View Full Version : Cute DirecTV promo for Passions

9.9.07, 2:29 PM
It is so much fun and so cute to see the cast being themselves and clowning around with each other! I especially loved seeing McKenzie kissing Galen on the bed. LOL!
So cute of them clowning around. I also loved seeing James Hyde dancing with each of the women in his group...he just went down the line and danced with each one ending with McKenzie at the end. It looked like he was doing something to a Latin beat with Eva. LOL. Galen and McKenzie were cute teasing each other with Melinda and Emily sitting on the bed behind them, then Galen throwing that pillow at Melinda. Galen goofing off in the golf cart and Eric goofing around in the make-up department...trying to give Eva and Emily some blush, then acting silly in the hospital bed with Lindsay and Eva looking on and laughing! LOL! Liza dancing, Heidi and Juliet looking elegant trying their magic, Ben with his beautiful smile sitting in the chair (I think in hair and make-up), and Erin and Noah standing on a balcony...

Catchy song, too. It was a well done clip that packed a whole lot into 30 seconds.


jeanne 1
9.9.07, 3:24 PM
i love this cast they have so much fun together
its shows i am still trying to get that promo on tape
i guess it aired on soap net


9.10.07, 11:17 AM
ICAM, Jeanne. The cast is all so nice and they seem to really enjoy working together.

I wonder if there will be other promos like this one. Let us know if you see others.

9.18.07, 3:47 PM
Has anyone seen other promos for Passions, especially ones that might be posted at DTV? It looks like NBC will be featuring one short clip, maybe daily or maybe just weekly but they had one clip from yesterday posted.

9.20.07, 8:09 AM
That was GREAT! Thanks for sharing it. I had no idea that YouTube had videos about PASSIONS.

9.20.07, 6:31 PM
That was GREAT! Thanks for sharing it. I had no idea that YouTube had videos about PASSIONS.

Yes, YouTube has tons of Passions clips. I have spent hours watching them. LOL!

9.25.07, 4:11 PM
This move to Direct TV sucks. I am very mad that my show is leaving NBC, I have been a big fan of Passions since it began and now that it is getting good, they are moving the show… I think I will switch to As The World Turns, a show that respects its viewers. What does everybody else think?