View Full Version : Help Wanted: If you are between the age of 18-80 and male

9.8.07, 11:15 PM
You need to apply as a resident male in the small costal town of Harmony. There are at least a couple of women that will fight over you. Its a great ego builder and the perks are great!
You know the trouble with this show is the females out number the males. That is why there is always at least two females fighting over a lone male.
I seen it posted on this board and other boards that this needs to find a man, but can never come up with one. I think Jer likes the odds because obviously something turns him on about the thought of two women degrading themselves over a guy. They need more hunks on this show.

Maybe that is why Norma and Edna turned to each other...there just was not enough men to go around.;)

9.9.07, 12:59 AM
This is too funny!
Wanted: Must be comfortable without a shirt, attractive, acting ability not necessary. Could use a doctor, policeman, or judge. Apply at the Crane Mansion. (You can always rent a room while you wait!)

9.9.07, 12:26 PM
Lol that is good. You forgot that no literacy test is required.

9.10.07, 12:36 AM
Loosing Jared sucked. I liked him and I think him and Theresa would have been great together. But I'd like for any applicants to actually have a little bit of a brain. I cracked up at the comments on how many unsolved cases Sam has.

9.10.07, 9:53 AM
Just to do a running list. We have lost Hank, TC, Chris, Jared, Chad, Fox and Miquel. There is not enough males to go around.

9.10.07, 11:09 AM
With the spoiler that says
the men around Esme start dropping like flies

they are gonna need alot more men in Harmony.