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  1. What are they thinking
  2. A couple questions...
  3. signatures
  4. John and Marlena *spoilers*
  5. Pictures on the wall
  6. Does this board means the other is
  7. Where is Claire?
  8. Could it be more obvious the importance tiic give to John B.
  9. Ratings-rofl
  10. It was so nice to see John yesterday..
  11. Fed up with the supernatural crap on this show!
  12. Marlena's answer to John (Mondays' show)
  13. Hope and Stefano
  14. Redemption for EJ
  15. Wanna have naughty sex
  16. About time Hope wacked her one good!!
  17. It was about time for john and sami...
  18. Days of Our Sami?
  19. Ej,susan & Stephano
  20. The look on Johns Face......
  21. Shawn and Belle
  22. need some information reguarding the tunnels
  23. What do you think of the newbies: Jeremy & Jett?
  24. Does Corday actually pay Sheffer
  25. I PRAY we won't be robbed of some Ciara, Doug & Julie bonding scenes! *Spoiler-ish*
  26. Isn't it great how much J&M are shown in the promos??
  27. I would LOVE some Alice and Ciara bonding scenes!! *Spoiler*
  28. J&M fans...GOOD spoiler!!!
  29. Good grief:: Clair kidnapped ONLY to be entered into a pageant?
  30. EJ & Tony...Loved it!!!
  31. Billie and Chelsea are so pathetic...
  32. Too Many New Characters
  33. Enjoyed seeing Doug and Julie today
  34. What Ciara NEEDS is....
  35. Stefano and Sami (spoiler)
  36. Shawn & Stefano: Does anyone think later on it will be revealed...
  37. Save Bryan Dattilo
  38. So answer me this John & Marlena fans?
  39. OMG - So sad
  40. Need some help catching up with the last year
  41. John & Stefano
  42. Attn: Jiggs
  43. First ever Days of our Lives - thanks simlun485!!!!
  44. THANK YOU Powers That Be....
  45. There is NO future of this show...
  46. Confused - Sami and EJ???
  47. Did I really see Neil today?
  48. Geeze, is no one ever going to post here again?
  49. As the spoilers are starting to pop up saying..
  50. I can't stand Dumbelle, but Martha is
  51. Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Photos
  52. The missing & unmentioned: Answers please!
  53. When does Victor get to meet his grand-daughter (Ciara)?
  54. Not that I want more babies for Hope right now but...*Spoiler-ish*
  55. Stupidity
  56. An insult 2 all fans, faithful & otherwise
  57. What's at stake?
  58. Stefano love interests
  59. Gotta give credit where/when it's due....AGAIN!!!
  60. Is Will at the Safe House?
  61. Ok, so, when will Bo & Hope start calling Ciara "my daughter"?
  62. Tony and Lucas
  63. It was nice to see Alice today and....
  64. The good, the bad, and the down right UGLY!!
  65. Oh, Chelsea, SHUT UP!
  66. Alice Horton's legacy...Ciara Alice Brady!!
  67. Is it just me or are the posters here . . .
  68. Best looking.
  69. Tony is a DiMera, just not Stefano's son, imo
  70. Poll: Who do you hate most?
  71. SPOILER!!!!!!about Jerry Springer DAYS OF OUR LIVES oriented
  72. Good job Nick, it is about time. But
  73. How far will Stephanie get with Jerm
  74. Hmmm Kayla wants to adopt a needy child
  75. Should DOOL let us fans name Sami's babies? Any names in mind?
  76. WHERE is CIARA? You know, Bo and Hope's DAUGHTER...?
  77. Possible SPOILER: RE: Lucas
  78. Is Will being recast? Aged?
  79. WTH! Where did this crazy chick come from? And married to Nick? What?
  80. Please Help!!!
  81. Confused about Bonnie and Steve's sister
  82. New here!
  83. POLL: Sami and Lucas baby name!
  84. POLL: Sami and Lucas baby name!
  85. I like Bo and Roman together lately
  86. Top 10 Reasons for Posting on the New CR Boards
  87. Steve and Pocket...
  88. Patches and Pockets?? Anybody else remember that show?
  89. NEW Petition to keep Drake Hogestyn on DAYS (no bashing please)
  90. Rumors for fall
  91. Roman/Anna/Tony/Kate Triangle: Worth watching?
  92. Friday, September 7, Did anyone enjoy today's show?
  93. Why oh why
  94. TPTB
  95. Sami's twins
  96. Little Stefano
  97. Boy twin has a name according to Sami: Roman Thomas
  98. Is it me or does Benji...
  99. So are they Stefano's kids?
  100. Why don't TIIC just kill off Bo and Hope too?
  101. So Colleen is alive after all....
  102. LeannHunleyFans Yahoo! Group (Anna DiMera)
  103. My issue is everything is SO PREDICTABLE!
  104. Transcript of Live Blog with SN & MBE
  105. The torture didn't last too long: Jeremy is gone!!
  106. Drake fans here who live in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, come in please!
  107. Bo/Hope/Zack spoiler from SOD - 10/15/07
  108. Sad week in daytime....
  109. Guess I missed something...Did they kill John off for good?
  110. Lost...
  111. TPTB sure go out of their way for Sami (of all people)...*Spoilerish*
  112. Belle & Phillip make love?? I want to puke!!!!
