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  1. 21 things you can't say to President Barack Obama
  2. The ten dumbest arguments against health care reform
  3. What's "rescission'? And why it matters to you
  4. It's all relative...
  5. America- don't get fooled again!
  6. Rightwing Ideologue admits that govt. can provide "first class" health care!
  7. A good site
  8. 10 questions for obama care
  9. Why Americans hate single-payer health insurance
  10. No, illegal aliens will not be covered under any health care reform bill!
  11. House retains public option- but delays vote until September
  12. No, the health care bill does NOT have a claus authorizing euthanasia for Granny!!
  13. Medicare vs. Insurers
  14. Blunt steps outside reality
  15. Smuggled U.S. guns responsible for most of Canadian armed crime
  16. Every right-wing lie about health car reform de-bunked
  17. Research Group often cited by GOP to oppose health care is actully
  18. Right-wing nuts hange freshman Senator in effigy!
  19. anybody care to justify the justice dept's decision on this one?
  20. Big government doesn't work
  21. Inhofe refused to meet with Sotomayer
  22. "Birthers" pulling a majority in the south
  23. NY Gov out getting drunk hrs before announcing
  24. another example of rationed care in england
  25. Right-wing strategy to disrupt meetings detailed in memo
  26. Here We Go
  27. Obama on private health insurance
  28. Republican hypocrisy
  29. The GOP's Extremist Dilemma
  30. Democrats expand their electoral advantage
  31. And which part of the country really believes that Obama is not a citizen?
  32. GREAT TOWN HALLS.. DEMS getting their collective ASSES KICKED OFF STAGE!!
  33. The Beserk Birthers
  34. Stimulas plan working
  35. Industry group plots disruptions of meetings
  36. Health Care Realities
  37. Wells Fargo and BoA get low marks w/ refinancing
  38. Obama attacks Drudge because he posted a video
  39. Industry-backed thug squads: "Yeah, we're packing and disrupting... "
  40. Olbermann blasts the GOP, Blue Dogs, and the insurance industry that funds them
  41. How soon we forget
  42. The face of the GOP
  43. One of the mystery Obama not a US citizen started
  44. Great story of the day!!
  45. This Is Really Disturbing
  46. Blackwater, back in the news
  47. Original cash for clunkers
  48. How many members of congress have read the health care bill
  49. Not Evil Just Wrong
  50. The coroporate thuggery behind town hall protests
  51. Psychologists repudiate the notion that one change one's sexuality
  52. Rep. receives death threats over health care bill
  53. More right-wing domestic terrorism
  54. Clinton regrets that U.S. is not member of the ICC
  55. more on health care 'reform'
  56. Sotomayor confirmed
  57. Parents: Turn off the TV!
  58. White house wants us to turn in each other
  59. Climate change melting US glaciers at faster rate, study shows
  60. pelosi says we are nazis for showing up at the town halls
  61. Catstrack!!
  62. Yes!!! Unemployment DOWN!
  63. any Floridians here?
  64. obama's chief of staff: "hit back twice as hard"
