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1.12.10, 3:44 PM
Well I guess no one comes here anymore.

Hope everyone is well.

1.13.10, 4:53 PM
I havent had time to check in here much recently. Managed to get thru the Holidays, work was crazy(I work at the local Mall) and then I had surgery last week. Still feeling weak and dizzy and feeling like I need to sleep a lot. Ugh...the "joys" of getting older.

2.2.10, 4:37 PM
Hi Passionatic, So glad to hear that your holidays went well. Must have been hectic working at the mall during the holidays with all the crowds. I know you were very busy. I try my best to be finish with Christmas shopping before the black friday, thats one day I will never go shopping again. My worst pet peeve is waiting in long lines. My feet hurt while standing in one place so much that I would just walk out if I had to stand in a line.

Hope you are improving since your surgery. I think part of the healing process is to sleep alot after surgery. Don't know about the dizziness, but maybe it could be your pain meds. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Take care, CJ

2.18.10, 3:09 PM
Hello - I peek in here sometimes. Hope 2010 proves to be a good year for everyone - and a healthy one for you P. We've had a lot of snow here (France) and it's been very cold but today is quite mild and the snowdrops are beginning to open. I'm keeping a watchful eye on the sheep for signs of lambing which should start soon now. Traditionally, animals born in any given year all have names beginning with the same letter - this year is F. Suggestions for F names gratefully received! Take care ladies. x