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  1. Something on independents
  2. Not sure if this is a hoax but...
  3. LBJ's War on Poverty
  4. Obamacare works!
  5. He calls himself "small government"?
  6. Bad news for Christie fans...
  7. Real (and historically documented) tyranny vs. the Obama Administration
  8. Something on job numbers.
  9. Charity...
  10. Good news: Humanity is less violent.
  11. Republican image still muddled.
  12. Red states have high divorce rates...
  13. Pro-life vs science.
  14. Democrats to blame for Republican scandals...
  15. Most dangerous states in America
  16. The Food Stamp Capitol of the US
  17. About boys leaving high school...
  18. 9th circut court of appeals knocks down San Diego's gun laws
  19. Not good
  20. Pat Robertson is at it again.
  21. Chevron giving out free pizza...
  22. FCC in newsrooms...
  23. Abstinence-only failures
  24. ???
  25. The Tea Party and hate.
  26. Things to ask a Ted Nugent fan
  27. Most miserable states
  28. I bet she's doing it because of the financial consequences, but a win's a win.
  29. Signs religious freedom is under attack
  30. Rape culture
  31. Religion and Russian military buildup
  32. Next up on FOX News...
  33. Is this crazy or what?
  34. CPAC and minority outreach
  35. Most and least educated...
  36. Unions vs Koch Bros
  37. Shameful
  38. Persecution fantasies.
  39. Fred Phelps dying... and excommunicated?
  40. Another "world wide protest" goes bust.
  41. Fred Phelps dead.
  42. Ted Nugent paid to NOT appear...
  43. Creationists upset over "Cosmos"
  44. I figured something like this would happen.
  45. Buying elections
  46. Diamonds are a Televangelist's best friend?
  47. Jobs with the most psychopaths...
  48. A bit of local SF/California news...
  49. ACA hits goal
  50. What is the moral of this story?
  51. This is "Small Government"?
  52. Supreme Court rules..no limit on political funding
  53. "No one pays attention to lunatic street preachers"
  54. Most miserable and most content cities.
  55. Guns and domestic violence
  56. Chelsea Clinton pregnant
  57. Things liberals need to learn about politics.
  58. Bad news for Rush Limbaugh fans
  59. Cliven Bundy on black people.
  60. Christian purity culture...
  61. CNN tells a beautiful story...
  62. How did banks become so big?
  63. Another upstanding citizen...
  64. Cosmos and Climate Change
  65. FOX News once again says something sexist.
  66. Even AlQaida can't condone this one...
  67. Bad news Tea Partiers...
  68. Fetal pain and common sense...
  69. Gun myths fact-checked
  70. This is disgusting.
  71. A little something on Common Core
  72. The next target for the Religious Right's marriage crusade...
  73. The American Dream...
  74. Recession and the reshaping of our economy.
  75. Eric Cantor
  76. I thought capitalism promoted competition...
  77. Iraq again?
  78. Obama a dictator?
  79. Anyone notice a pattern?
  80. Something to ask a gun nut...
  81. Debating libertarians
  82. Hobby Lobby and Seven Deadly Sins
  83. Neo-conservatism and communism?
  84. Tight state/Loose state
  85. Nigerian girls escape Boko Haram
  86. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"
  87. Is this really a protest?
  88. Things made by prisoners.
  89. Another Red-State failure.
  90. So... Who is the "good guy with a gun"?
  91. Militia movements from the Whiskey Rebellion to Cliven Bundy
  92. Kids growing up religious...
  93. A little something on Snowden. (It's been a while)
  94. Putin/Russia and MH17
  95. Top conservatives...
  96. Homeless woman who leaves kid in car for job interview; The verdict is in.
  97. Really Ted?
  98. Anyone familiar with Curt Clawson?
  99. Detroit's water situation
  100. Financial abuse...
  101. Reaganbook?
  102. Coal comes from God.
  103. Militias "guarding" the border...
  104. Ebola: The new AIDS?
  105. Bombing ISIS.
  106. Why "pro-business" policies tend to fail.
  107. Ferguson, MO... So many things to talk about...
  108. Rick Perry indicted
  109. Pat Robertson on Bob McDonnell
  110. Tea Party in a video game...
  111. America: Overworked, underpaid, no time off...
  112. The Tea Party: More corrupt than the government?
  113. Elliot Roger and Men's Rights groups.
  114. I had a feeling something like this would happen.
  115. Mars Hill churches closing
  116. Rush Limbaugh- Does anyone sponsor him anymore?
  117. Ayn Rand based community fails.
  118. Obamacare Enrollment.
  119. Lazy?
  120. Something you'll never see on FOX News...
  121. World's fourth largest lake dry...
  122. How sinful are we geographically?
  123. Illicit drug prices around the world, cheapest and most expensive.
  124. Changes in charitable giving
  125. The war on... Okra?
  126. The Nobel Peace Prize winners are...
  127. Southern Evangelicals dwindling...
  128. Good news from Africa.
  129. Another GOP surge
  130. Despotism vs Democracy
  131. Pray away the debt?
  132. How is this marriage sacred?
  133. Keystone pipeline vote failed
  134. Obama's immigration speech.
  135. 19 Kids And Counting cancelled...
