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12.23.09, 6:33 PM
This movie was two tons of dumb! I consider myself a movie lover, so I felt obligated to see this film in the theater even though I was not excited about the prospect. I thought the previews looked terrible, and even though it has gotten good reviews, if you really read them, most of them are praising James Cameron's audacity in effects and scope, not his storytelling prowess!

The movie looked amazing, for the most part. The 3-D was used to immerse the watcher in the film, not just to hurtle random objects into the crowd. And for a movie where a great deal of it is not "real," you really can feel the world Cameron created and the power of the effects that he spent the $300 million or so on.

BUT he really should have spent a little of that budget on a script that was not completely stupid. There is not a movie cliche around that this film doesn't roll right around in ... evil corporation trying to strip natural resources for profit, over-the-top military commander, protagonist who starts out with an agenda but is changed by the love of a woman ... it was as if they created each individual effect/character and then had about 10 minutes to come up with a way to make a movie out of it.

This will be an important film in terms of the technical leaps forward it makes for the industry, but if you are not interested in that aspect of the film, the rest is nothing more than a "D" movie script with a big budget!