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9.10.07, 11:18 PM
School days have started, I see the school bus rolling down the street and I miss standing at the bus stop with my daughters and the other kids and their moms. Our youngest is still at home, going to Grad School now, but she is rarely home what with school, work & friends. My hubby travels overseas a lot now, so its just me at home with the Cat :)
I'm really struggling to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. I do work part-time, but the Evenings are lonely.

9.24.07, 10:36 AM
Hello there,
I sorta understand your lonliness. We have 2 kids. One is a freshman in college but living at home. She is so busy, hardly ever home and when she is, she is locked up in the basement or her room.I really miss her, even though she is technically here? She was so active in highschool and involved in everything we were always at some kind of event. I am having bad withdrawels....I drive by her old school and wonder whats going on inside. I think everyone has moved onto the next stage but me. The other is in 7th grade. He is starting to hang out more with his dad. They are now beginning to have much more in common and I feel left out. I am really happy they are spending time together.I wonder at times what to do with myself.
I, on many nights also find myself alone with the pets.
I do work during the day and there is plenty to do outside, but at times...boy it really sucks.
Have you given any thought to a crafty project? or maybe a fun evening class like dance or photography?
I am here if you ever want to talk..maybe we can comfort each other...LOL:quivering:

10.22.07, 12:36 AM
Hello -

It is difficult to see your children growing up and being more independent. I try and look at it as an opportunity for me to find myself again and focus on things I really enjoy doing. We really lose sight of our hobbies when we are so focused on our children. I recently started a book club. This provides me an opportunity to force myself to read (which I love to do) and socialize with others that are in my age group and talk abvout our views on the books. It has worked really well and provides me an outlet to do something for me. I hope this helps you out!

Best Regards,

3.11.08, 9:43 PM
Hi Sigh and Racemom.......I can completely relate with you both!! I was a single mom for 2 yrs and then my boys decided to move to their dad's (many states away in South Dakota) so they could get to know him better before they were both out of high school. They were 16 and 14 at the time. I had such a hard time (well still do) with all of a sudden being the only one home and just like you Sigh with a cat. It has been 2 yrs now...not much easier, but I am doing better. Still have the cat...lol!! I have gotten them during the summer and every other year for Christmas. My oldest has just recently (last Tuesday) left for the Air Force's basic training in San Antonio. I have not heard from him yet and am (unfortunately) jealous as he called his dad first this past weekend. That really has pulled at the heart strings. Does anyone have any advise for these emotions?? Anyway, my youngest is 16 and is still in SD.

Sorry to have gone on, new at this, but I feel your loneliness. I am trying to finish my BS degree through PSU online, which is one of the reasons I am here...lol. It helps but is challenging sometimes.
Do you talk with your children frequently? I talk with my youngest quite a bit either by phone or text messaging. It helps.
I am here along with racemom if you would like to talk. Take care!