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1.10.10, 7:32 PM
I finally got the chance to see this movie yesterday ... and I really, really liked it. I had prepared myself for an "Up in the Air" backlash, and after the first few minutes of the movie, I was worried it might be too slight to be a Best Picture film, but in the end, it got me.

This movie is profoundly sad, even though it has its funny moments and its light-hearted moments. It is not a perfect film by any means, but it soars on the charms and emotions of its three leads: George Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick, all of whom are worthy of acting nods come Oscar time.

I can't wait to see this movie again!

1.11.10, 1:22 PM
We saw this movie over the weekend and found it too depressing. The 3 leads were all good in their parts but the overall tone of the movie was a real "downer". I guess thats my problem with movies nowadays, I have enough sadness in my own life, I want to see a movie that is light and fun and entertaining, something that is an "escape". My husband has been laid off several times in his various job careers, so it hit too close to home for him. I wasnt sure I understood why it is getting so much "buzz".

1.11.10, 8:23 PM
I can certainly see your point. I was expecting something more upbeat from the previews, but IMO, it was still good. I'm ok with a movie that is not an "escape" as long as it is done well, and I think this was.

1.29.10, 6:56 PM
I'm looking forward to seeing this one. I'm a huge sucker for anything Clooney. First peeks at it made it look fluffy, glad to know there's some depth to it.

1.30.10, 12:35 AM
Oprah interviewed the director, Jason Reitman, today. He's a very bright and interesting young man. His father, Ivan Reitman, is a famous Hollywood director too. And in the audience were several members from the movie who were the people being fired by Clooney's character...they were NOT actors...they were REAL people who had recently lost their jobs and they just said what came to them, their real emotions, it was not written dialogue for them...so those raw emotions were REAL... those scenes were really emotional and now I understand why they were so real and raw.