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  2. Anna Begins
  3. One True Thing (Sheridan and Luis)
  4. Love and Legalities (Sheridan and Luis)
  5. Imitation of Life (Sheridan and Luis)
  6. Angel (Sheridan and Luis)
  7. It Happened One Night (Theresa/Ethan, Chad/Whitney, Sheridan/Luis, Gwen/??, Hank/??)
  8. Whisper (Sheridan/Luis, Sam/Ivy/Grace, Theresa/Ethan/?, Charity/Miguel/Kay/?, more)
  9. My So-Called Life (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan, Gwen/Hank, Kay/Reese, Julian/Ivy)
  10. Where the Heart Is (Sheridan/Luis, Theresa/Ethan/Gwen/Hank?)
  11. Finding the Milky Way (Sheridan and Luis)
  12. The Light (A Gwen Story)
  13. Pit of Redemption (Evian, Shuis)
  14. Diamonds (Sheridan and Luis)
  15. Believe (Shuis, Gwank, cast)
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  20. Passions Short Stories (without Shuis as main pairing)
  21. Make Me Believe (Gwen Story)
  22. Is There Life After Love? (Sheridan/Luis, Beth/Luis)
  23. School Daze (Kay, Shuis, E/T, Juvy, cast)
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  25. The Alphabet Series *Shuis*
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  27. Moonlight Desires
  28. Charmed Standish Style Chapter 1 The Beginning
  29. The UA Poll Thread:
  30. The Road Not Taken
  31. *NEW SHUIS FF* How Do I Breathe (Luis' POV)
  32. The Truth Shall Set Us Free --- (E/T, et al)
  33. *New Shuis * How Do I Breathe Part 2 (Sheridan’s POV)
  34. Unforgettable (Sheridan/Luis, Gwen/Hank)
  35. Tell Me Why (Sheridan and Luis)
  36. Conundrum- T/E/F. A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma.
  37. At The Beginning - REPOST - Ch 1 (Eve/Julian)
  38. Heartful Journey (Paloma/Simone romance and major secrets revealed
  39. A Heartful Journey Reviews
  40. A Heartful Journey Ch 2 (Confrontations/Revalations)
  41. At The Beginning - Fanfic Feedback
  42. A Heartful Journey Ch 3
  43. A Heartful Journey Ch4 (Gwen/Rebecca/Paloma/Pilar and the Monroes
  44. A Heartful Journey Ch5 (Paloma/Fancy and Julian and Rebecca)
  45. Always (sequel to Unforgettable)
  46. A Heartful Journey Ch 6 (Simone/Paloma romance begins)
  47. A Heartful Journey fanfic feedback
  48. Story: "The Test Of Time" (Part 1 of 1)
  49. Mending A Broken Heart~Shuis fic
  50. Mending A Broken Heart~ Feedback
  51. A Heartful Journey Ch 7 (Ugly Encounters)
  52. A Heartful Journey Ch 8 (simone/paloma steamy showers)
  53. The Lighthouse
  54. Long Road Home (Shuis Fanfic)
  55. Destind to Be...Shuis :)
  56. Charmed Standish Poll
  57. Pretty Woman
  58. Living In New York *sequel to Pretty Woman*
  59. Summer Nights
  60. The Raven: A Passions Parody (short)
  61. A Collection of UA One Shots (mostly Sheridan/Luis)
  62. Love Me Tender, chapters one through seven
  63. UsedtobeSheridanC (Nessa) Fanfic Feedback
  64. My Best Friend's Wedding
  65. Matters of the heart
  66. Love Me Tender, chapter eight...yes I'm still here, haha. :)
  67. Incomplete (Sheridan/Luis, Sam/Ivy/Grace, cast)
  68. Love Me Tender, chapter nine.
  69. never forget about me
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  71. On My Own (Julian Crane) This is my first fan fic in years...
  72. Girl Next Door (shuis)
  73. Luis' Wish (shuis)
  74. Secrets Revealed (cast)
  75. Simply Irresistable (shuis)
  76. Were can i find...
  77. I know you love me
  78. Three Julian stories, two are very new, new website.
  79. ***NEW***The Story (cast)
  80. Eve Vs. Ivy
  81. Scenes from a Marriage (mainly Sheridan/Luis)
  82. ***NEW***A Mother for Emily
  83. Pieces of My Heart
  84. The Game of Love (various couples)
  85. *NEW* Proof of Life (a continuation of Imitation of Life)
  86. (Almost) Had It All (a Kay-centered fic)
  87. ***NEW***Leaves of September (F/L, S/L, F/N, original characters)
  88. ***NEW***Can You Hear the Horses (pairings inside)
  89. ***NEW***She Talks to Angels (Jessica, Bennetts, more)
  90. 25 Days of Christmas (various characters, various pairings)
  91. ***NEW***Stand Still, Look Pretty (Gwen/multiple pairings), decidedly AU
  92. ***NEW***A Map of the World (Gwen, pairings inside)
  93. ***NEW***This (follow-up to CYHtH and W&F)
  94. ***NEW***Once Upon Another Time (Sheridan/Luis)
  95. ***NEW***Everything (G/F, CYHtH universe)
  96. ***NEW***No Light, No Light (Sheridan, more)
  97. ***NEW***Haunted (S/L, cast)--Post Series AU
  98. ***NEW***Seven Devils (future AU cast fic; multiple pairings)
  99. ***NEW***Blue in the Sky (Marty, S/A, F/L, S/L, others)
  100. Fic: His Risk to Take (Benk, PG-13, One-Shot)
  101. Fic: On River Road (Shuis, PG, One-Shot)
  102. ***NEW***And So It Is (Sheridan/Luis, more)