View Full Version : Boy twin has a name according to Sami: Roman Thomas

9.13.07, 2:40 PM
I don't know how official this is but Sami mentioned he was kicking her today. " Roman Thomas is giving me trouble" I think is what she said and then ol meddling EJ said "I thought you decided to name him" blah blah blah ( I didn't catch what all he said. Sami stated "she decided" on that name. We'll see soon if it's official.

9.16.07, 7:03 AM
Sami and Lucas decided months ago on Thomas and Colleen. They confirmed it a couple of times, and then decided to go with Laney (Marlena) if not Colleen. Roman Thomas is name number two for the boy, which surprised me since they were both very into "Thomas" all summer.

9.16.07, 10:50 AM
Seriously? This is the first time Ive heard any of that. I certainly never heard Colleen thrown in the mix until now. Thanks for the heads up.

9.17.07, 8:19 AM
I remember the whole LANEY conversation...not the Colleen one...But where did Roman Thomas come from? Roman's middle name is Augustus I believe. Is it for Tom Horton?

9.17.07, 9:34 AM
I think I remember hearing something about using Thomas for Tom Horton a while back.