am also the librarian. It's great.

How is everyone doing? Remember this IS an Olympics year. GLOC Olympics anyone? I sure think Melinda might feel like some hill slapping. (ha ha)

Well see you when I'm 42! :p (Ok, well maybe I'll try to poke my head around here more often, but I can't make any guarantees. About all I do is run all over the place!)

Til do you still like that stinky Springsteen? Ugh. BTW, new Green Day CD - track 12 and 14 pretty good. :D

Annie, how is UkUK? And how are you?

1.28.10, 11:27 PM
Rylooo ! Happy Birthday!

What do we have to do to bribe you to pop in more often? And please bring Til and Sooz along! We miss you! Oh wait, now that you've gotten so much older, you'll probably want to take things slower, maybe just hang out with the gURLs now and then while you rest up. ;)

UkUk has evolved and revolved and is now... NT. A few things in between, but the big news was surprise actual air play on WNYC just last week. Yay!

2.3.10, 6:49 PM
RYLO! Hey! 40? No way! It seems like you started posting on the Coffeerooms when you were just a liddle baby...

Thanks for the news. Stay safe. And be deliriously happy about the :( Green Day :( award that they just got for no reason at all whatsoever none.

Meanwhile, being a bit slow on the uptake (what with the French Canadianism and all), I'm just now watching Battlestar Galactica, the second series (during the 2000s), and it's, like, the best show ever on television. Wow. I'm obsessed.

Also: I'm moving by the end of the month, so if anybody would like to come and help me pack? Welcome to all. Free Montréal bagels for everyone.

(Bonjour, Amie Annie.)

2.4.10, 5:37 PM
Hey hey all! Belated Happy happy, Rylo! (I'm repeating key words because it's the South African thing to do).

Good to see you're all alive and well. 50, 40 and I'm almost 30. Scary.

So you all coming over to SA for the 2010 Soccer World Cup??

See you around and be well.