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  1. Voter fraud in New Hampshire
  2. Pat Robertson- If you oppose Trump, you oppose God.
  3. Carnivale in Italy....
  4. Pruitt confirmed for EPA: Republican congress will pay for this betrayal
  5. The threat to the free press is a threat to democracy
  6. Paid, bussed-in protesters? Really?
  7. What was she expecting? Tolerance? Acceptance?
  8. Tom Perez picked as DNC Chair
  9. Sessions did meet with Russian envoy, but did not disclose it under testimony
  10. Another conspiracy theory - Obama's wire-tapping Trump
  11. OK, problem solved. The poor don't want healthcare
  12. Judge freezes Trump's travel ban.
  13. Trump promises evidence of Obama's wiretapping soon
  14. Trump's disapproval rating at 58%
  15. Toni Lauren suspended from "The Blaze"
  16. Trumpcare fails and Democrats are to blame
  17. Newt Gingrich- "We need to go back to teaching people how to be American."
  18. Bannon- You have to vote for Trumpcare.
  19. People still believe in Pizzagate.
  20. George Takei running for congress.
  21. Taking care of the poor, and caring for the environment. Goes in Politics??
  22. Mass Shootings still happen.....Press looks away?
  23. Miscarriages must be kept to term.....
  24. Steve Bannon removed from National Security Council
  25. We're bombing Syria.......How will Russia respond?
  26. Great News in Politics!
  27. Nikki Haley gets earful from audience at Women's Summit 2017
  28. Passenger kicked off United flight
  29. China warns US and N Korea
  30. "Nevertheless, He Persisted..."
  31. National land monuments in jeopardy
  32. Tax plan
  33. "Build the Wall!"
  34. The average Republican congressman does not know what "preexisting condition" means.
  35. Rape is Never The Victim's Fault
  36. EPA page on climate change deleted by Trump - Reposted by the City of Chicago!
  37. Emmanuel Marcon wins French Presidency.
  38. Sally Yates 2020!
  39. Mika & Joe say that Kellyanne [secretly] hates Trump. LOL. Who doesn't?
  40. Memo says Trump asked Comey to end Flynn investigation
  41. Trump just doesn't get it. Or anything. Talking to Russia is OK, because he said so
  42. Mueller named to special counsel
  43. GOP push aside Trump's budget
  44. Maybe we can let him out of the basket......
  45. Hillary trolls Trump at commencement speech.
  46. America's military is built to help defense contractors, not troops.
  47. Oregon Republican wants militias on payroll......
  48. Trump moves to return Russian compounds in Maryland
  49. Reaction to Kathy Griffin is over the top.
  50. Trump's lies endanger and embarrass America.
  51. Michael Bloomberg Offers $15 Million to Make Up for US Paris Accord funding
  52. U.S. evangelical groups pan Trump's climate accord exit
  53. Opera Politico -- "Impeacheria!"
  54. More proof that Conservatives can get as nasty as they want.....
  55. Casual dining restaurants see sales slump......Blame millenials!
  56. What consensus.....
  57. Iceland bans White Southern Baptists
  58. Texas sees high rate of teen births
  59. Puerto Rico -51st state?
  60. Handel wins Georgia special election.
  61. Something on Jill Stein
  62. Noah's Ark museum a financial failure
  63. Another for the "passenger behaving badly" file
  64. The new inner city- Rural America?
  65. Media more likely to cover terrorist attacks if the perpetrators are Muslim.
  66. Trump's work ethic.......
  67. Another one bites the dust.......
  68. The Republican Party is no longer conservative.
  69. A complete failure of Trump
  70. First woman Marine to fly an F-18 in combat is running for Congress in Kentucky!
  71. For those paying attention to Bitcoin.....
  72. Pharma Bro convicted of fraud.
  73. Dear Alt-Right.....
  74. Senator McCain's statement about Charlottesville alt-right terrorist attack.
  75. FB quote truth: "Nazi = bad. Period."
  76. If you don't like Trump, The Government Wants To Know Who You Are...
  77. Why Joel Osteen didn't open his church for Harvey victims
  78. Trump's powerful words of support...
  79. ACA Enrollment: Starts November 1, Ends December 15.
  80. 10 women who spread Alt-Right propaganda
  81. Brock Turner in a criminal justice textbook.
  82. Nixon and the beginnings of the War on Drugs
  83. FBI investigating 1000 "fine people"
  84. One possible candidate for 2020
  85. I wonder what travel ban would have prevented this......
  86. 30000 jobs lost.
  87. The hypocrisy of conservative men.
  88. Why conspiracy theories make people feel special.
  89. The Paradox of Tolerance.
  90. Where is Blue Lives Matter on this?
  91. Donald Trump is like a crooked Megachurch pastor/Televangelist.
  92. Privatized foster care?
  93. Kid Rock NOT running for Senate.
  94. The Religious Right has come out of the closet......
  95. Catalonia's independence from Spain.....
  96. I wonder if he'll actually get the message.....
  97. Coal's future still remains bleak......
  98. Blue States practice what Red States preach
  99. 5 common traits shared by Trump supporters
  100. The most and least Federally dependent states
  101. Look here......A real-life Wil-E Coyote.......
  102. Chuck Grassley- We spend too much on booze, women, and movies.