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  1. Former Reagan advisor endorses Obama
  2. Palin's ignorance of the constitution is frightening
  3. Obama's Hawaii birth certificate confirmed
  4. My Friends: The Musical
  5. WV Voting machines switch votes from Obama to McCain
  6. McCain avoids trouble from volatile crowds
  7. Obama's aunt living in US illegally!
  8. Obama wants to lower expectations after win
  9. Is anyone surprised at this?
  10. New ethics complaint against Palin
  11. Reality Check: The Cost Of Obama's Pledges
  12. Does Palin think we're at war with Iran?
  13. American Stories
  14. Is voter fraud a problem?
  15. Sarah gets punked
  16. Can We Talk
  17. McCain's big backfire: Majority of Americans like the idea of spreading the wealth
  18. This woman deserves to lose! How much lower can they go?
  19. Spreading the Scare Tactics Around
  20. Joe the Plumber questions Obama's loyalty to America
  21. Why won't Palin release her medical records?
  22. Obama and the Second Amendment
  23. What if the roles were switched?
  24. More on government handouts
  25. my concession speach....
  26. "I can do it!......I know how!"
  27. I can't wait for this to be over
  28. Bush's disasterous presidency leaves 'staggering' array of problems for successor
  29. Here Is Why I Think It's Going To Be
  30. Obama's Aunt Aside..
  31. My condolences to Barack Obama and his family
  32. LOL....Another unwanted endorsement
  33. Andrew Sullivan nails it
  34. The audacity of hate
  35. Palin's health assessed as 'excellent' on eve of election
  36. The end of negative advertising?
  37. McCain rep admits no instances of voter fraud
  38. Have Y'all voted?
  39. Voting Lines
  40. My crazy voting experience!
  41. Electoral College- why it should go
  42. Not to put a damper on this exciting day....but
  43. Inspiring words
  44. The new faces of the Republican party?
  45. The Electoral College...Again
  46. Need help understanding some things
  47. From our local NH races..just interesting
  48. Fox News wins for coolest interactive site!
  49. HUH? Fox News calls it at 11pm in CA?
  50. Well... Barack apparently did "Ba-Rock" the vote
  51. John McCain conceded like a gentleman.
  52. Well...
  53. psssst, Sarah P...
  54. Gotta say
  55. I was really hoping
  56. Michelle Obama..
  57. What a refreshing speech... finally an intelligent president.
  58. If Romney had been the nominee instead
  59. Hey Reines....
  60. Elizabeth on THE VIEW
  61. What is with the angy attacks on Michelle Obam and Sara Palin
  62. Why
  63. Oh ho, ho, it's magic, you know
  64. Bets on 2012??
  65. Al Franken
  66. ROFL this is great
  67. A Little Song For Barry
  68. Dick Morris opines
  69. The Divided States Of America . . . .
  70. Interesting alernative view on global warming
  71. Anyone else worried
  72. America turns blue
  73. The "Wasilla hillbillies" LOL
  74. For Reproductive Rights, It was a pro-choice clean sweep Tuesday
  75. IKE wanted to spread the wealthy too
  76. So I'm Listening To The Radio This Morning
  77. How wrong they were
  78. Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff- good pick? Bad pick? Thoughts?
  79. Ultimate Media Bias
  80. Auto Industry Bailout..
  81. Color Me Not Surprised
  82. Chris Matthews - It's my job to make this presidency work
  83. Will conservatives be as hard on Obama
  84. This is HILLARIOUS -- (at least I think it is) -- from the onion
  85. Change...really?
  86. As predicted.....all Bush's problems are now Obama's fault
  87. Just In Case You're Wondering Where
  88. What do you think?
  89. Exactly what I'e been saying all along!!!
  90. A reminder- Copyright laws apply to the Web
  91. Predictions
  92. Obama/Bush
  93. "Presser"???
  94. For All You Sarah Palin Haters
  95. Laissez Faire and the ecconomic crisis
  96. Electoral map is blue and getting bluer
  97. After the Imperial Presidency
  98. China to spend $586 billion on its people... not its bankers!
  99. Obama to inherit an international mess
  100. How could they be so wrong?
  101. It Still Felt Good the Morning After
  102. An amusing email
  103. So many conservatives still stuck in the past
  104. Stingy Christians in an age of opulence?
  105. Bold is Good
  106. OMG, I am dying laughing at
  107. One final toxic gift from the Bush administration!
  108. Did anyone who posts here
  109. Lawn signs for Obama/Biden are being...
  110. Bush less popular than NIxon in his final days
  111. President (elect) and Mrs. Obama go to Washington
  112. My sister-in-law and the War College
  113. golly, I ran for VP and all I've got to show for it is a pair of shoes?
  114. I Think This Is Nice
  115. Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship
  116. My Salute To Our Veterans
  117. The Not So Secret Service
  118. Palin on Faux News: God will show her the way to the White House
  119. Adding teeth to a Detroit bailout
  120. "... you know, the kids lose underwear... "
  121. Darkness at Dusk
  122. Veteran's Day, not just one to remember those passed
  123. More Obamania -- The Barackatini!!
  124. WHy so much interest in Michelle Obama's fashion sense
  125. Oh brother...
  126. cure for AIDS?
