View Full Version : Hold on now - Carly's daughter?

1.21.10, 2:53 PM
Let me get a few things straight, or as straight as I can remember...

Aren't Melanie and Max brother and sister? And wasn't their dad Trent?

So if Melanie is Carly's daughter, Carly had an affair on Lawrence with Trent?

Or, are Max and Melanie full brother and sister? Therefore Carly is not her mom, but Mia's?

We dont' really know a thing about Mia, so it is very much a possibility that Carly is wrong about who her daughter is and Viv might have stumbled onto the right girl.

Thoughts? Help?


2.2.10, 4:55 PM
Trent is Max and Melanies father, so they say. Mel and Max have different mothers. But storylines change all the time so who knows who is who anymore, lol...

2.4.10, 3:51 PM
I find it quite funny that Carly, who is Frankie's brother (aka Katerina Von Leuschner and François Von Leuschner) is the mother of Melanie, Max's half sister, since when Frankie & Max first came to Salem back in the 80's - they were brothers. What an odd combination all around.