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  1. Cafferty nails Palin
  2. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
  3. VP debate changed to accomodate the abject Palin
  4. Which John McCain do you believe?
  5. Auto makers get bailout loans
  6. Dr. Laura on Sarah Palin
  7. Here are some reasons to hate Sarah Palin...
  8. I'm so tired of government in general
  9. How did this become Obama's fault?
  10. McCain says now's not the time for blame....after blaming Obama
  11. The 3 A.M. Call
  12. Palin claimed dinosaurs and people co-exhisted
  13. obama, acorn, and the mortgage mess
  14. acorn and how the dems stonewalled fannie and freddy reform
  15. CDOs- How the investment you never heard of spread havoc through the economy
  16. Time Analysis: Let them fail
  17. When Madmen Reign
  18. A frightening thought
  19. John McCain: Do as I say, not as I do
  20. Good article on credibility in DC
  21. Are we blaming the right people??
  22. Happy Birthday Minicooper!
  23. I Figured All You Palin Haters
  24. Thomas Friedman article from Monday
  25. Gwen Ifill Is Moderating The VP Debate?
  26. i HATE her.
  27. VP debate
  28. Completely off the election topic, mideast...
  29. Fannie Mae, Bill Clinton and Bwaney Fwank
  30. democracy; democrat style...gathering up drug addicts
  31. 2nd Debate...some fact checks
  32. Fact check Ayers
  33. Why I Don't Believe In Polls
  34. AIG Executives
  35. Bush Adm. quietly cutting off birth control to poor African women
  36. Is John McCain a coward?
  37. Using the methadology McCain uses....McCain has voted to raise taxes 477 times!
  38. How the Bush administration stopped the states from stepping in to help consumers
  39. David Brooks: Palin "represents a fatal cancer to the Republican party."
  40. Really weird
  41. Questioable pracitces by ACORN
  42. Wall street? Anybody?
  43. reines' favorite group acorn handing out cigs and cash for 72 votes per person
  44. How To Buy An Election
  45. Palin's paper pipeline
  46. The gist of the ACORN story
  47. Look at who your govt. considers terrorists!
  48. "Who is Barack Obama?" line promoted by Mcain and Palin references smear e-mail
  49. Been awhile since ive been here BUT
  50. gay marriage is now legal in Conneticut
  51. Great article about ecconomic crisis
  52. McCain's '06 letter requesting fannie regulation but fell on deaf dem ears
  53. Barry is a Giver
  54. Barry..whats the deal with Rezco?
  55. Columbo and Obama
  56. quick crash course on fannie mae
  57. Guantanamo....and the Chinese Muslims
  58. Obama at Columbia
  59. Obama's 95% Illusion
  60. Oops! Guess who was proud to speak before ACORN.
  61. ACORN's only crime is registering Democratic voters.
  62. NYTimes columnist Paul Krugman wins Nobel economics prize
  63. In Iraq, with a $79 Billion surplus, thanks to US taxpayers, stock market is up 40%!
  64. When they say 'Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac' they mean "brown" people
  65. McCain says he'll unveil grand new economic proposal, then says he won't.............
  66. A Little Insight On Obama Supporters
  67. Do You Believe Her?
  68. Top GOP stategist: McCain knows he put country at risk by picking Palin
  69. Obama's brilliant plan
  70. Oregon's Obama and McCain supporters
  71. Obama: "it's better for everyone when we spread the wealth around"
  72. So much for the "big tent" party, eh?
  73. The evil of bailout
  74. California GOP had same problems as ACORN in 2006
  75. did yall see the howard stern interviews with the barak voters?
  76. Obama campaign buys adds in Video Games!
  77. New NIE report on Pakistan
  78. Time for Palin to answer tough questions
  79. Lying Bush Administration approved torture when they knew it was illegal
  80. What kind of country do we want?
  81. What are we doing to God's creatures?
  82. The Reports Of "Kill Him"
  83. A Do Over
  84. Anybody still undecided?
  85. This Is Wrong
  86. Doesn't this tell us a lot about what kind of president he'd be?
  87. This kind of stupidity is beyond belief!
  88. Chicago Tribune Endorses Obama
  89. Where are the anti-American parts of the country?
  90. Five myths about John McCain
  91. If you can't beat em, hire em!
  92. Meet Joe, the REAL plumber!
  93. Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans
  94. Christopher Buckley- what eight years of conservatism got us...........
  95. The Media Predjudice
  96. Where's the "real" Virginia?
  97. Socialism in America
  98. Small business- and the absurdity of subsidizing it
  99. Mortgage Giant, GOP firm targeted Republican senators for defeat of regulatory bill
  100. Republican arrested for voter registration fraud
  101. Defend THIS dems!
  102. Ken Adelman voting for Obama
  103. Krauthammer's column - is this it Jenny?
  104. The TRUTH about Obama's tax plan
  105. Biden predicting crisis if obama elected?
  106. Back to Powell's endorsement.
  107. Why You Should Vote
  108. The Real Scandal
  109. Mr. Smooth
  110. McCain employing GOP operative accused of voter registration fraud
  111. Death threat, vandalism hit ACORN after McCain comments
  112. More truth shed on Obama's tax sham....I mean Plan.
  113. Some interesting tidbits about Obama's socialist past
  114. Can someone PLEASE tell me why this isnt ALL over the news??
  115. This Is Just Pathetic
  116. Hey conservative! Are you voting for McCain because you like him
  117. Palin charged state for children's travel....
  118. Liberals and Charity
  119. Obama ignores Fraud
  120. biased jornalism?
