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  1. Reagan Did It
  2. Right-wing domestic terrorists strike again
  3. No posts about GM?
  4. Spending under the Bush administration
  5. Tapping your cell phone- wow
  6. Parents- Turn off the Boob tube!!
  7. while we are obsessed with the abortionist's murder
  8. This one sure won't get any Mother of the Year award
  9. What kind of "logic"
  10. Tiller murder- the final act in an ongoing campaign of intimidation and harassment
  11. The Compassion of Dr. Tiller
  12. Awesome website that shows where stimulas $ going
  13. And now- some compassion
  14. And now, a message from our sponsor:
  15. Obama And The Gay Community
  16. Why don't we torture him?
  17. A coup in New York
  18. Was the Bible really an attempt to control the illiterate masses?
  19. You gotta love it!
  20. Was Reagan an even worse president than Bush?
  21. Tiller whines "I'm being treated like a criminal"
  22. Obama tells American businesses to drop dead
  23. Obama's job numbers are pure fiction
  24. welcome to socialized medicine...Canadian style
  25. Wow- Imagine if a Democratic representative had done this when Bush was pres?
  26. I want a health care option
  27. Just how insane is the right these days?
  28. Health Care is a Right, Not a Priviledge
  29. Bank bailouts working- 1/3 of funds to be re-paid
  30. Newt Gingrich chooses private insurance companies over American citizens
  31. More on the continuing Michael Savage story
  32. good article on who is responsible for the deficits...
  33. Hate groups on the rise
  34. The AMA and National Health Insurance
  35. Conservatives calling for FoxNews to fire Shep Smith
  36. Newt, Rush winning by dragging media to the right
  37. Dear NRA, what part of "well-regulated" don't you get??
  38. Who speaks for the GOP?
  39. Sarah Palin...In A Word...Goofy
  40. unions major reason for calif budget; krugman has it all wrong
  41. This Time, We Won't Scare
  42. Panetta says it- it's about time someone did!
  43. Protests in Iran
  44. Stay The Course
  45. Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin's Outrage Is False
  46. Oh, those EVIL men we were so scared of!
  47. Cost of Healthcare Puts US at Bottom in Overall Quality Among Industrialized Countrie
  48. ABC shows their lap dog mentality and squelches opposing viewpoints
  49. John Ensign was right!
  50. Why Democrats should push a public health care plan
  51. We really are in the information age
  52. How crazy is this?
  53. I'm speechless!
  54. The 'Bipartisan' Trap In Health Reform
  55. Will the GOP run her for President in 2012?
  56. Hey Norm Coleman!
  57. Health care questions that are never asked
  58. Once again- a bloated Defense Dept. budget O.K.d
  59. OT - sort of
  60. Here is my "new" idea on health care
  61. Fly-swatter in chief
  62. A good site for understanding what's happening in Iraq
  63. Why you should never fall asleep while in the tatoo chair!
  64. barbara boxer... Senator BIATCH"