  136. Frightening thing is, they welcome it...
  137. The myth of black on black crime...
  138. No indictment for Darren Wilson.
  139. Moses a Founding Father?
  140. America... Second most ignorant?
  141. We're #2...
  142. The Ku Klux Klan and the Republican Party
  143. Hurricane Katrina...
  144. 10 worst charities
  145. Tea Party Protest failures...
  146. Micheal Schiavo on Jeb Bush running for president.
  147. Obama to re-establish relations with Cuba
  148. Wait, don't conservatives believe homosexuality is a choice?
  149. Global Warming?
  150. Dish Network drops FOX News
  151. The wealth gap
  152. NYPD insubordination
  153. Oklahoma banning hoodies?
  154. Obama to veto Keystone XL.
  155. NAACP office bombed.....
  156. Suspended from school at 4?
  157. Salman Rushdie on Paris attack and religion
  158. He's flip-flopping already
  159. See? This is what happens when you don't vote......
  160. Maternal death rate and GOP counties
  161. San Francisco/Bay Area declining homicide rates
  162. What Martin Luther King said about Republicans (and a little abut Democrats too)
  163. State of the Union
  164. Global Warming believers a cult?
  165. King Abdullah is dead
  166. Measels outbreak......Another result of science denial.
  167. I'm wondering if any of their parents are disappointed......
  168. Obama's approval now at 50%
  169. Cadbury banned?
  170. I thought only communist and Islamic countries did this......
  171. Another reason why I love Pope Francis
  172. Bryan Fischer no longer AFA spokesperson.
  173. Kern withdraws anti-gay legislation
  174. One veteran's response to Republican "gratitude" for his service......
  175. What happened to "personal responsibility"?
  176. Police on Facebook
  177. Anyone notice something wrong with this picture?
  178. This is why I am turned off by both the "abstinence only" and "pro-life" crowds.
  179. The line between terrorism and warfare........
  180. This is "small government"?
  181. Food Stamp fraud
  182. Fusion Paranoia and conspiracy theorists
  183. Rand Paul
  184. Geraldo on rap music
  185. America's big terror threat.....
  186. Keystone VETOED!!!
  187. I've said it before, I'll say it again......
  188. And now Net Neutrality......
  189. Netanjahu speaks to Congress......
  190. Tell me again how it's a "gay disease"?
  191. Why libertarianism is a childish sham.
  192. Racsim in America lives on..SAE frat house
  193. Can't wait until he's laughed out of the Primaries.
  194. For-Profit education
  195. Most admired man in the world (at least according to this link)
  196. It's official!
  197. Gay marriage cause riots?
  198. The myth of the absent Black Father
  199. Riots and segregation.
  200. They're all the same.......
  201. "Ambassador Of God" sues gay people.......
  202. Amtrak train derails, Republicans cut budget.
  203. Death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  204. Where's the blaming of the video games and the welfare moms?
  205. Once again the Republicans choose fame and fortune over morality.
  206. Confederate Flag Burning.
  207. One of those things I said would eventually happen, but noone believed me.
  208. Clinton calls for automatic voter registration
  209. 10 states most dependent on the Federal Government.......
  210. States with the most gun violence.
  211. "The Donald" throws his hat or whatever.... into the ring
  212. Why right wing terrorism isn't called terrorism (at least by cable news)?
  213. Private prisons threaten to sue states
  214. Maybe this is a sign we're heading in the right direction......
  215. Marriage in the Bible (a reminder)
  216. Greece: No on austeriy
  217. The Republican immigration plan.
  218. Protestants do not exist, they use Catholic calendars.
  219. Confederate flags removed from South Carolina Capitol
  220. Latinos now majority in California.
  221. Some good news, and possibly some bad news......
  222. Global warming?
  223. Another mass shooting in the South.......
  224. Bobby Jidal suspends campaign.
  225. Bill Cosby's accusers
  226. Can you imagine the outrage if Obama said something like this?
  227. Why Southern Baptists are on the decline
  228. Just another example of right-wing hypocrisy......
  229. First GOP debate
  230. Rand Paul- "Some people work harder"
  231. Maternal mortality rate up in the US.
  232. Ben Carson: "I will create a Biblican Sin-based tax program".....
  233. Republicans vs ISIS
  234. Poverty myths busted.
  235. Heroin.......Now a white people drug?
  236. HIllary's Emails
  237. 21 Questons for Donald Trump......
  238. Sanders; Americans should not have to live in fear of medical bankruptcy.
  239. Kim Davis held in Contempt of Court.
  240. South Carolina seeking death penalty for Dylann Roof.
  241. A syphilis epidemic in a land of "abstinence only"?
  242. Isn't this the sign of "Evil Big Government"?
  243. Palin: Immigrants should speak Amercan!!
  244. 43% of Republicans say they could support a military overthrow.
  245. Rick Perry OUT!
  246. Elizabeth Warren: "Bring it on, Ted!"
  247. Ahmed built a clock, gets suspended, arrested.
  248. 1/5th of Evangelicals support Trump
  249. Scott Walker OUT!
  250. John Boehner, OUT!