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  1. Blackwater uses "independent contractors" to avoid taxes
  2. McCain advisors lobbied for Airbus Deal
  3. Average American investors should thank Elliot Spitzer
  4. clinton and obama are lying about the poor and mid class
  5. Obama's Spiritual Leader
  6. Here's why we should have been
  7. McCain revealed
  8. Top Iraq Contractor skirts US taxes offshore
  9. Seroiusly, the man's an idiot..lame duck president
  10. Bush thinks fighting in Afghanistan is "romantic"
  11. Texas- most polluted state
  12. Obama: On my faith and my church
  13. Batten down the hatches, folks
  14. Bush personally intervenes in EPA decision!
  15. Beloved state (R) Representive on Gays..AND how
  16. Obama's prez bid is over
  17. The Iraq war IS the economy!
  18. House Repubs gag witnesses against credit card companies
  19. Petraeus: Iraqi Leaders Not Making 'Sufficient Progress'
  20. Finally- GOP health care plan!
  21. My Goat Ate the Economy
  22. Greenspan: Worst financial mess since WWII
  23. Should John McCain be smeared for this?
  24. Obama caught in pew!
  25. Four more years?
  26. Good speech by Obama
  27. McCain confuses Shiites with Sunni Muslims
  28. Fox Newsroom beseiged by bedbugs!
  29. Why were we attacked? An exploration of Wright's comments
  30. Alex & Jenny or any Chicagan...Question
  31. At least no one's calling Obama a Muslim now
  32. Cost of Iraq war now exceeds Vietnam
  33. Story behind the story: The Clinton myth
  34. Hagel says it may be time for a new third party
  35. Partying Like it's 1929
  36. Milestone of 4,000 US troops killed met
  37. Wow- What a surprise!
  38. democrats tax plan
  39. Today in Iraq
  40. Vast Ice Shelf breaking off TWICE as fast as scientists predicted
  41. More flip=flopping for McCain?
  42. Painful things Clinton should know
  43. Leahy Calls For Clinton to Quit
  44. Bush decides ro deal with credit crisis
  45. Obama says he would have left church...
  46. Almost 60% of US doctors want national health care
  47. Great American Hypocrites
  48. The biggest April Fool's joke of all- Oil executives testify!
  49. New report: Torture was instigated by highest level in BA, not underlings
  50. Report: Republicans lead 'pork" spending lists
  51. Heavy troop deployments are called a "major risk".
  52. Iraq "progress" is "superficial"
  53. McCain endorses Obama
  54. Surge results in Iraqi women losing almost all of their rights
  55. McCain's temperament is not suited to being president
  56. Remember, they are liars
  57. A different kind of election
  58. Free Tibet!
  59. Bush to announce combat tours to go from 15 months to 12
  60. Study: France first in health care, US dead last
  61. Should Israel be crafting our foreign policy? Spying in the Defense Dept!
  62. Elitist My Ass
  63. U.S. troops suffer worst week this year
  64. Upstste home to nation's only veterans suicide hotline
  65. Are you paying for corporate fat cats?
  66. McSame flip-flops on mortgage position
  67. it is so sad that so many people will vot for obama
  68. Obama -- fudging with the truth
  69. The presidency and the constitution
  70. Obama - A new kind of Politics? Really?
  71. Bitter? Of course. Here's why.
  72. Obama, bitterness, Meet the Press, and the old Politics
  73. Things that the US press ignored last week
  74. Rural PA columnist says Obama's on target
  75. A McCain Proposal
  76. Reines -- The "fabrications" you requested
  77. Excellent job "global warming" alarmists....
  78. Interesting article for April 15
  79. Obama would ask his AG to "immediately review" potential crimes of BA
  80. Sad news about Arlen Specter
  81. All three candidates call for cvlosing gunshow loophole
  82. Is air pollution killing the bees?
  83. The Women from the LDC compound
  84. Interesting from Media Matters
  85. Factcheck on the Oil arguments of both dem candidates
  86. Clinton acknowledges that there's no good reason for her to stay in race