  65. confused about obama world? hopefully this will help
  66. What we were told and what we got
  67. Fox News- busted again!
  68. Would you work for free?
  69. A Threat We Can't Ignore
  70. Another very good site
  71. Hey President Obama- stop worrying about bi-partisanship and just do it!
  72. Why Congress can't get anything done
  73. They also waste time on stuff like this
  74. Climate change?
  75. Who Are We?
  76. Another nutty GOP in Congress wants to enclose the Capitol in plexiglass!
  77. When health insurance isn't health insurance
  78. Poll showing most Americans want public health care option moves Senate
  79. Good old Red state "Real American" values
  80. This Is Insane
  81. Will a few Democrats screw up health care reform?
  82. Interesting opinion piece on Job's transplant
  83. Buyer beware- "Greenwashing" rampant in supermarket products
  84. Gov. Mark Sanford- weirder and weirder
  85. I'd like both parties to explain
  86. What is the interest in Obama's smoking habits?
  87. I Knew The Shyster Banks Would Find A Way
  88. tax increase causes 450 to lose jobs in tampa
  89. One of the definitions of being crazy is to keep doing the same thing but expect
  90. Um, stimulas money doesn't create jobs... until it does! Got that?
  91. The inevitable result of having a "for profit" health care system
  92. Another "mistake" by Fox News?
  93. Where's the call for Sanford to resign?
  94. The Love Party
  95. Who said that the GOP should "lose the stinking rot of self-righteousness"?
  96. Sex scandal flow chart
  97. Not Enough Audacity
  98. You knew it was coming- Limbaugh actually blames Obama for Sanford's affair!
  99. the biggest job loss, tax increase bill ever in our country's history
  100. How bad is your state's health care?
  101. Obama, like Bush uses signing statements
  102. Big surprise- Sanford won't resign!
  103. look what "going green" has done for Spain; ruined their economy, that's what
  104. ok..so how about a quote from 1864 by Abe Lincoln?
  105. question for those who are more familiar than I am regarding NY Times best seller
  106. Betraying the Planet
  107. There is no real competition in the Health care industry today
  108. obama and clinton show they don't understand the rule of law
  109. Iraqis Cheer U.S. Troop Withdrawl
  110. the truth behind "cap and tax"
  111. obama care if overblown...BIGTIME
  112. white fire fighters win today despite the racist sotomayor
  113. hey reines...tell me about this... what do you think about this report on climate
  114. How Long Is Long Enough?
  115. Some thoughts on MJ
  116. What Reines?
  117. LOL! Bachman's paranoid ramblings could cost her her seat!
  118. What Can I Do?
  119. Quote of the day
  120. More info on the EPA suppressing info that attacks man made global warming
  121. "Medicine has become a pig trough here"
  122. How Waxman-Markey might save us money- on gas
  123. Sanford admits he "crossed lines" with even more women
  124. how stuart smalley stole the election
  125. Many of Sotomeyers decisions have been reveresed
  126. good riddance california.. IOU'S...HA
  127. read this and tell me Rush Limbaugh isn't smart and dead on here
  128. Hey Calif!!! How's the BLUE treating you?
  129. If I were governor Mark Sanford's wife...
  130. Inhofe once again, embarrasses his state
  131. New health plan in Congress has public option- what a majority of Americans want
  132. Worst-case scenarios on climate change already being seen, say scientists
  133. Have yall seen sec 433 of the cap and tax bill?
  134. obama care has failed in europe
  135. damn...did yall see helen thomas rip robert gibbs?
  136. Sally Kerns...another step back for Oklahoma
  137. Republican class of '94 plagued with scandal
  138. Fire Care
  139. Sarah Palin still ripping apart the Republican party
  140. Palin's Resignation
  141. Dodging An Alaskan Bullet
  142. Where's a "war on drugs" against prescription drugs?
  143. Ann Coulter sets us straight
  144. Health Industry sends an army of lobbyists to Washington to stop health care reform
  145. Amazing stories...
  146. OMG Even FoxNews is covering the Michael Jackson Memorial
  147. Casualties soar in Afghanistan- can we ever "win" there?
  148. HELP is on the way
  149. Still waiting for an explanation
  150. Admit it, Repubs- she's qualified!
  151. Sen King lashed out saying too much attention
  152. Sarah Palin- quitters always win?
  153. Reid: Stop chasing GOP votes on healthcare reform
  154. The real problem with Republicanism
  155. Sperm created from stem cells
  156. Franken co-sponsoring EFCA
  157. Sen. Grassley tells constituent: If you want good health care- go work for the govt.!
  158. Behind The Jackson Facade
  159. Boehner's boner
  160. You and I are both Sponge-kids!
  161. Arizona state senator says earth is only 6,000 years old... twice!
  162. Was Palin moose hunting when Clinton was being slimed?
  163. 50 black teens attack white family in akron, oh
  164. Obama's approval rating starting to plummet
  165. Michael Jackson day?
  166. The Stimulas Trap
  167. LOL- No wonder the Palin's tried to get rid of this kid!
  168. This is what happens when you get cancer in the United States
  169. EPA administrator says cap and trade will do NOTHING to lower temps
  170. "put nothing in writing" obama's climate czar told the auto execs
  171. Obama Meets The Pope
  172. A wonderful article about Sarah Palin
  173. De-bunking right-wing recovery myths
  174. It;s about time! Atty. General Holder considering torture probe
  175. Senator suggests CIA concealment broke law
  176. The prostate cancer test
  177. Yes, another post about Sarah Palin!
  178. Sick stuff -- kids should be off the table
  179. Cheney ordered CIA to hide information from Congress
  180. anyone care to disagree with this quote from Mark Levin?
