View Full Version : The Day isn't the same without Passions.

9.11.07, 3:06 PM
As I sit here, on this quiet Tuesday afternoon, i'm missing switching my TV on, putting the channel on NBC and anxiously awaiting for Passions to start. At the school where I teach, each teacher is given an early day, where they leave school an hour and a half before school finishes.

I looked forward to my early day every week... excited that at 12:30, I could jump in my car, and speed over the hills in the city, then through a number of towns, to the Highway, and then home. Now with No more Passions on NBC, what would I do?Do the same as above, but take the time to go in the mall to get lunch, then come home, sit at my comp check out the boards, reply to a few emails, sit and mark some of the children's papers, thn take an hour nap.

How Fun! NOT.

How I miss Passions. I cannot wait to see eppies online.

9.11.07, 3:21 PM
Even if Passions was far from the best written soap opera. It had stupid plots and unrealistic character, not question. But it was still a lot of fun to watch. It was definitely part of my daily routine. I won't die with out the show, my life still goes on but I do miss it.

9.11.07, 3:41 PM
Yep, my daily routine will carry on as usual. I actually decided to join the teachers' choir to spend most of the afternoons. I actually cannot wait for Music Festival.

9.11.07, 11:00 PM
I will miss Passions and it certainly did seem strange not seeing the show the last two days.

9.12.07, 11:19 PM
i agree i live in toronto n everyday after school i looked forward to watching it ... now my days seem like it goes slower =(

9.14.07, 5:36 PM
online eppies? where!

9.17.07, 9:04 AM
The past week has finally passed thank goodness. Yes, the show has its quirks, but that is what makes it so darn addicting as far as I am concerned. The characters really are quite unique which is what turned me into a PASSIONS addict. It is surely going to be difficult to only have four episodes, but that certainly is preferable to none.

We switched to DTV mainly so that I could continue my PASSIONS connection, and I dread the thought of their not continuing the show past this upcoming season.

I wonder if they went to 4 shows a week as they could not match the salary that NBC paid the cast, so this was a compromise. Since I am new here I do not have the history down pat.
Looking forward again to 2:00 PM ET today.. YAY.