  113. I'm guessing John was probably Santo & Coleens grandchild
  114. Friends of Drake Hogestyn around the world
  115. Hope has a lot of nerve
  116. Is that the rule of soap characters?
  117. I don't think John's dead-ideas
  118. Ford
  119. John/Tony/Andre Related?? and John's Death
  120. Who Is Lucas' Real Father?
  121. Nick and Chelsea
  122. I saw on the other "old" board...
  123. Confused
  124. If "WE" wrote it: What would we get?
  125. Sami's daughter's name?
  126. China Lee & Kids
  127. I hope TPTB penned a wonderful 1st b-day for Ciara...
  128. Another puke fest over the EJ/SAMI coupling!!
  129. Colleen
  130. A ruined wedding
  131. links
  132. Days` couples montage.
  133. So Sheffer, where HOPE'S storyline?
  134. I want Hope to stand up to Belle, once and for all!
  135. Chloe
  136. Thanks for the moment!!
  137. Ford
  138. A Days boo-boo?
  139. A NEW "Who do you hate the most" poll!
  140. I love EJ and Sami together
  141. The Reunion
  142. eeew, ick, Chloe
  143. I hate to be dense.... but
  144. Did Jack rape.....
  145. John's MoM...
  146. Please help!!!
  147. Are they trying to make Belle into the new "Sami"?
  148. Is Lucas Leaving the show?...
  149. Anyone feel cheated that the Horton Hanging of Christmas bulbs didn't happen?
  150. Confused about Lexie
  151. I can't help but wonder...*Possible(?) Spoiler(s) Discussed*
  152. Does anyone like the "new" Marlena?
  153. Does anyone remember
  154. Quick question
  155. Claire
  156. Shirley Jones on Days!!
  157. question to regular viewers
  158. "Marlena & Daughters of our Lives"....
  159. C.B. DiMera & the Kidnappings....
  160. So if CB Dimeara is Colleen Brady,
  161. Is this a dream or did E.J. really tell the truth?
  162. Deliciously twisted...
  163. Belle & Shawn leaving Days?????
  164. Card Up Card Down
  165. Tired of Days? Try the Guilding Light!
  166. WHY???
  167. What is going on with John???
  168. You wanted it, you got it!!!!!
  169. Incest???
  170. Did Lucas have an actual flashback of him shooting EJ...
  171. Welcome home Kim Brady!!
  172. So what was the purpose of
  173. deidra was on tmz tonight lol
  174. WGA Update (WGA East meeting confirms Days writers to be rehired)
  175. Just spectacular
  176. Are The actors who play Belle and Shawn Leaving the Show?...
  177. Chloe/Brady/Phillip Question (speculation)
  178. Does Kate have amnesia???
  179. WHERE THE H#LL is Ciara?
  180. How cold is it?...
  181. Is Stefano leaving?
  182. Steve/Patch?
  183. Who's Ava?
  184. How old is John?...
  185. Colleen/John DNA test?!
  186. Did anyone call Eric, Cassie and Rex?
  187. My Twisted Family Tree, by Will Roberts (long but funny)"
  188. Wow days must think we are stupid
  189. So sick of Chelsea...
  190. The PERFECT medicine for Bo Brady...
  191. More on Ciara
  192. Leann Hunley, Thaao Penghlis & Tamara Braun
  193. Where's Lucas?
  194. Love John and Claire
  195. Why give up on Belle/Shawn
  196. Kayla? Sex?
  197. Good thought...
  198. Why is DOOL making it look like Chelsea is Bo's ONLY daughter? **HUGE RANT**
  199. Hope/Chelsea
  200. Sad to see Shawn & Belle leave
  201. I'm so VERY happy Shelle are GONE!
  202. I'm enjoying the heck out of Hope and Ava!
  203. Martha Madison
  204. stupid question, but is Stefano an animaniacs fan?
  205. Kayla, Stephanie and Max
  206. new fanfic up
  207. Awesome episode
  208. What the h#ll is Days' problem?
  209. Has Days Been Canceled?...
  210. She's Back!
  211. Mickey Horton
  212. Nicole
  213. Overused Flashback
  214. Beth's Days of Our Lives Page website?
  215. One Question about Chelsea...
  216. Does anybody else get grossed out watching Max & Stephanie?
  217. Joe Penny
  218. Loving Days right now
  219. Poor Theo...
  220. Chelsea needs to be recast
  221. THIS is what I WANT to see MORE of...
  222. Please dont let Lucas and Sami get back together!!
  223. AVA and Nicole YES YES YES!!!
  224. Is Allie a 3 month old or walking toddler???
  225. So sick of Bo/Hope
  226. I am laughing my butt off AT Chelsea! *Spoilerish*
  227. Poor Sami
  228. I stopped watching again
  229. Dustin?
  230. This last week Stefano
  231. Marlena has amnesia?
  232. Finally Max and Stephanie are Back
  233. I love Melanie Layton, best addition ever
  234. Huge Max Brady/Umbrella Story RUMOR
  235. Stefano
  236. Passions comes to DOOL
  237. RIP James E. Reilly
  238. John and Marlena Fired?!
  239. Witness Protection Program??
  240. Silly Men
  241. Chloe
  242. The Baby Switch
  243. I'm really enjoying the Rafe/Safe S/L
  244. Ali Sweeney
  245. Who is this new Arianna???
  246. I Like Carly...
  247. Please Help I missed something...
  248. LOVE the Baby Reveal! AS & AZ ROCKED today!
  249. *Spoiler* I Did Not See That Coming...
  250. Question about Rafe...help please