  87. The Debate: A Shameful Night for the US Media
  88. The Obama Campaign: Consent of, or Contempt for, the People
  89. Joint Chiefs say policies need to change
  90. Bush still has no strategy for bin Laden
  91. SEan Hannity connected to White Supremist Hal Turner
  92. Robert Reich endorses Obama
  93. The Obama "mistake": Breaking the taboo on discussing class in America
  94. Important questions for George Stephanopoulos to ask McCain this weekend
  95. maybe obama owes stephanopolous a thank you
  96. Psychics see big trouble over new laws
  97. How the Pentagon has been using the media to sell this war
  98. For many, the boom that wasn't
  99. McSame's "respectful" campaign?
  100. More "respectful" campaigning from McSame?
  101. Reines - wanted to reply to you up here...
  102. McCain clueless about the economy
  103. Public documents? Public property?
  104. I'm putting my head in the sand
  105. Gas prices up in a week as much as McSame's "gas tax holiday" amount
  106. The Bill Clinton we all knew and loved
  107. Who's the Elitist? John McCain's $2546.56 Spending Spree at Barney's
  108. No kidding!
  109. President Carter achieves breakthrough with Hamas
  110. An Earth Day rant
  111. Good-bye Ted Stevens!
  112. "Ka-ching, ka-ching" goes the McCain trolley
  113. Results of conservative economy: Disparities in life expectancy increasing
  114. Disapproval of Bush breaks record
  115. Clueless in America
  116. Hillary won ... decisively.
  117. The Low Road to Victory
  118. McCain's lack of candor on reproductive rights
  119. After Hillary- bitterness?
  120. Clinton threatens to "obliterate" Iran
  121. Clinton's win still leaves her the underdog
  122. Just how secure is your employer-based health insurance?
  123. Climate change 'may put world at war'
  124. Getting real
  125. McCain's boy Hagee says that Katrina was God damning America
  126. AW........No Grandpa Fred VP?
  127. What McCain left out while in New Orleans
  128. If caucuses represent the will of the people.. then why....
  129. The myth that Obama only wins caucus states
  130. Rush Limbaugh shoes how much he REALLY loves America
  131. Most Americans support raising taxes on the wealthy
  132. By the People, For the People
  133. Bush made permanent
  134. Rev. Wright. Does he not get it that he's damaging Obama?
  135. Long time Republican Sen from my state takes issue
  136. "Gas tax holiday"- a stupid idea
  137. Sen. James Webb's new GI Bill
  138. John McCain's serious foreign policy
  139. Wait.....I thought the surge was "working"?
  140. Democrats registering in record numbers.....Republicans aren't!
  141. Dumb as we wanna be
  142. Family Feud?
  143. DNC Chairman under Bill Clinton: Unite behind Obama
  144. Bumping this thread up................
  145. What is McCain thinking?!?
  146. Obama's Oregon plan... what a joke!
  147. Rasmussen: 58% Say Obama Denounced Wright for Political Convenience, not Outrage
  148. Why exactly is Obama still considered more electable?
  149. What you all going to spend your tax rebate check on?
  150. Obama's spiritual mentors
  151. An old campaign in a new digital era
  152. Missing records
  153. The media, the right and 1988: endless deja vu
  154. What a gas
  155. the stupidity of barak and hillary on windfall profit taxes
  156. Legitimate Questions of Judgment, Experience
  157. How low will she go? Clinton's shameless pandering
  158. Why aren't we hearing more about McCain's Reverend friend?
  159. Clinton puts her own ambition ahead of her party
  160. warmers are headed for a tailspin
  161. Illegal Obama voting day tactics -- caught on youtube
  162. So Obama has smeared his way to victory with his campaign of hatred
  163. Republicans want to show "solidarity" with Bush!
  164. Tiggermom -- Please kee posting here!!
  165. Pretty intense.. but the post makes some valid points. Warning - it is about "race"
  166. An argument for taking it to the convention
  167. simple answer to our energy crisis
  168. The Uses and Abuses of History