  127. The only thing Democrats have to fear... is fear
  128. Good-bye and Good Riddance!
  129. Will the Dems get a 60 seat majority after all?
  130. Bailout is a disaster, says Treasury Inspector General
  131. America is a center-left country
  132. Palin has reached her sell-buy date
  133. Why Palin still matters
  134. Obama not closing racial divide
  135. Hill? Secretary of State?
  136. Our 1st 4 star woman general...
  137. Barry On 60 Minutes
  138. This Is How Ridiculous Our Justice System Is
  139. Conservative policy: Always blame unions
  140. Gulf War Illness determined to be real... not psychosomatic
  141. The Six Phases of Work
  142. How Obama got elected
  143. Ted Stevens, convicted felon, loses Senate seat
  144. Giving Up On God
  145. Uh-oh... Cobwebs are forming
  146. What will Clinton do?
  147. Wow- times are tough, eh?
  148. My Hero, Chuck Hagel
  149. Hilary & The Secretary Of State Position
  150. I was beginning to think everyone had died
  151. Flunking the Electoral College
  152. Bush's economic legacy
  153. The Inauguration
  154. Auto CEO excess
  155. Barry's Gun Question
  156. Guess KOS and the likes are none-too-pleased with Obama of late..
  157. Why Obama Will Fail
  158. Excellent Quiz--how would you do?
  159. Pardon me, please!
  160. Good Quote
  161. Unprecedented $2.8 TRILLION for bailouts!
  162. Re: That civics quiz- did you see this? LOL
  163. Another marriage bites the dust
  164. We're in good hands...
  165. Why we're still addicted to oil
  166. Americans want limits on freedoms they can't even remember!
  167. Happy Birthday JennyC!!
  168. This drives me crazy about Drudge...
  169. Only In America
  170. Barry, Michelle and Baba Wah-Wah
  171. Tough times
  172. Bush: Ain't I special?
  173. Miltary top brass "relieved" Bush's time is over
  174. Bush: Lamest duck ever
  175. American global leadership is back!
  176. more on "How Obama Got Elected'
  177. Obama warns against WH 'groupthink'
  178. The wonderful Republican economy
  179. It's official: Second Bush recession began a year ago
  180. Bush administration ignored warnings and loosened regulations on lending institutions
  181. Pass the barf bags!
  182. National Security
  183. Rice to give advice to Clinton?
  184. Murkowski to Palin: Leave my seat alone!
  185. Will conservatism soon be eradicated from the western hemispere?
  186. Go figure
  187. How the media convinced themselves that Obama was a liberal
  188. U.S. Manufacturing hits 26 year low
  189. Mission Accomplished
  190. Noise pollution affecting whales?
  191. Bailout or bankruptcy for big three?
  192. Ba-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
  193. One in ten Americans on food stamps
  194. Saving the Big 3 for You and Me
  195. The Bush's new house in Dallas
  196. Liberal Rationalism
  197. Obama And Other Democrats Suggest
  198. Freddie Mac and the regulators
  199. What is the future of the Middle East?
  200. Caroline Kennedy...Senator? How about Jeb Bush?
  201. Oh The Arrogance
  202. Jenny and Alex Weren't Kidding
  203. Did Resko turn on illinois governor
  204. Unions
  205. Blagojevich fundraiser held by Jackson allies Saturday
  206. Palin's Church Destroyed By Arson
  207. Reines...Are You In Iraq?
  208. Did Snl go to far?
  209. Barry, Barry, Barry
  210. The greedy got taken...
  211. More controversy about global warming
  212. Bank execs earning enornous bonuses
  213. ponzi schemes
  214. Vote counting in Minnesota
  215. The Pope's latest speech
  216. The Fairness doctrine?
  217. A rare white Christmas in Portland, Or
  218. Where do you get your news?
  219. Will Caroline Kennedy get appointede to the Senate
  220. reines -- I imagine you on a luxurious..
  221. The governor's office called the birth a private family matter
  222. File this under..another crazy baby name.
  223. Listen to Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday 12/30/08
  224. Oh yeah, this will help...NOT
  225. "Barack the Magic Negro"
  226. reines - where r u
  227. Son of Hamas Leader Gives Glimpse Into Terror Organization
  228. Panetta pick for CIA boss...
  229. Can the Senate legally keep Burris from serving
  230. Oil prices and demand...
  231. All The President Men
  232. Wow
  233. What do you think of Minasota's new senator?
  234. coming ice age?
  235. Haardly anyone posts anymore
  236. baseball and steroids
  237. Is the attorney general elect anti-gun?
  238. reines's absence must due to mine... hey Reines..never thought you cared that much
  239. Ministers at the inaugeration
  240. Election Time Of Year
  241. Dear IRS People
  242. Pets...
  243. Obama to host McCain dinner
  244. Who would have thunk it?
  245. GW Farewell speech
  246. It's Sad That Politics Divides
  247. Oh Sure, We're In A Recession
  248. More about Carolinne Kennedy as senator
  249. Happy Birthday Carrie!
  250. New day...New President.