  65. WH lists a Fact Check site for Health Care Reform
  66. Hillary And Her Uncalled For Remark
  67. proof that our health care system is the best in the world
  68. Anti-Gov Militia groups on the rise
  69. Dear Mr. Cheney
  70. Guess who's economy is growing...
  71. Michael Savage is STILL banned in England
  72. Lynndie England
  73. The man who invented 'cap and trade' now thinks it's a bad idea
  74. What do the Canadian health care system and the US health care system have in common?
  75. Interesting new movie refuting Al Gore's claims
  76. More people consider themselves conservative than liberal
  77. U.S. Economic myths bite the dust
  78. What's happened to the anti-war movement?
  79. Hey Bigeasy
  80. Former Governor Dean calls a public option "indispensible"
  81. Hey Dems, how about something new?
  82. Where's Mr. Transformer?
  83. Man carries semi-automatic rifle to Obama rally
  84. Completely OT... does anyone else watch The Closer?
  85. The "brillance" of the teabaggers
  86. Unbelievable
  87. This is reform?
  88. Back door to the Fairness Doctrine?
  89. Many seniors leaving the AARP because of it's support of Obamacare
  90. Buffet says U.S. economy is recovering
  91. Millionaire tax cheaters running scared
  92. If Democrats behaved more like Republicans
  93. Kudos to Barney Frank
  94. Something to think about
  95. A question
  96. T-shirts a threat but assault weapons aren't?
  97. If Republicans in Congress can't be honest about health care... they need to shut-up
  98. Dems start to face reality
  99. Here's an interesting health care org
  100. A vast right wing conspiracy
  101. Veteran Administration Bonuses
  102. Texas to revise history textbooks: liberals out, Limbaugh and Gingrich in
  103. Progressive backlash against Obama on health care- this is a suprise to him?!?
  104. Land of prosperity? One in nine Americans uses food stamps!
  105. The insanity of the situation Obama faces
  106. What we're headed for if the American Taliban has their way
  107. To save money, some US health insurers ship patients overseas for treatment
  108. Birther cheer at GOP rally: (I am) "a proud rightwing terrorist"!
  109. The 'death panel' myth- Why won't it die?
  110. these are the things that cause people to bring up "death panels"
  111. naah...we dont need no stinkin tort reform
  112. my prediction...panetta getting ready to lay a bombshell on obama admin
  113. Republican's lies about health care reform
  114. "But a public option would be BAD", they say
  115. Finally- Bush Adm. torture leads to new guidelines
  116. The insanity of anti-health care reform lobbyists in Washington
  117. Hey Bigeasy...
  118. All The President's Zombies
  119. Op-Ed on Insurance Death Panels...
  120. Who's paying to kill health care reform?
  121. The evolution of the death panel meme
  122. Ted Kennedy
  123. Memos Cheney wanted released to prove that torture works actually prove it doesn't!
  124. SEan Hannity considering bid for presidency, waiting on word from God
  125. The most coherent explanation
  126. Across the pond, a "maximum wage" limit gains traction
  127. No more faith- the Senate topples into incompetence
  128. The Libyan bomber may not have been as sick as reported
  129. some of the networks refuse to air anti Obama health care ad
  130. Death of a great man
  131. Five myths about health care around the world
  132. That's reassuring
  133. LA congresswoman praises castro
  134. 10 Reasons to support health care reform
  135. Veterans demand apology from Fox and GOP for lies about VA health care
  136. Wall Street Journal on why fixing health care is good for business
  137. Straight talk on deficit from Nobel prize winning economist
  138. Unbelievable
  139. The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate
  140. Commander in Afghanistan confirms: Bush strategy the past eight years a failure
  141. Health care insurers get the upper hand
  142. Wonderful guest host on Rush Limbaugh on Friday Sept 4
  143. Michael Savage and hypocrisy
  144. Obama isn't losing support because he's too liberal
  145. GOP idea of "compromise"- give up everything you want and maybe we can talk!
  146. "Death Panels" in the UK
  147. are yall privy to the green czar? the jones character?
  148. michael savage invited by prestigious debate society
  149. Question for Bigeasy
  150. Tee-hee... Apparently Sarah Palin doesn't really know how to shoot a gun!
  151. Glen Beck's descent into madness continues
  152. I just learned something cool! This is not at all political or controversial
  153. Health care protest getting violent?
  154. Don't forget to listen to Walter Williams tomorrow on Rush Limbaugh
  155. The public option would cut 400B from health care costs!
  156. What Obama must demand from Congress on health care
  157. The California wildfire has been declared arson
  158. The real "death panels" Insurers deny 22% of claims
  159. Only 6% of scientists are Republicans!
  160. Just sayin...
  161. It gets worse...
  162. Republican Contenders For 2012
  163. Just wondering, did anyone listen to Walter Williams on Rush Limbaugh yesterday?
  164. Hi All -- Two topics
  165. the commie czar has resigned...