  181. Look at this photo -- amazing
  182. Loud-mouthed zealots interrupt confirmation hearings
  183. Key Repub troubled that public option is "cheaper", has clear "advantages".
  184. The clock is ticking on health care reform!
  185. Sotomayor's Comment
  186. Poll: Most Americans feel Palin not qualified to be president
  187. Sotomayor's empathy is terrible, but Alito's empathy was O.K.?
  188. Soldier refuses to deploy- says Obama isn't president
  189. THe political pundit who makes the most sense
  190. Some information about the firefighter testifying at Sotomayor's hearing
  191. I'm Just Going To Say One Thing
  192. Who Gets Paid What
  193. Obama Needs to 'Reset' His Presidency
  194. Jaqui Smith, the British minister who banned Michael Savage...
  195. The "Luck" tax
  196. Michael Savage is no longer banned from England!
  197. Why Republicans are REALLY obstructing health care reform
  198. Carrie...
  199. Let the record show
  200. Joe (the fake plumber) shills against a bill he doesn't even understand!
  201. Fox host apologizes for remark
  202. For those of us who grew up with Walter Cronkite
  203. "Idiot America"
  204. Sen. Feingold challenges Dennis Blair
  205. Here's the GOP frontrunner
  206. Good Lord... !
  207. Socialized medicine versus ours
  208. House Dems getting skittish on socialized medicine
  209. Obama: Health care opponents waiting for special interests to kill reform
  210. Is Pat Buchanan's face red? It should be!
  211. Defense Industry "pork" killed
  212. When teen pregnancy collides with wingnut ideology
  213. The UK ban against Michael Savage has not been lifted after all
  214. What happened to transparency in BO's administration
  215. Is America now the leading "can't-do" country?
  216. If you like your insurance, you haven't really tested it
  217. Challenge to health reform: What's in it for me?
  218. Who are these agencies working for? The public... or Congress?
  219. "Dumping the sick"
  220. The Prez's popularity is waning...
  221. The best info on global warming I've ever seen; shows the agenda and the financial
  222. Obama: "If you don't set deadlines... things don't happen."
  223. Republican admits half of opposition to health care reform is just politics
  224. The "most trusted man in America" thought the war on drugs was a failure
  225. Is the Stimulas working?
  226. Barry Blew It On This One
  227. Hey, he ain't no American
  228. If I Were An American, I'd Be Dead
  229. One reason why the status quo is not acceptable
  230. I Sure Do Miss Condoleeza Rice
  231. Abstinance-supporting GOP State Lawmaker Admits to Sex With a 22-Year Old Intern
  232. Costs And Compassion
  233. Inhofe and the ugly truth about the GOP
  234. The GOP's Maybe Secret Plan to Reform Health Care
  235. Hell yea Baby...dems breaking down on socialized medicine
  236. New info on Michael Savage's ban from England
  237. Hotdogs should carry a warning label, lawsuit claims
  238. Why free market principles haven't worked and won't ever work for health care
  239. Bachman: If everyone gets health insurance, that'll make me wait longer!
  240. Parts of the country hearing nothing but lies about health care reform
  241. What do the "Blue dogs" really want?
  242. Swine flu could strike up to 40%- Are you scared?
  243. Interesting read on the Gates/Crowley affair
  244. Another rambling speech as Palin quits
  245. Congress- put up or shut up time
  246. CEOs and other highly compensated employees now receive more than 1/3 of all pay
  247. Facts about the Canadian health care system
  248. Declassified: The global warming evidence the Bush administration kept hidden
  249. How sad!
  250. I wonder what Bachman would say if she had to do this for medical care...