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  1. layoffs 1100 more stimulas green jobs
  2. The Latest Unemployment Report
  3. Another theory about global warming...
  4. Someone should tell Rick Perry that asking for Federal Aid is "Socialism"
  5. GOP on verge of shocking upset in NYC
  6. Solyndra solar panel Company: what say you tree huggers?
  7. Didn't watch the debate... but did anyone see this...
  8. Solyndra spent 1.9 million lobbying until the very end to keep things "going"..
  9. GOP candidates want to keep one entitlement...
  10. lightsquared
  11. Chart on who has gotten richer/poorer over the years
  12. not just the rich...
  13. Who pays the most taxes?
  14. President Gomer Pyle
  15. putin
  16. The state of the nation in 2008...
  17. heathcare costs...
  18. dem wants to SUSPEND elections...
  19. Hank Williams
  20. robocalls and collections...
  21. fast and furious
  22. rick perry
  23. get ready for your utility bill to spike
  24. political stunt
  25. Karl Rove
  26. The Dream Act
  27. wanna read crazy??
  28. City Union leaders to get $500,000 yearly pensions in Chicago
  29. So, which one is the MOB again?
  30. Happy Belated BDAY -- MTJ!!!
  31. obummer admin loans $1/2 billion to build elec cars...uhhh in FINLAND!!!
  32. Perry can kiss the Jewish vote goodbye.
  33. Numbers don't lie.
  34. Alex, BE, did you do this?
  35. Occupy (insert here)
  36. jobs for vets...REALLY??
  37. Warren Buffett and i AGREE!!
  38. Occupy Universities
  39. Made in the USA
  40. What/Who got us into the financial downturn?
  41. Article from 6 years ago...
  42. herman cain
  43. Another Obama fairytale...
  44. Occupy D.C. goons injure 78 yr old woman exiting a conservative tribute
  45. Xmas tree tax
  46. European Examples...
  47. How do you Libs like Eric Holder?
  48. one of the most blatant abuses of left winged media bias I have ever seen
  49. What has happened to Reines and GrannyG?
  50. You havee to wonder...
  51. I tought our country was broke...
  52. More evidence Michelle Bachmann belongs in a nuthouse.
  53. congress not working..
