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1.16.10, 6:55 PM
I saw this when it was first out and thought it was good (though it never played in my town - I was traveling for work and saw it in a "big" city!!)

But we watched it again on Blu-Ray last night and I liked it even more this time around. I would say it is a GREAT "war" movie. Jeremy Renner is amazing as the lead and Anthony Mackie is also good as his partner. The movie is suspenseful without being manipulative and the camera is as important as any character - some of the shots are amazing.

As a director, Kathryn Bigelow shows a "ballsiness" matched this year only by her ex-husband James Cameron with Avatar. But the two films couldn't be more different. Avatar will stick with us for the special effects and the technical achievements (though the story sucked). The Hurt Locker was the complete package - outstanding direction, complex characters, and a supremely HUMAN story.

I predict a win for both her as director and The Hurt Locker as a film come Oscar time.

1.29.10, 5:54 PM
How harsh is it, war-movie-wise? I'll have this one here next week but I'm hesitant. I'm really a wimp when it comes to torture/brutality on film even when really well done (see Deerhunter/Russian Roulette scene).

I have perverse hopes that she wins the Oscar because of my dislike for Cameron.

1.29.10, 6:58 PM
I'd say pretty mild (but I'm oblivious to that stuff!!)

It is more tension than "blood" if that helps any! But it is well worth watching!!