  121. How anti-intellectual is Palin?
  122. McCain campaign spending more on Palin's make-up than McCain's!
  123. Socialism- Alaska style
  124. Two facts for alexc
  125. Oops- Al Qaeda endorses McCain!
  126. Americans hurting- suicide rate up
  127. Mark and Dave bail out Joe the plumber
  128. The Real Plumbers of Ohio
  129. Palin- too stupid to even learn what A VP actually does!
  130. Why would anyone be afraid of an Obama presidency?
  131. Is Palin the real reason McCain trails in polls?
  132. uh-oh....Here we go folks!
  133. Palin's re-distribution of wealth in Alaska
  134. Joe the plumber- Joe the liar
  135. Obama's Citizenship???
  136. McCain's voting record: He does not support our troops or vets
  137. Sorry, I can't find your name
  138. "We just let things get completely out of hand"
  139. why annouce 3 days in advace to visit grandmother
  140. the obama crimes website
  141. 401Ks destroyed
  142. HAving not heard Powell speak on Obama..
  143. Palin apparently needs $22,800 worth of make-up! Why?
  144. reagan appointee and recent Mccain advisor supports Obama
  145. How Obama got into Harvard!
  146. Even Chomsky finds Obama to be a blank slate and a product of propoganda
  147. Has everyone ever read the Constitution?
  148. Just my opinion
  149. So obam really didnt know this Ayers?
  150. LOL- Looks like bad temperament runs in the family!
  151. Presidential dance off
  152. Alaska's largest newspaper endorses Obama
  153. Palin's getting hysterical
  154. Hey alexc................
  155. America to McCain: We're O.K. with higher taxes and spreading the wealth
  156. A real timeline
  157. Real Truths...
  158. Obama has 3-1 lead in newpaper endorsements
  159. A disturbing trend: Palin supporters driven by hate
  160. Palin and the witch-doctor
  161. Palin- not a reformer but politics as usual!
  162. Is Palin a Christian Nationalist?
  163. Remember when this was the party that was going to have a permanent majority?
  164. What's next? Oh yeah- elect Obama and we'll have a second holocaust!
  165. Who say's Obama's not a socialist
  166. Changing journalism
  167. This will make Alaska's senate race
  168. Study blames lenders, not borrowers, for mortgage mess
  169. Another former GOP Senator and veteran endorses Obama
  170. Trillion dollar defense budget gets no press in America!
  171. Call center workers walk off job in protest
  172. Well finally an ad on Reverend Right
  173. Dick Morris
  174. Polls: Another Take
  175. HAtred and Politics
  176. excerpts from hearing to investigage freddie mac
  177. Obama says Constitution Fatally Flawed!
  178. 230MM and 2MM....
  179. Warnings
  180. obamanomics
  181. Obamas Tax Plan revealed
  182. Letter to the Editor
  183. Ted Stevens can't vote for himself! LOL
  184. The Electoral College
  185. When you've reached a certain level of comfort
  186. Turn your head and cough everybody, McCain brought the icecubes
  187. How an independent voter sees the two candidates
  188. Financial Times endorses Barack Obama
  189. A Choice and an Echo
  190. Is this acceptable? Free speech?
  191. balanced media coverage?
  192. McCain- a "sunshine" candidate? LOL
  193. What? We're going to TALK to the Taliban?
  194. 50,000 Georgia voters purged from lists
  195. How cries of voter fraud cover up GOP elections theft
  196. Rashid Kalidi
  197. read this and tell me obama's not a communist..quotes from memoirs
  198. Finaslly- some straight talk from the McCain campaign
  199. Raising Taxes
  200. More Obama endorsements..
  201. Vote Obama: A Celebrity President the World Will Adore
  202. Last Living Journalist
  203. Obamas Fundraising
  204. Obamas Radio Interview
  205. VOter Fraud
  206. Great Obama Quote
  207. Smart Little Girl..
  208. Winning at the cost of truth and common sense
  209. I hear footsteps....
  210. President Obama...
  211. Great Quote..
  212. A Real life application of redistributing wealth!
  213. Notorious Obamedia Moments of 2008
  214. Fairness Doctrine?
  215. Maybe you shouldn't vote.
  216. Wackanomics
  217. I don't understand this
  218. Let's put an end to McCain's lies about Obama's tax plan
  219. The socialist rhetoric of John McCain and Sarah Palin!
  220. Desperate moves by the GOP!
  221. Hail Obama!
  222. Obama sharing List with ACORN
  223. OT -- But Thanks to Annie and Dr. Mike
  224. Do -it-yourself fact checking
  225. If you dont vote you can't say squat
  226. Exactly wrong, again.
  227. I did not have a chance to see Obama's half-hour extravaganza
  228. Obama's promises and the reality
  229. Obama's infomercial
  230. Some things Obama left out last night
  231. What would a Republican infomercial look like?
  232. McCain: Redistribution not okay when rich not getting the money
  233. Desperate GOP attempts the lamest smear of all
  234. Not much "new" about Obama
  235. Cavuto on "rich"
  236. Funny JibJab video
  237. NBC, OBAMA, GE, Buffet
  238. If Nature could vote....................
  239. The Big Sqeeze- Tough Times for the American Worker
  240. Something new to ponder
  241. Bush gives the finger one last time to Americans
  242. distribution of wealth example post earlier
  243. Fact Checking on the Infomercial
  244. McCain on the Infomercial
  245. Anyone here in John Murtha's district?
  246. Free Speech?
  247. What is rich?
  248. I find this weird if true:
  249. Wake Up America Who Is Obama Really
  250. Back to Rashid Khalidi