  54. I am so disgusted with Occupy Portland
  55. Just highlights how far apart Congress really is.
  56. Occupy Canada
  57. Resentment of the rich?
  58. There needs to be more of this...
  59. Now you commies want to occupy MAIN STREET!!!
  60. Way to go repub and democrat DUMBASSES!!!
  61. No God In Obama's Thanksgiving Speech
  62. Obama's connection to Bill Ayers
  63. just curious
  64. Marriage as defined in the Bible
  65. Seventy years ago ... a day that will live in infamy
  66. This is what happens when people fear "socialism" and everything is up for sale.
  67. Iceland
  68. "THE" Donald debate
  69. Jesus responds to Rick Perry...
  70. What's wrong with this?
  71. Ron Paul is catching up with Newt!
  72. Unemployment Benefits
  73. Where are the "small government" types on this one?
  74. When Will This End?
  75. Things to remember...
  76. Jesisca Lynch
  77. The Dogs of War
  78. Lowe's protest
  79. Kim Jong Il is dead.
  80. Gary Johnson to try for Libertarian ticket instead of GOP
  81. Pancakes for yuppies?!!!
  82. Bye bye Rick...
  83. All this ovr shoes...
  84. Kim Jong Il not going into heaven...
  85. Something to remember this holiday season...
  86. First comes TSA regulations that treat 90-year-old grandmas as potential terrorists..
  87. He talks so much about responsibility...
  88. Conservative lesbian
  89. Romney wins by 8 votes
  90. Could there still be a mystery GOP candidate out there...
  91. Oh no...not an excutive appointment!
  92. Here In Liberal San Francisco...
  93. Why are we so worried about Iran?
  94. You'd think they would stick it out until the very end...
  95. Ron Paul is not a racist.
  96. Romney unscathed in NH debate
  97. Bible to be rewritten.
  98. No ID required...
  99. Joe The Plumber was SOOO 2008...
  100. Ever notice this?
  101. The Ayn Rand Paradise.
  102. End the war on drugs...
  103. America's most hated companies
  104. Entitlement mentalities- An observation
  105. Something to think about when you hear about the private sector...
  106. Gingrich goes after moderator
  107. Romney's wealth...hurt him or help him?
  108. Rcik Santorum...does he endorse anti-birth control?
  109. This is disgusting.
  110. State of the Union speech
  111. Hundreds of Capitol Hill staffers pay no taxes
  112. Doom and gloom from the GOP
  113. How to treat lazy immigrants, according to the Bible.
  114. Does religious belief make you happier...
  115. The poorest states in the country...
  116. Newt Gingrich and work ethic.
  117. They needed to do this two years ago...
  118. The logic of Rick Santorum and the Republican Party
  119. I refuse to vote for any devotee of Ayn Rand.
  120. Buddy Roemer
  121. Video about HS students knowledge
  122. I think this has been mentioned before, it shall be mentioned again.
  123. We know you don't believe in "Small Government"
  124. Entitlement Society?
  125. This is weird...
  126. Romney: Voice of Detroit
  127. Gay marriage bill passes in NJ
  128. Santorum backer: Foster Freiss---Back in the Day:
  129. This is concerning...
  130. Enough Is Enough
  131. Ayn Rand worshippers should look in the mirror...
  132. Obama's bith certificate
  133. Rush... loves the attention
  134. Top Ten most miserable states
  135. Obama is a "Plant" and has a secret agenda...you decide.
  136. Cheny gets a heart transplant
  137. Free Speech on college campuses?
  138. Where has Bige Easy been of late?
  139. More proof it's always the Right Wing that resorts to violence in this country.
  140. We're #1!
  141. Liar, Liar! Pants on fire!
  142. So, Let Me Get This Straight
  143. If I wanted America to fail... An Earth Day message...
  144. crucify them!!!
  145. Americans seem to be getting slightly more libertarian
  146. The result of "American Exceptionalism"
  147. a conversation with an Occupier
  148. So now we know were the blame actually should be...
  149. Romney edged out Obama in poll...
  150. More on voter fraud
  151. Not all laws are created equal.
  152. Crazed Social Studies teacher yells at student who criticizes Obama
  153. The John Edwards tial
  154. Run away spending
  155. Official whitehous.GOV site-Obama changes pas pres. bios to fluff Obama
  156. Zimmerman's Bond Revoked
  157. Here is why I have problems with not just Obama
  158. So Obama is not a Socialist...
  159. Obama a patalogical liar?
  160. OMG this is a new low even for the Obama campaign
  161. Roberts and health care reform
  162. July 4th... not just fireworks and picnics
  163. Most voters want Obama care repealed
  164. Several states doing well...
  165. The coming doctor shortage?...
  166. Obama care is going to cost much more than originally estimated
  167. Racial tensions in the US today... Poll
  168. most people want tax cuts for all income levels
  169. Obama's birth certificate is a fake
  170. Happy Birthday Cats!
  171. *Sigh*
  172. This is what I want to know...
  173. I feel so old... Neil Armstrong
  174. Hatred is rampant
  175. The Definition Of Insanity
  176. And The Dems Made Fun Of Eastwood
  177. Romney or Obama?
  178. Taxpayer money spent on Eqypt, Libya, etc
  179. Happy Birthday Mini!
  180. Global Warming has stopped
  181. usually Democratic Des Moines Register endorses Romney
  182. Colin Powell
  183. Halloween socialism
  184. Why this election is important to women
  185. Eleven newspapers switch their endorsements...
  186. The middle class has spoken
  187. How did this loss happen?
  188. The 47% took on a life of it's own
  189. Okay...lost the election, so secede from the US
  190. Felt sorry for Romney after hearing an ex-advisor...
  191. ANOTHER Bush?!
  192. No women for GOP comittee chairs
  193. Get over it...time to move on
  194. Polar Ice Caps metling sooner than expected
  195. Makes you wonder...
  196. Something you didn't know about "competition".
  197. What's to be done? School tragedy in CT
  198. Thing I'm tired of...
  199. The end of the world that didn't happen...
  200. Schwarzkopf has died
  201. NRA vows to fight arms treaty at UN
  202. 8 year old finds handgun in a gift
  203. Newtown liar
  204. Hillary has been faking it, so to not have to
  205. Sunday night and no deal yet
  206. For those who are curious.
  207. Right-wing solutions on how to deal with homosexual children (Especially daughters)
  208. some facts about school shootings
  209. 2nd Admentment
  210. Gun Shows
  211. National Service Day
  212. Mitt Romney not attending inauguration.
  213. And they are the ones complaining about voter fraud?
  214. Senators reach deal on immigration changes
  215. Bad economy? Not as far as the stock market
  216. Interesting analogy... guns
  217. Seagal traiing posse to guard schools
  218. A great speech
  219. Typical
  220. Immigration
  221. Beyond explanation
  222. Maybe there is a concensus after all...
  223. Sequester and cuts
  224. Michelle Obama On The Oscars
  225. Christi not invited to CPAC
  226. Obama similar to NIxon
  227. I 'm really worried about our country
  228. A gun story that ended in a more positive note
  229. drones to spy on us citizens
  230. Just saying...lol
  231. Rand Paul get the government out of marriage
  232. number of school adiministrators grows faster than the number of students
  233. I predicted something like this was going to happen, but did anyone believe me? NO!
  234. Michelle Bachman
  235. For those who don't like Rand Paul here's something you might like about him
  236. Aurora Colorado shooter may plea to avoid death penalty
  237. Newtown conspiracy theorists wanting death certificates
  238. Global tempatures have not been rising for the past twenty years
  239. Chicago schools shut down to save money
  240. Majority in favor of legalizing pot
  241. Noone pays attention to lunatic street preachers...
  242. How is this possible?
  243. North Korea..this is a scary item
  244. Sorry, I think it's paranoid fear as to guns
  245. Margaret Thatcher has died
  246. Family faces deportation for home schooling
  247. Most cops do not favor strong gun control laws
  248. NRA threatens to punish lawmakers
  249. Daughter of Sandyhook principle calls out Senators
  250. Social conservatives warn Piebus they could abandon GOP