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12.8.09, 3:43 PM
Hello to all. I am new to chat room format so please excuse and let me know when I am not following protocols. I am always looking for information about grandparenting and also work for an educational psychologist. I'd like to know what today's mother has concers about, what issues she needs addressed.
Thanks to all who participate here.
Granny G

12.8.09, 8:31 PM
Hi granny welcome to the boards. We are a very friendly open group. We have many discussions all around the board. Jump in and have a look around :)

12.10.09, 1:43 PM
Thanks. I have looked around a bit and have discovered that there is a whole new lingo I need to learn. I saw abbreviations that I have not seen before. I always type in full and real sentences so that the meaning hopefully comes across. I may have to ask what some of these abbreviated words mean from time to time.

12.10.09, 2:34 PM
Granny, click on the link below.
It will take you to a list that tells what many of the abbreviations mean.