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  1. I am not a Bargaining Chip, I am a Democrat
  2. Why should Caroline Kennedy be on the committee to find Obama's VP?
  3. Excellent quote from McCain
  4. With 18 million supporting Clinton... she should be the VEEP.
  5. the barak we don't know
  6. blame the dems/warmers on high gas?
  7. al gore's financial stake in warmer movement
  8. even North Dakota has local pork
  9. It's your call, Clinton supporters!
  10. Respect --- this ones for you reines.....
  11. Post from another blog... poster is not me
  12. Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control
  13. McCain: Lies you can believe in
  14. Clinton and Obama's secret meeting
  15. night BE and reines -- gotta run
  16. Like the gas prices?..well you VOTED for them
  17. I know people want to move on... but I am still tired of what has happened of late..
  18. US spending in Iraq ignored rules
  19. Because the Bush years are just too good to let go
  20. Goodnight Bush
  21. Article about Obama when he was running for the Senate
  22. McCain wants to go to Mars
  23. did anyone see fox blasting repubs on pork?
  24. How Important Is A First Lady/Gentleman?
  25. Why Clinton lost: The Nutcracker
  26. The Populist Uprising
  27. It's a Different Country
  28. I'm voting Republican
  29. Bill O'Reilly no longer #1
  30. Who knew? Plants have a secret social life!
  31. Look how much the unions are costing
  32. questions for dems
  33. How long will it last?
  34. Mincing up Michelle
  35. Finally, a representative who takes his oath seriously!
  36. how the warmers are wrecking our economy and way of life
  37. Breaking news! Have yall heard about the latest McCain scandal?
  38. LA times story on Bush "Lies" about war
  39. Why Does Michelle Obama
  40. Really...what do we do?
  41. ACORN Voter Fraud and Obama
  42. Hooray for the Supreme Court's ruling
  43. OK..this board is dead...let's give it a lift..non political
  44. "The Republican Party is a dead, rotting carcass............"
  45. Another gaffe by McCain...who seems perpetually confused about foreign countries.
  46. Is it hypocritical for dems to berate oil companies
  47. His military service was not honored
  48. oops! McCain tries to get around his own finance reform!
  49. McCain's flip-flops- why isn't Faux News and the right talking about them?!?
  50. No, McCain isn't Bush......................
  51. Bush administration is protecting privacy and constitutional rights......of tomatoes
  52. Flip-flops abound..................
  53. How Republicans set the nation up for economic disaster
  54. Looks like the Iraqi govt. wants a timetable for our troops to leave
  55. McCain thinks Social Security is a "disgrace"!
  56. Why isn't McCain talking about this?
  57. Sad day for America- Senate OK's breaking the Law.
  58. Bush's third term.................
  59. The Truth Commission
  60. John McCain's fraudulent "bait and switch"
  61. Foreclosure
  62. question for barak voters
  63. Has a presidential candidate ever had a worse week than John McSame's had?
  64. Maybe he's more comfortable with the Pony Express..........
  65. Joking about killing people
  66. Dems win major health care victory
  67. How much are you willing to work for corporate welfare?
  68. Because nothing shows God's love more than a good assault weapon!
  69. There was a class war. The rich won it.
  70. why wall street fears obama
  71. Wall Street prefers Obama over McCain two to one!
  72. I know Obama is not a Mulsim - but my question is...
  73. Bush lifts executive ban on drilling...
  74. worst economic news ever
  75. obama represents change? really?..T.Sowell doesnt think so
  76. WSJ article on Iraq secret contractors
  77. McCain has worse Afghanistan Hearing record than Obama.
  78. Proof: Democrats are better for the Economy
  79. What's this? Bush now has a timetable for withdrawing our troops from Iraq?
  80. Phil Gramm ought to run out of office
  81. Super rich tax cheats- Are these folks patriotic?
  82. BFF
  83. more proof obama has it all wrong on tax policies
  84. An excellent article in favor of gy marriage
  85. Thanks to "E.coli conservatism", weakened govt. watchdogs have put us all at risk
  86. The significance of Obama's foreign trip- restoring dignity to America
  87. Massive Anti-Incumbent Wave Will Defeat Many in Congress
  88. Yep, we've done "enough".
  89. why does the press not ever mention the really reason violence has been curtailed.
  90. McCain foreign "policy" trainwreck
  91. McCain gaffes pile up- the media finally takes notice!
  92. GOP leaders: Forget about principles- vote any way you need to to get elected!
  93. Iraq agrees with Obama's position on troop withdrawls
  94. did anyone see obama's answer to the surge question?
  95. John McCain's Neverending War
  96. "Compassionate conservative" Novak mows down a pedestrian and tries to flee the scene
  97. socialized medicine update; euro weeny update
  98. Obama's Berlin speech: "This is the moment........."
  99. George W. Bush Sewage Plant!
  100. Top McCain advisor lobbied for Pakistan
  101. Can anything spark this board up?
  102. Hollow gov't Republicans keep sending your $ to Iraq while US crumbles
  103. This is pathetic
  104. THe Demonization of "Liberals"- what it leads to
  105. Another Republican Senator indicted
  106. How the Bush Administration ruined the Justice Dept.
  107. proof of barak's marxist ideology
  108. Great article on wealth creation, trade, regulation and taxes
  109. Bush's deficit is actually $600 Billion
  110. Oops, turns out police work is more effective at fighting terrorism after all
  111. Finally, the MSM calls McCain on his lies about Obama's hospital visit!
  112. So McCain's "ambivalent" about running on his POW record? Right.
  113. What if the fairness doctrine were reinstated?
  114. McCain's Oil Drilling Hoax
  115. Exxon posts record $11.68 billion profit
  116. If McCain were a Democrat.............
  117. barak flip flops on drilling
  118. municipal votes in black alabama counties being sold for crack cocaine
  119. McCain's lack of good judgement
  120. so just what is a wind fall profit?