  166. Now THIS is where our šprotect the enviroš money needs to be spent..AMAZING discovery
  167. Film festival in Italy... propaganda, lies and deceit
  168. Warmest ocean temps ever
  169. Why unions are needed now more than ever
  170. Moyers advice to Obama: No more Mr. Nice Guy, we need a fighter!
  171. THe problem, for Republicans, is that we even have insurance!
  172. Our drop-out rate is 30%!
  173. Yes, Glenn, it's wrong!
  174. Because nobody likes an uppity president
  175. I do not remember, and I'm ...yikes 58..a time when
  176. Don't ditch the public option!
  177. Oops- another "family values" Republican shows
  178. things you will not hear from the liar tonight
  179. The Fox network has chosen not to carry prez's speech
  180. Straight talk about the proposed health care reform
  181. No excuses now
  182. Yoo-Hoo! Mr. Wilson!
  183. Perhaps ACORN should stopping getting taxpayer's money.
  184. When presented with the facts... the public supports reform
  185. Repubs show conclusively that they will be against reform no matter what
  186. How did this guy get elected? Talk about your anger mgt, problems!
  187. Ladies and Gentlemen ... decorum has left the building
  188. Here is what the obama voter have delivered to us..scum sucking parasites
  189. The census bureau is no longer using ACORN
  190. "Climate change' is more complicated than we think
  191. why bush and obama were/are wrong
  192. listening to a liar...part 2...thomas sowell
  193. liberal lies about health care and conservative solutions to it
  194. FOX lies and distortions about Obama's Czars
  195. When your insurer says you're no longer covered
  196. The ACORn 'pimp' videos are now international
  197. Breaking! Glenn Beck outed as closet communist!
  198. Closing the book on the Bush legacy- It ain't pretty!
  199. Slideshow of the Tea-baggers rally
  200. Why aren't the teabaggers up in arms over this?
  201. Is the Obama presidency failing?
  202. Is the mainstream media fair and balanced?
  203. Distrust of the news media is growing
  204. Let's give Obama credit for
  205. How embarrassing!
  206. Article from Newsweek on why we should allow illegals into the insurance system...
  207. Nearly 3/4 of doctors polled support a public option
  208. 10 lessons for teabaggers
  209. Now some are saying Wilson's outburst was racialy motivated
  210. Wilson gets chastised by his peers
  211. LOL! Oh my!!
  212. The author of the pledge of allegiance was a socialist
  213. Dear Mr. President
  214. Obama admin: Cap and Trade could cost families $1761 per year
  215. I don't have any reason to watch 20/20 anymore
  216. obama admin supports the extension of 3 key provisions of patriot act
  217. Did you guys see what Obama called Kanye West?
  218. Wilson's son defends his father against racism charge...
  219. San Francisco Health Plan
  220. Death Panels - A Great Quote
  221. hey dems...how's that acorn nut tasting these days?
  222. Bush on TARP: Why did I sign this if I don't understand it?
  223. In case of an epidemic, should illegals still go untreated?
  224. What's up with the dems in MA?
  225. so far, the facts show the stimulas did NOT work
  226. 45% of doctors would consider quitting if congress passes "health care" bill
  227. 14 Things to know about Joe Wilson
  228. Down Goes ACORN!! Pelosi needs the men in white jackets
  229. Let's tell it like it is...
  230. Tea party protesters protest D.C. Metro system
  231. Why reform with no public option = an insurance company poll tax
  232. How can this be?!?
  233. Jdge severely slaps down Birther Queen's frivolous lawsuit!
  234. Obama realy does not want health care for illegals...
  235. The Congressmen who punished ACORN but not Blackwater
  236. A day in your life...
  237. Teen birth rates highest in most religious states
  238. Oh no not another bailout!!!
  239. Did anyone else watch Delay on Dancing w/ the Stars?
  240. Anti-govt. spending teabaggers upset that govt. didn't spend more money!
  241. Mass legislature passes temporary appt. bill
  242. Health insurance industry salivating over reform bills
  243. Who you calling a Socialist?
  244. Yeah, we call it the public option
  245. Sunday is Gold Star Mother's Day
  246. Obama to world: Don't expect America to fix everything
  247. what should we do now with the 2 muslims being detained by police?
  248. WOW..if this poll doesn't spell trouble for the dems, I don't know what would
  249. Where's the outrage on the right?
  250. Is Inhofe a traitor?