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9.12.07, 1:32 PM
Ok, do the powers that be every listen to the fans? Do they read the boards or the emails to NBC? Do they care? I think not because IF they did, Marlena & John would be front and center, Sami wouldn't even consider so much as being friends with the man who raped her, Belle wouldn't be helping out the man who tried to have her declared an unfit mother, have her child taken from her and forced her on the run. I know the need "drama" but there is enough drama to be had without removing from the screens favorite charachets and making woman so weak as to have "feelings" for men that have done the unforgiveable to them.

9.12.07, 6:42 PM
Well, I could understand about not having J/M or Doug/Julie etc on more.

But they have Sami married to the man who tormented and tortured her and tried to kill her forever and keep her child from her. And she did the same and worse to him. At least E.J. only said I'll help Lucas if you have sex with me and she chose to have sex with him. I refuse and will always refuse to call what E.J. and Sami did rape.
Belle is engaged to the man who almost got her and their daughter killed who has been and still is emotionally and verbally abusing her since the day after they shared their first kiss. Shawn has treated Belle worse than Philip ever did forever. Even Marlena would see Belle upset and the first question she asks is not, what's wrong, but what did Shawn do now? And this was even before they were a "couple".

They just need to not have Sami with any man who is currently on the show since she has abused all of them.
Belle should never EVER in life be with Shawn. That's just disgusting and vile.

As far as having drama and making women have feelings for men that have done the unforgivable to them, then all of the couples on the show should not be together. Because if it wasn't the man who did the unforgivable, it was the woman in ALL of the couples virtually. Save just a very few.