  121. Remember when Bush claimed that our "energy crisis" was his most important task?
  122. The "WMD" we should be worried about
  123. The Republican Economy
  124. The selling out of our govt. to private interests
  125. of course its about race...
  126. It's not about Oil. Its about politics
  127. Let's hear it for public libraries!
  128. So what energy legislation has McCain helped pass in 26 years in Congress?
  129. Republican nonsense
  130. Iraqi govt. has $79 billion surplus!
  131. McCain's not a very good husband
  132. Who's the "elitist" again??
  133. mexican military attacking U.S. border troops
  134. Totally disgusted!
  135. Rush Limbaugh encourages his listeners to riot
  136. Worst Judgement Ever
  137. Let's not forget the lies that brought us to war!
  138. 25 hints your not voting for obama
  139. common sense the left can't handle about oil drilling
  140. VP prediction thread
  141. The audacity of resume-padding
  142. yall seen this? obama's half bro in Africa?
  143. Obama's Running Mate
  144. Woe is me said the democrat
  145. Democratic convestion and nobody's talking?
  146. McCain Pulls A Stunner
  147. So Much For An Abstinence Only Platform - Sarah Palin's 17 Year Old Pregnant
  148. So flame away but I've got to say it.
  149. Dems showing class in MN... brings a question to mind
  150. GOP, sensing a loss, tries to re-ignite the culture wars
  151. IS this woman really ready for the big time?
  152. McCain's no "maverick"!
  153. Economics: why McCain would be better for all Americans
  154. Sort of interesting maybe...the experience "card'?
  155. A question for repubs...
  156. Help Bush's legacy live on...........
  157. Hello again
  158. Factcheck's account of Obama's speech
  159. the danger of obama's tax increases
  160. Fact Checking Palin and her Supporters
  161. Do you think the majority of republicans want change?
  162. I'm Back!
  163. Palin and McCain's shotgun marriage
  164. I think McCain's maverick label is wrong.
  165. The Resentment Strategy
  166. splain this tax quote from obama please
  167. Infanticide and Obama
  168. Sliming Palin -- factcheck
  169. We Will Not Be Silenced
  170. Hillary Supporter on Obama vs Palin
  171. Palin's Pentacostical background
  172. Palin's a quick study for lying
  173. Why are gas prices still this high?
  174. Paul Krugman - Liberal Bias
  175. Did anyone know that....
  176. Hey everyone -- I know there's a lot of lurkers out there
  177. Alert: Dems send 30 Lawyers to Alaska
  178. One last comment....electoral college
  179. ademption and picachoo... and passionswatcher
  180. Lipstick on a Pig..
  181. Barry's Tax Cuts
  182. Barry's Earmarks...
  183. Barry the Community Organizer
  184. OK..I am confused...
  185. Barry vs. Sarah
  186. Tribune Article on candidates
  187. So what does the board think...
  188. Liberal Tolerence
  189. Biden is a dope
  190. I think the country
  191. Fact of the Day
  192. Dear Abby
  193. The truth about those earmarks
  194. Censoring "The Path to 9-11"
  195. McPalin rattles Team Obama
  196. McCain's integrity
  197. Questions about Palin's ethics
  198. McCain campaign desperately trying to squash investigation into Palin's actions
  199. Palin charged rape victims for 'rape kits' while mayor
  200. Say it Ain't so Joe
  201. Lipstick, Dipstick
  202. Poll Shows McCain Pulling Ahead
  203. McCain's lying again.................
  204. Palin's lies about the bridge to nowhere
  205. Palin's interview: incoherent, rehearsed and evasive
  206. What it really comes down to
  207. Bush finally authorizes effort to get bin Laden
  208. gibson's gaffe...
  209. Alaskonomics
  210. The real Sarah Palin: A big spending, tax hiker
  211. Remind you of anyone?
  212. Alaskan women reject Palin
  213. McCain's campaign of lies: journalists starting to pay attention
  214. Obama to Tax Homeowners Insurance
  215. Stopping at nothing to win
  216. ALL taxes going up under Barak
  217. REAL healthcare reform
  218. Experience: You Decide
  219. just for you reines.. who pays the taxes and obama's redistribution scheme
  220. Obamamania -
  221. What I want from each candidate
  222. Obama in Iraq...
  223. I guess we are all in the insurance
  224. Stupid Polls
  225. Interesting read on Greenspan and the mess now.
  226. Can we just admit
  227. Bail out companies?
  228. Bush's legacy of squandering taxpayer money
  229. Sen. Sanders: "If a company's 'too big to fail' then it's too big to exist."
  230. What do you think about this?
  231. Paulson wants no limits on CEO pay
  232. McCain loses his head
  233. The hypocrisy marches on.............
  234. Voters trust Dems more with the economy for good reason
  235. A Reality Check on 'Change'
  236. Maliki Suggests Bush Pushed To Extend U.S. Presence In Iraq To Help McCain
  237. Journalists, Start Your Skepticism
  238. quote from McCain in 2006 about freddy and fannie
  239. McCain wants to push back debate?
  240. The Media Has Gone Totally Nuts
  241. This will keep her busy until the election!
  242. The 'Shadow" banking system
  243. Who saw Pres. Bush last night?
  244. Palin's answer to the passport question
  245. Thinking About McCain
  246. Watching the debate: Obama speaks to points; McCain rambles in platitudes!
  247. McCain has gone goofy! What happened?
  248. Debates... nearly a tie, I think.
  249. Palin- Time to go
  250. America needs a New Deal