  169. How the military analyst program controlled news coverage
  170. You want MORE B.S.?
  171. Barack Obama's precious gift: grace under pressure
  172. Anti-Republican mood reaching historical porportions
  173. Can people handle the truth about war?
  174. Our National disgrace
  175. Where is this money gonna come from?
  176. questions barak will have to answer
  177. Clinton won Indiana with less than 1% of the vote!
  178. Um....about those weapons that were supposedly made in Iran?
  179. Only the Repubs: God wants their candidate to lose!
  180. Gallup: Bush more damaging to McCain than Wright is to Obama
  181. Running Mates
  182. John McCain- from independent maverick to incoherent conservative
  183. Wow- How'd you like to work with this guy?
  184. Wanted: Leadership! Sigh..............
  185. House Republicans plagiarize drug ad for their new slogan
  186. Whom do you trust? Not the GOP!
  187. Bush's sacrifice for the war: He gave up playing golf.
  188. How Barack Obama played the race card and blamed Hillary Clinton.
  189. Clinton navigates ‘perfect storm’ of naysayers
  190. How the Bush administration deals with disabled vets
  191. Questions for McCain
  192. Did Bush really think SA would say yes?
  193. GOP goes to war with Obama over foreign policy
  194. Obama's appeasement accordng to Kevin James (talk show host)
  195. Who's "appeasing"?
  196. Huckabee jokes about Obama getting shot
  197. Mission Accomplished..........er, in 2013!
  198. Pity Party
  199. America: John McCain is lying right to your face
  200. Good news for Democrats
  201. McCain's lobbyist problem
  202. You Broke It, You Own It -- Obama Style
  203. GOP's snowy white state
  204. Warnoing: McCain Isn’t Bush III
  205. Obama's experience in no way compares to Lincoln's - or other great POTUS - check it
  206. Potential Running Mate for McCain?
  207. Hating Hilary
  208. Obama's Super Delegates & Money Machine
  209. Olbermann's Friday Night Rant
  210. straight talk on universal health care
  211. Wow, that McCain has his finger on the pulse of the country!
  212. McCain admitted in 2000 he'd be too old to run for pres
  213. Another result of eight years of Bush
  214. Come to your senses, you 40-per-centers...........
  215. What does Memorial Day mean to you?
  216. Check out these plots
  217. plots again - something weird in last post??
  218. why we don't need liberals nominating judges
  219. McGlellan now a liberal!!
  220. check out this wasted global warming money trail
  221. Old -- But worth it - about the Obama camp 's memo accusing Clinton's of racist acts
  222. Joan Walsh from Salon on Clinton bashing
  223. Dangerous Liaison by Isaac Chotiner
  224. Keith Olbermann Blows Last Remaining Gasket
  225. More barak stupidity
  226. How much money will warmer legislation cost you?
  227. tax dollars intended for the needy not getting past the greedy
  228. which states offer workers comp for illegal aliens?
  229. More from Myanmar...
  230. How the MSM went along with the White House and pushed for war
  231. Time to wake up Dems for "HOPE"
  232. why do dems support voter fraud?
  233. who will be celebrating CARBON BELCH DAY on June 12th?
  234. Military suicide rate continues to climb
  235. After four years of stalling by White House, climate report finally released
  236. One media outfit that got it RIGHT
  237. Sticker Shock and Awe at the Pentagon
  238. Fake Change & Florida spending
  239. Steve - Gene Lyons piece you requested
  240. The Clinton meltdown- let's move on!
  241. McCain's views on health, housing not the same as yours, mine
  242. Farewell, Fair Weather
  243. Obaman/Clinton = Big Mistake
  244. How the warmer bill will destroy our economy
  245. barak's past actions are more important than his recent talk
  246. barak's commie past and media hypocricy
  247. Majority of Americans support talking to our enemies
  248. BE -- Question for you...
  249. McCain's (yawn) speech Tuesday night
  250. Bush's third term