View Full Version : *Spoiler* I Did Not See That Coming...

12.18.09, 11:16 AM
I think we're a day ahead on certain Canadian channels, so some of you may not have seen this episode yet... they showed the woman who has Sydney and it's... none other than Anna - Roman's first wife - she was also married to Tony at one time. Man, I didn't see that one coming at all - she's been off the show for years (I think) - but then again so have Carly, Justin and good ol' Viv! Should be interesting to see how this plays out - is she out for revenge against the DiMerra's? Or the Brady's??? Hmmm ...

12.29.09, 12:47 AM
She's anger with Stephano and out for revenge aganist him. Anna has taken care of the baby and loves her very much... I would like for her and Roman to have some good scenes together..

What happened to Tony ... I didn't know he had died. I did quit watching for quite awhile, but I'm back now...

12.29.09, 4:04 PM
Wow, I've never know Roman to have any wife other than Marlena! Oh, and Kate. How long ago was Anna? I haven't watched DOOL in a while due to my work schedule, but it looks like I'll be watching again. I work part-time now.

12.29.09, 10:48 PM
Roman and Anna were married before him and Marlena. They are the parents of Carrie, Sami's older half sister.