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1.5.10, 7:59 PM
There are still a number of films I haven't had a chance to see - notably "Up in the Air" - but here are some of my favorites of the year:

Best Picture:
Inglourious Basterds - just watched it again on Blu-Ray and I liked it even better than when I saw it the first time.
District 9 - watched this on Blu-Ray again and it holds up well. Interesting story, good performances, excellent direction.
Up - brilliant, brilliant movie. I hope it gets into the Best Pic race and not just animated films.
The Hurt Locker - powerful movie, great direction, great performances.
Star Trek - I had absolutely no interest in the Star Trek franchise, but this movie hooked me with zippy direction, a clever script and an overall fun movie experience.
The Hangover - I know this doesn't have a shot at any nods, but I thought it was hilarious and an original take on the "bachelor party" movie concept!

Not sure what else I'd put in there. I was blah about Sherlock Holmes, didn't like Avatar, Julie and Julia was ok but not great ... still want to see "Up in the Air," "Fabulous Mr. Fox," "Crazy Heart," "The Lovely Bones," "A Serious Man," "Invictus," and a bunch more, I am sure!!

As for performances, I thought Jeremy Renner was great in "The Hurt Locker" and deserves a Best Actor nod. Christopher Waltz stole the show in "Inglourious Basterds" and should win the Supporting Actor prize. I'd give the main guy in District 9 a nod as Best Actor - can't think of his name right now. I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in (500) Days of Summer - I think he'd be one of my faves in the Lead Actor category, if I was picking. Meryl Streep was good in Julie and Julia and since she gets a nod for just about everything, I think she is a lock!!

I have a lot to see before Oscar night!!

1.6.10, 12:25 AM
Have you seen The Last Station? I don't think it's in many theaters yet, but my sister gets screeners of most things and has been raving about it. Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer star in it, something of a bio pic about Tolstoy and his wife. We don't often like the same movies (she gets teased for wanting all movies to be like The Sound of Music...) but now and then she comes up with a good recommendation. This one sounds like it could be one of the exceptions.

1.6.10, 7:13 PM
Nope - that's another one for my list! Guess I'll have to stop working to catch up in time!! :winkq: