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  1. Trump vs Pope Francis
  2. States to avoid if you are not white and male.
  3. US gun violence deaths vs terrosism deaths
  4. Syria: US vs Russsia
  5. Planned Parenthood video maker admits he's a liar, and the video is a lie too.
  6. The Pope and Kim Davis
  7. How the UK and Australia confronted gun control
  8. Inuits challenge with Arctic and global warming
  9. America's richest and poorest cities.
  10. Mass shooting with a musket?
  11. Six GOP Presidential Hopefuls Spent More Money Than They Raised in 3rd Quarter
  12. Moms of Benghazi victims and the Hillary investigations.
  13. GOP already planning to impeach Hillary
  14. Ahmed Mohamed's family moving to gatar after being vilified
  15. Joe Biden out.
  16. Tony Blair's apology
  17. Hobby Lobby under investigation - Connection to ISIS?
  18. Police searching blacks more, but find more illegal stuff with whites......
  19. Democrats take Republican cancelled debate slot.....
  20. Anonymous unhoods politicians with ties to KKK
  21. Keystone REJECTED!
  22. Lessig out.
  23. Carson and his " opinion" the Pryamids where created by Joseph to store grain
  24. Trump on SNL
  25. FBI foils white supremacist plot
  26. Terrorist attacks in Paris
  27. Winners and losers of the debates
  28. Bobby Jindal OUT!
  29. How is it that so many don't care about Trump's fact checking? Still #1 in polls!
  30. Shooting at Planned Parenthood.
  31. Honduras Vs Switzerland......
  32. Daesh weakening?
  33. When murder is the norm....
  34. Armed protesters at mosque
  35. What social science tells us about politcal parties
  36. Trump is devouring the GOP party
  37. "Pharma-Bro" arrested
  38. Lindsey Graham OUT!
  39. The minimum wage and self-service kiosks
  40. Bad news for O'Malley fans......
  41. Cliven Bundy's "militia" at it again.....
  42. Domestic terrorism a bigger threat to the US than Daesh.
  43. State of the Union
  44. Sarah Palin's son arrested
  45. Obama blows up Daesh's money, they now have to cut salaries.
  46. Why Trump is all about the polls and should not be a serious candidate
  47. The question Cruz had trouble answering on Obamacare
  48. Trump's bigotry and passing along the bully mentality
  49. Iowa Caucus Dropouts.
  50. Rubio skewered by Christie in debate for canned memorized statements
  51. New Hampshire Dropouts.
  52. Scalia dead, GOP already plotting to block replacements.
  53. Trump calls Cruz unstable. Ugh...pot calling kettle????
  54. Hate groups on the rise
  55. Jeb! OUT!
  56. Another drug testing experiment ending in failure.
  57. Another shooting......Another deranged white guy......
  58. Nothing offens Trump supporters
  59. Hillary wins South Carolina.
  60. Good news from Iran......
  61. Joe Biden at the Oscars.
  62. Bill O'Reilly loses custody of his kids....
  63. Super Tuesday big win for Clinton and Trump
  64. My Name is Malala --- very good documentary for all
  65. Super Saturday Primaries.
  66. GOP beloved Reagan could not win a Republican primary today
  67. At CPAC and Trump rallies ..no guns permitted
  68. Rubio OUT!
  69. Carson endorsement was for "advisory role" in Trump's White House
  70. Sheriff- We don't need rape kits
  71. Trump's business failures...
  72. Obama visits Cuba
  73. Big week for Sanders
  74. Trump: Echoes of George Wallace
  75. Yet another lost custody battle for the Palins.
  76. Why libertarians are mostly men.
  77. Interracial couple evicted.
  78. Homeschoolers crying "discrimination"
  79. Panama Papers- Iceland Prime Minister resigns.
  80. New numbers on Kansas' Tea Party experiment.
  81. Is Paul Ryan a no go....for real?
  82. Affluenzaa Teen gets 2 years in jail.
  83. Trump: "Mexico will pay for the wall one way or another"
  84. The spread of religion and the illusion of "freedom of religion" in history.
  85. Sarah Palin mocks Bill Nye and says he's as much as scientist as she is
  86. Tim Tebow running for congress?
  87. Thanks to Bernie wwe now know how many big corporations don't pay taxes
  88. Clooney/Clinton huge money raising event
  89. Harriet Tubman on the $20
  90. Happy Earth Day
  91. Questions for the Anti-Transgenders.....
  92. Sanders says he lost primaries to Clinton, because the poor don't vote
  93. The men who led the impeachment of Bill Clinton
  94. Once again something that gets very little outrage from the right.
  95. Who would be the least presidential President?
  96. Cruz OUT!
  97. Concealed weapons permits have now tripled and so have shootings by citizens
  98. Filipino historical revisionism and its millenials.....
  99. Quiverfulls in the news again....
  100. Hillary's Emails
  101. Daesh burying deserters alive.
  102. Social Conservatives are warming to Trump
  103. On more than one issue Trump sounds like a Democrat
  104. The Christian Myth of America's Moral Decay....
  105. Liberty University Law graduates have high unemployment rate
  106. Do you think Hillary Clinton is corrupt and untrustworthy?
  107. Are millenials lazy?
  108. Voters reject Bundy-loving candidates.
  109. So.....my absentee ballot is in the mail.....
  110. This is why I question stories that question global warming/climate change.
  111. Trump campaign broke?
  112. A bad day to be a Republican
  113. Hillary now has enough
  114. "Trump: Take your border and.....
  115. Sanders reason for fighting on ......hoping for an indictment of Clinton?
  116. Rape culture- Starts at middle school?
  117. Conservative responses to Orlando shooting
  118. Something about the other anti-gay terrorist plot.
  119. Trump given a standing ovation by evanglicals
  120. Democrats stage sit-in, Paul Ryan cuts C-Span cameras...
  121. Brexit- UK to leave the EU, David Cameron resigns.
  122. Clinton Campaign- Benghazi report filled with discredited conspiracy theories
  123. KKK dreams of rising again
  124. Clinton email probe closed
  125. Trump praises Saddam, but his facts are wrong
  126. The NRA and Philando Castile.
  127. The GOP's national health crisis.....
  128. Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton
  129. Trump promises "showbiz" at convention
  130. The one group responsible for America's culture of violence......
  131. Why Daesh hates France.
  132. Baton Rouge shooter- Connection to Sovereign Citizens movement.
  133. D-llst celeb were all Trump could get for 1st night of the convention
  134. "The Art of the Deal" ghostwriter gets a warning from the Trump camp
  135. Hillary Clinton picks running mate.
  136. Mother of Benghazi victim tells GOP to stop invoking her son's death for points
  137. Sanders DNC speech.
  138. Michelle Obama's DNC Speech.
  139. Blue Lives Matter?
  140. Trump vs the Khans.
  141. Hitler's rise to power
  142. Donald Trump - God Emperor?
  143. Trump attacks debate schedule.
  144. Russia, Trump, and Wikileaks.
  145. Third party candidates..do they have a chance?
  146. Wikileaks outs Saudi gays.
  147. IRS may start taxing Televangelists.
  148. Alt-right?
  149. The Black Athlete Code of Conduct
  150. Elizabeth Smart speaking out against the Mormon church.
  151. Libertarianism and Donald Trump
  152. Strict Disciplinarianism, riots, and athletes.
  153. Mark Cuban offers Trump $10 million for charity...
  154. Trump invites Gennifer Flowers to first debate...
  155. Why poor rural Amrica loves Trump
  156. I was worried before the debate, but feeling better now.
  157. Trump's lie of the day....just picking one....lol
  158. Johnson/Weld and Stein...nothing more than spoilers
  159. Did Marla Maples leak Trump's tax returns?
  160. Conservatives, Sex, and Marriage
  161. Mike Pence and the failure of the Republican Establishment
  162. Newspaper endorsements
  163. More cops are killed by.....
  164. Trump's apology?
  165. Another debate, another disaster for Donald Trump
  166. Hillary's response to the Supreme Court question in debate #2, and Merrick Garland
  167. Anybody here have Marijuana on your ballot this November??
  168. Hillary looks at cat gifs.
  169. The Onion has "Melania" on Donald: "Not the Complete Monster I Married"
  170. Trump touts rigged election?
  171. Saying one won't accept the final reults of an election should be disqualifying
  172. #TrumpBookReport on Twitter
  173. Pass it on. Millennials listen to a commencement address...
  174. Almost complete list of things Trump has insulted over the last year.
  175. Jill Stein's investment portfolio
  176. Is this the beginning of the end of the Supreme Court as we know it?
  177. Media coverage and false equivalences between Clinton/Trump
  178. And now Gary Johnson.....
  179. The Second Tier of American society prevails again.
  180. Something rarely talked about- White Poverty
  181. Meet Richard and Paula......
  182. Queen Elizabeth offers to Restore British Rule over the U.S.A. (Borowitz: New Yorker)
  183. Outrageous Xenophobia! This is terrible.
  184. Hanging chads and all. Reforms? What happened?
  185. Republicans better off losing by a landslide.
  186. Conspiracy theories driving Clinton haters
  187. Milania's speech and vow to work aganist cyber-bullying
  188. The "Silent Majority"
  189. Glenn Beck says Obama made him a better man??
  190. Hate to promote something on Facebook, but "Pantsuit Nation" is really wonderful
  191. From my earliest awareness of elections I wanted to vote for a woman president
  192. If she loses (and as of now, it looks like she will)
  193. For all you Third Partiers out there.....
  194. As for Bernie vs Hillary.....
  195. The exact right thing would break the swirling trance of catastrophic thought...
  196. Michael Moore's Five Point Plan, and my Two Point response.
  197. A "Dear John" letter to us all from American Values ... (The Onion)
  198. From FB: If Muslims are required to register,
  199. If you have children.....
  200. One glimmer of hope.....
  201. Chelsea Clinton running for Congress?
  202. Helpful advice from The Onion (?)
  203. Myths that cost the Democrats
  204. Could Electoral College elect Clinton?
  205. Bernie Sanders' new promotion
  206. Duck Dynasty canceled.
  207. Trump making the White House white again
  208. Romney...the newest sellout?
  209. Flag burners should lose citizenship?
  210. Voter fraud from tbe tweeter-in-chief
  211. Black Santa?
  212. Easement for Dakota Access Pipeline denied.
  213. Franklin Graham- There's no pride in computer programming.
  214. Putin wanted revenge against Clinton
  215. Trump doesn't need intelligence briefings.....
  216. Putin and Trump are stealing America.
  217. War on drugs
  218. ABC (i.e. Disney) "Christmas Light Fight". WTFestivus?
  219. Dylann Roof guilty
  220. Conservative purity vs Progressive purity
  221. The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America.
  222. New nuke arms race for Trump and Putin
  223. Trump friend wants Obama dead in 2017 and Michelle sent back to Africa
  224. How Republics end.
  225. Resentment on the Night Shift at Walmart
  226. Hillary Clinton's next move- Mayor of New York?
  227. The two Republican demons- Obamacare and Planned Parenthood.
  228. US Envoys asked to quit before Trump's inauguration.
  229. Jared Kushner to join as senior white house advisor
  230. Trump's Tweet attack on John Lewis
  231. CNN Press Pass denied.
  232. Worst. Cabinet. Ever.
  233. Inaugural Address 2017
  234. What a DAY! Are today's marches all over the world "Politics" or "Pier"?
  235. SNL's "To Sir With Love"
  236. "Alternative Facts"
  237. Trump plans to kill these 17 agencies
  238. EPA science must pass scrutiny by Trump politcal staff
  239. Steve Bannon says media should just shut their mouths and listen ... to Trump
  240. Trump pressures parks dept. to find proof he had the most inaugual crowd ever!
  241. Arrivals blocked due to immigration freeze.
  242. Sin causes climate change.
  243. Trump on vacation.....
  244. Trump badgers and brags to Australian PM
  245. Bullying on the rise post election
  246. GOP Member of Congress list of priorities...
  247. Trump's alledged 78 terrorist attacks the press "didn't cover"
  248. Jill Stein on Betsy Devos confirmation
  249. Trump's border wall soars to over 22 billion
  250. Flynn resigns