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12.26.09, 2:41 PM
Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the type of poster who looks for fights. I like to give opinions about GH and its stories. Something got my attention: It was Nancy Lee Grahn's comments about James Franco about his appearance on Saturday Night Live and his article in the Wall Street Journal. I saw SNL and read that article, but I didn't really see anything negetive about GH on SNL or WSJ. Apparently, she was very upset, and she called James Franco a "douchebag" on twitter; I was shocked, hurt, and offended about what she said about him! I couldn't believe she would say something so mean and nasty. Also, I don't understand why some GH fans would think there is nothing wrong in what she said? One knows if James Franco would have called her that, the women's groups would want his head for that! I discussed this matter with many GH fans, and they accused me of actor's bashing against Nancy Lee Grahn?! Huh?! I like her and her character!

Nancy Lee Grahn brought this to the attention to the GH fans when she brought her comments to the internet; she made it everyone's business. I know the difference between right and wrong, and what she said is telling me is that something is very wrong here. I put her comments in the same category as that Shock Jock who said nasty things about a women's basketball team; what a Grey's actor said about another actor on that show; and what happened to Taylor Swift. Those men who said mean comments had the right to say those things, but they paid a very big price. Why should other GH fans and me let Nancy get away in what she said? She hurt many people with her comments; those comments were below the belt. I understand criticism, but this was not criticism; it was very personal. Again, I sorry, but she owes James Franco and the GH fans an apology.

If what she said was supposed to be funny, I don't get the joke?! That Shock Jock thought what he said was funny, but it was NOT FUNNY! What Nancy said was NOT FUNNY EITHER! If anyone was called mean names, one knows how hurtful it is! She should be held accountable in what she said; she was "very wrong", especially against an actor whose episodes are still being aired on GH. James Franco did not make GH look bad, she did, with her comments. I don't understand how some GH fans don't think anything is wrong with her calling him a douchebag? What is wrong with them? Have they all gone nuts?! I am still hurting about what she said about James Franco. Also, I am hurting about what some GH fans said about me! I guess that don't think anything was wrong with what that Shock Jock said. Something is "very wrong" here, and I will not sit back and become a conspiracy of silence; I not that type of person. I am still deeply offended and hurt. I will like to here from anyone of you about this matter.


9.29.10, 6:48 AM
I heard that NLG went off on James Franco again, along with Vanessa Marcil!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/shocked.icon She said she brought in bigger ratings than they did, according many GH posters. She wants the GH fans to write TPTB so that she can get more airtime. Is this actress delusional or what? Does she think she is some type of big GH star like Anthony Geary or Genie Francis or even Tristan Rogers? Other GH actors were fired for saying nasty things about their co-stars. She is out of control, and she is dragging the fans into her argument with TPTB!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/angry.icon Finola Hughes the only Emmy winning actress in lead was fired for dragging a big GH star in her fight with Gloria Monty, the producer at that time. Another actress was fired in the late 80s for going to her GH co-stars and saying nasty things about Tristan Rogers. A recurring player was fired from GH for saying things about Kristina Wagner.http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/devilish.icon

NLG is free to say anything she wants, but she will have to pay a price for that! James Franco was a special guest star who came to the show. He did not come to GH to be bashed by the GH actors!!!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/angry.icon Many GH fans took NLG's side, but whose side did Hollywood take? It probably was NOT NLG's side! James Franco is an international movie star, and you just don't go after stars like that!!! Vanessa Marcil is a big GH star, and she has been on the show long before NLG came to GH! NLG is a supporting actress on the show, not even a lead!!! What is wrong with her?! I know one thing Hollywood knows how to blackball actors who get out of control. The late Eddie Fisher learned it the hard way, by telling secrets and talking about his Hollywood friends and co-stars. I didn't know he was still alive until he died: I thought he died some years ago. NLG wants the fans to write TPTB for Alexis's airtime. Yes, I want Alexis, WITH A NEW ACTRESS!!!http://forums.soapnet.go.com/dir-icon/106/2/smile.icon


2.18.11, 2:31 AM
I don't think the PTB wil punish NLG. What are they going to do -- take away her storyline? Oh, wait, she doesn't have one!

She is very outspoken, always has been, and they know that. Also, even SOD said that when Franco was on the set, he didn't behave very well. Apparently he acts like a big star and won't let any of the other actors talk to him or ask for autographs. So, sounds like he is a douchebag and she was right on the money.

Suzanne Lanoue

3.7.11, 6:09 AM
It was reported that it was not true. It were rumors put out by someone; a think one of the soap rags started that rumor. Other GH actors said he was very nice, and he was very professional behind the scenes. NLG did not work with him or ever met him. How could she call him that, and she never met him? I have relatives who work in Hollywood, and actors are known to go after other actors, who they believe have previliges that they don't have. They don't supposed to take it to the fans, and they know that.

GH fired other actors who said nasty things about other actors, even if it was true or not. Finola Hughes was fired for saying nasty things about Anthony Geary. Another actress was fired for going after Tristan Rogers. Ronaldo, the bodyguard, was fired from GH for saying sexual things about Kristina Wagner in a magazine. GH can do without Alexis/NLG: she is not the big star of the show. She has not been interesting since Alexis was moved out of the Cassadine storyline.